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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


For a while we lived on Key Largo.

I posted on AFF - - to find men to fuck my wife, Shari. Out of the hundreds who responded, two were candidates.

One was a blonde, blue eyed tennis pro. She loved fucking him.

The other man was Hispanic. Shari had never fucked a Hispanic man - as if something is different about them.

I invited him to come over.

We sat on the couch and talked for a while, then I asked him if she appealed to him.

He said, "I can't tell. She has clothes on".

We stood up and I undressed her for him. She was willing. Very willing.

They went into the bedroom and 'Johnny' got undressed.

He had the first un circumcised she ever saw - and he was big - very long and very thick.

At first she was a little put off by it, but she got used to it quickly.

She played with it, sliding the loose skin over the head of it and pulling it back. She looked at me and asked, "Can you see this?" She showed me how it 'worked'. Then she blew the man. She gaped at it when it was hard and his foreskin was tight. She slid it back and forth while she had it in her mouth.

Then she spread her legs and opened her cunt for him. He got between her spread legs and slid his fat uncircumcised Spanish cock all the way deep into her. She started cumming instantly.

She loved it, but said it felt "different" inside her.

She came a lot and he shot a load into her.

He fucked her again before he left.

We never saw him after.

She said she wasn't used to a fat cock with a loose skin and I took it to mean she wasn't interested in uncircumcised cocks.

That was a while ago. We moved back to NYC and since then things have been slow, so we would recall different elements of the few times she fucked other men. Like I mentioned when they pushed deep they would flex their ass cheeks, how they jerked when she had them in her mouth - fragments.

One of them was a young guy with a big droopy cock and low hanging balls and a foreskin. I wrote about that session before. She didn't fuck him because he shot his guts into her mouth and was satisfied. I watched him getting his cock sucked and her sliding his foreskin back and forth.

Yesterday I saw her in bed rubbing her clit and cumming. I asked her what she was thinking about and she said - you guessed it - Johnny's uncircumcised cock.

OK. Nostalgia is good and proof that she was still thinking about him after their session.
It was a turn on seeing her cum when she said his name to tell me who she was remembering.

She never mentioned having any interest in Hispanic or Black men - just blonde tennis player types.

She told me thinking about his cock got her off. She said she wanted to fuck another one.

"Another what?"

"An uncircumcised dark skin man".

I asked her if she wanted Black men. too and she whispered, "Yes", like it was her secret. She moaned and came again.

I asked her if she had a candidate and she told me about a Dominican man who works next door at Whole Foods and a Black fireman stationed around the corner.

She never indicated she wanted a "Big Black Cock" but apparently she does.

My last wife got caught up in that. She admitted she wanted to fuck Black men.

Once, after we were separated, she came to my apartment. I asked her what she wanted and she said, "A big Black cock".

As it happened, my roommate was Black. I asked if she meant him and she said yes.

I asked her if she wanted me to fix him up with her and she said she did, so I did.

I told him she wanted to fuck him and it was alright with me if she did.

He was into it big time. She was a very attractive, young White woman. She taught school in Brownsville, Brooklyn and was the only White woman teacher in the school.

I stripped her for him in the living room before she dragged him to the couch and spread her legs. No foreplay. She didn't need any. She started cumming as soon as he slid into her. I thought he was killing her the way she was making noise.

One night when we were sleeping together in my room, she got up and went into Eric's room. They had loud sex and she came back into my room.

I said, "That didn't take very long" and she said "I cum quick with a Black cock in me".

She went crazy for Black men.

She told me that one day she was going to her car after school and one came up to her. and said quietly, "I want to be with you". She said, "I let him".

She said the school custodian was hot for her for a 'long time' so she fucked him in her classroom after school. She said the first time they fucked standing up. "He couldn't believe how flexible I am. I had one foot on his shoulder."

She had his baby and I haven't seen her since.

Now my current love wants to "try it".

I don't want to discourage her. I'm not prejudiced but I did learn what happens when she fucked 'Johnny'. It took a while but she eventually got around to telling me that she wanted another long, fat, uncircumcised brown or Black man.

If she is playing with herself thinking about it, I have nothing to say about it. She wants to do it in front of me.

I am sure she will.


cuckold wife

Poster: Mark