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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Well, Friday night came and I had gotten a room at the Comfort INN. Ann was sitting in front of the putting on her make-up. She was nervous about meet up with with Sam. So she asked me to get her some bourbon and coke to drink as she got ready for her date with Sam. As she put on her red mini dress and 6" high heels, I video tape her from afar. As I looked through the viewer of the video camera. I could see her crossing her sexy long legs and putting on her red high heels.

She stood up and said, how do I look?(Ann used my favorite word)Do I look "Fuckable". When She stood up her reef mini dress came just an inch down her crotch. She never wore any panties, but she started wearing crotchless nude hbidyYou could even see her hard nippies through the thin material. She looked absolutely gorgeous and " Fuckable" I said. I am ready she said. She had told Sam that we would pick him up. Before we left, I set two video camera's. One facing the side of the long bed and the other at the head of the bed on a small lamp dresser facing the head of the big bed. My wife ANN sat in the back seat as I was to play chuffer for them for the night. As I drove to pick Sam up, Ann told me she was feeling better after have those drinks at the Inn. We arrived at Sam's apt. And Ann decided to get out of the car and walk to his apt. and get him. As she walked up the walk way.

It was lightly up and I could see her hot body shape and crotch as the light hit her body from the front. I could see her knock on his door and she went in. After 15 minutes they both came out laughing as her held her from her waist. They both got in the back seat. And I drove them off to the club. When We got there The back car door opened with Sam get ouyt first and holding Ann's hand as she placed one leg out stopping as if fixing her shoe giving Sam a good look that she wasn't wearing any under wear. Ann stood up pulling down on her mini dress. She sure was talking her time and you could see Sam was in no hurry. Sam 6'2'stood next to Ann 5'2 came up to Sam's shoulder. Sam towered over Ann even with her wearing her high heel's. I said, You all have a good time and I'll pick you both at 1:a. m. (I had deicide not to join them). I went back to the Inn make sure the camera angle's were just right. I went back To pick them up at 1:a. m and they were just coming out arm arm laughing as I drove up to the door of the club. They both got in the back seat. As I drove off I could see them kissing through the review mirrow. They kissed all the way to the Inn which was just a few blocks away. I didn't say a word as Ann lead Sam inside the room. She just walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down spreading her legs.

I quickly set the video camera's on play. Ann had Sam standing between her legs that were spread apart. She was sucking on his big black cock. I picked up one of the camera's and video taped Ann's sexy lips sucking his cock like it was candy. Ann stood up pulling her mini dress up to her hips and turned around and got on the bed in a doggy style position and spread her legs apart waiting as Sam took this 13"L 3" wide cock and positioned it and Ann reach under her and guided his big cock in her glory whole. She slowly backed on his big cock making the big cocks head disappear into her wet pussy. The rest of his cock followed slowly till it all disappeared. She cried out as he began to pump his cock in and of out her. Ann moaned and cried out "OH, MY GOD, IT'S SO BIG", looking at me and closed her blue eye's. Sam was making Ann make moan's I never heard her make. It was great. Sam pulled out her pussy and turned her over on her back. She spread her legs and he wasted no time in pumping in His big cock in her pussy. Sam whispped in her ear as I heard her say " I grew my nails for you" as her long red nails dug into his back.

Sam kept whisppering in her ear'Yes, It's all you's" , she cried out as he fucked her hard. "this pussy is mine" I could hear him whispper in my wife's ear. "yes", Ann would cry out. Sam than turn on his back with my wife Ann on top of him. Ann with out missing a beat began pumping his cock in her pussy. She moaned and cried out that she was Cumming. She let a load cry when came. And stopped as she waited for her pussy to stop Cumming. Ann than started pumping again. She cried again Cumming, a total of eleven time's "WOW". IT's all on tape guy's. She finally dropped beside Sam. She fucked Sam still wearing her tight red mini dress and high heels. It was a great night. I decided to leave and pick them up in the morning. I walked out closing the door behind me. It was 4:a. m. As I started to walk away. I heard moaning again coming from the room. I said to my self. They couldn't be. As I stood by the window and listen, they were fucking again. I listened in for about 15 min. and heard my wife cry out " yes, fuck me", "fuck". Well, she was enjoying her self.

That's all that matter's. Right Guy


cuckold wife

Poster: Rafael