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hubby watching me
About a year after we were married I was working at a trucking firm , it was of course predominantly men .
I was working in the office and made friends with a few of the guys there, they were all much older than I was but I never let age
differences bother me, they were all very nice to me. Maybe it was the fact I was so young and I was always in the habit of wearing very short skirts and dresses and they often got a peek but I digress. One in particular Albert, Al for short seemed to pay extra attention to me, he was a sweet man in his mid forties I was just 21. He was a large man as well and some of the drivers often teased him about it.
He had never married as well and was a bit of a loner,
That summer I asked Marc my hubby if we can have a BBQ and invite some friends from my work. Sure he said so I had invite a few of them including Al. I told them to come by Saturday at 6:00 for the BBQ and drinks.
I prepared everything for that evening, wasn't much to do really , it was a nice hot summer day. Marc went to get beer and stuff for the night. Six came around and the guys started to arrive and we all sat around and drank before eating. And we drank and ate and talked and laughed all the usual BBQ stuff. It was warm as I said I was just wearing a Tank top no bra was to hot and a short denim skirt I wore panties but they were sheer white. After all the drinking later that night I am sure they got accidental peeks again but I was too tipsy to care. Al was the one sitting across from me anyway. I had my legs across a footstool so I know he was looking up my skirt.
Around 1:00 the guys began to leave but Al still had a full beer so stayed to finish it, Marc said he was wasted so he went off to bed.
So I stayed up with Al and we talked so more. Being the curious woman I started to ask him more personal questions why he hadn't married and things like that, by this time I hadn.t noticed that I had bent one leg up and open and Al had a very good view now of my pussy through my see thru panties. I had noticed but figured he could enjoy. I steered the conversation to sex as I always do and asked him if he had GF and ever been with a woman before. He had enough to drink that he had lost a bit of his shyness and he told me he had only once a long time ago but it had not been much, just petting . That is so sad I said.
I noticed Al I said to him that you seem to pay a lot of attention to me at work. Hard not to you are nice to me and well very sexy. Awww so sweet I said you are the kind to me. He finished his beer and was getting up to go. Don't leave I said, stay. Why he asked .
At that I smiled at him and told him that I had a gift for him for being so nice to me. I stood up in front of him he looked up at me quizzically as I pulled my top off over my head my long brown hair falling back into place just above my bare tits .
My god Moni he said what about Marc he is in the house and well you are married. Its OK Al he asleep by now as I undid my skirt snap and zip and slid my skirt off. My god you are so beautiful Moni. I moved closer and told him to pull my panties down, he nervously moved his hands to my hips and tugged them down staring ahead at my exposed pussy. Stand up I told him as I got on my knees to undo his shorts and took them off and his boxers.
Well Al it seems you have been leaving women disappointed, that is quite the nice cock you have as I looked up at him and smiled. I took his impressive fat 9" cock in my little hand and stroked him to full hardness and took all I could in my mouth. Oh god I heard him whisper, He was so excited he shot his huge load in my mouth and apologizing since he didn't know it was Ok for him to do so. I swallowed it all and told him it was more than OK.
Relax I said as I sat in my chair and spread my legs wide, my turn I smiled at him, he eagerly got on his knees and ate my pussy like it was candy as I took his hands and placed them on my tits so he can squeeze and play with my very hard erect nipples. I came hard on his face coating him well. I pulled him up to me and I licked my cum from his face and mouth, I saw his cock had grown hard again and whispered in his ear that I wanted him to fuck me hard now, My legs still spread wide he put his big cock at my pussy lips and pushed cock in slowly all the way I wrapped my legs around hos wide girth and pulled him in as I gave a little scream. He started to thrust in ant out of me like a man possessed slamming harder and reaching deep into my cunt. I pushed him away and turn on my knees and he slammed right back into me from behind grabbing my hips and pulling me back and forth on his big cock my tits swaying in the air. He slammed in me hard and held me there as he emptied gushing his cum in me so much it leaked past his cock and down my legs, he pulled out and I turned and took his slick cock in my mouth and cleaned all our juices from it.
Al thank you for fucking me I said. What he said , God Moni I don't know what to say. Well I said just say thanks and till next time.
Al got dressed and went home. I quietly went into the house and to our bedroom to find Marc standing at the window that looks out over the patio. have fun he said with a grin and pointed at his stiff cock. I smiled you dirty dog I said and well you know the rest


I think it is time for me to tell a bit about Moni. She has many experiences and she asked me to write something from my perspective
She is just an amazing sexy woman still at her mature age. Still is fit and slim and very active.
I would like to describe the time I brought her to a party where she was to be the entertainment for the night. You see I have friends that have had her and known about her for quite a while and they know I enjoy sharing her. This was a while back when she was around 45 and my buddy's friend was having a bachelor party, second marriage. He asked if she would mind entertaining the guys by serving drinks while they played card and stuff.
I asked Moni and she was all for it and was glad to help out serving drinks was no big deal. So the next week arrived and we were to go over on Friday night at 6:00 just as most guys were set to arrive.
Most who know her know she always dresses to kill, tonight was no exception. She was wearing a red skirt with a white sheer blouse thigh high tan stockings with her red 5" heels, damn she looked sexy. She was made up just right and still had her long brown hair.
Anyway we get there and some guys were already there of course and they had someone to make the drinks as she would just serve them. I know most of you are already thinking that she knew what was coming but she honestly was just serving drinks ,,for now.
I noticed as the evening went on that the guys were really eying her a lot and after a lot of drinking the guys were getting more bold. Some were patting her ass as she served them but she just smiled and took it in stride. My buddy came over to me and asked if Moni wouldn't mind doing more as he didn't have the money to hire a stripper. He is one of the guys she fucks regularly so he knows what she is like.. I called her over and we discussed it and she agreed it could be fun. My buddy whistled to get everyone's attention and said I had an announcement to make.
I took Moni's hand and walked her more like paraded her to the front where there was a small stage in the place he rented. We got up on it and I said to them all, I noticed there was around 20 guys there . I said that Moni here was my wife and she had agreed to entertain them. I walked off and my buddy started the music. Moni started to move slowly with the music and the guys started to whoop it up at this point.
She had her eyes closed and was really getting into it as she began to really get into it. She removed her blouse slowly swaying to the music swinging her hips making her short skirt flip around. After minute she removed her skirt and kept dancing in her sheer white thong and see through bra, her nylon clad legs shining above her heels. She proceed to dance her way into the crowd among the guys, she was in her element now. By this time they already forgot she was my wife. She sat on their laps and let them touch her, one guy unclasped her bra and she threw it off as he started to squeeze her tits. She got up and slowly removed her thong and gave it to one the guys. She kept this up playing with them and sitting on them letting them touch her. By this time I had a raging hard on as every other guy there.
I know she was already very horny and wet. She was in charge now. She went up front and got on her knees in front of the guys and smiled at them and just opened her mouth. Most guys a bit stunned just looked at first till my buddy got up in front of her and pulled out his cock and started fucking her face. He knows she loves it, my buddy being so turned out came in her mouth and pilled out as she showed the guys then swallowed, well that was it everyone lined up for their blow job. My buddy said they would draw cards and high card got to fuck her in turn. She just lay on stage on the guys jackets and spread her legs open for what was and still is a very memorable night.
Well that's just a day in the life of wonderful hotwife


cuckold wife

Poster: MoniLapa