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At the Mall with My Wife
Carol wanted to buy a pair of boots for a new skirt and blouse she had bought. I am not really in to shopping, especially at the mall but I went with her just to be with her.

We went to several stores and Carol couldn't find anything she liked in her size. We went to a small store and I really didn't think we would find anything there either.

A young kid came and greeted us. He looked to be about 18 years old, blonde hair and blue eyes, maybe 5'10" and 155 lbs., athletic. Nice looking kid. Carol is late 50's but could pass for late 30's. Anyhow, the young man showed us their ladies boots and Carol liked a pair and asked if they had them in size 8. Jason, the clerk said he would check to see and left to look.

Carol said he was a cute kid. Jason returned with a pair of boots after being gone only about a minute and a half. Jason had Carol sit in a seat and he took off her right shoe and helped her put on the boot. As Carol moved to let Jason take her left shoe off I caught just a glimpse of her panties up her skirt. I was sure Jason had too because I saw him turn his head slightly so as not to embarrass Carol. I noticed that Carol's panties weren't overly sheer but they certainly weren't opaque either.

As Jason helped Carol get the left boot on there were more brief glimpses of her thighs and her panties which appeared unintentional, but I noticed that Jason now made no effort to look away but h didn't leer either. Just a teen aged boy with raging hormones set in motion by a chance glimpse up an attractive lady's skirt and viola, instant hard-on! It appeared that he was embarrassed by the obvious bulge in his pants but he couldn't help looking at Carol's legs in hopes of catching another look at her panties that were sheer enough to clearly see her dark bush behind the dainty fabric.

As Jason zipped Carol's boot i noticed that he allowed his fingers to lightly touch Carol's knee just above the top of the boot and linger very briefly.

Carol walked in the boots and checked the look in the mirror. She said she would take them and sat back down to remove the boots. Jason said he would help and sat down in front of Carol again. As he removed the left boot I noticed that he kept his left hand on Carol's skin, supporting her leg as he pulled the boot off with his right hand. I could see he had an erection that had to be painful by now. I saw Carol looking straight at Jason's crotch and she parted her legs a touch more so he could get good look at her now wet panties. Jason the took Carol's right leg and removed her boot, again supporting her leg with his had touching and slightly rubbing her skin.

Carol opened her legs still slightly more and Jason looked at me with a frightened look and I smiled and nodded toward Carol. Jason looked back at Carol's crotch and was mesmerized. He began rubbing the inside of Carol's thigh just above her knee. Carol let out a low moan and slouched lower in the chair and opened her legs wider now so Jason and I had a clear view of her crotch.

Jason began rubbing higher up Carol's tight until he was just touching her crotch. Carol moaned more loudly and Jason jumped back, looking at me like he had been caught stealing.

I suggested that since it was closing time that we pay for the boots and Jason lock up the store. Jason rang up the boots and I paid. Carol removed her panties while Jason had his back turned and was locking the door. When he returned and sat in front of Carol and saw her naked, glistening pussy he looked shocked. Jason looked at me and I asked him, " have you ever seen a woman's pussy before?" He said, "Only in magazines and on my computer, sir." I told him not to call me sir and that he was in for a good time.

Carol unbuttoned her blouse and took off her bra. Jason looked like he was going to blow his wad on the spot. He carefully placed a hand on Carol's breast and began to feel her tit. Carol placed her hand over his and helped him caress her tits, grabbing his other hand and placing it on her other breast as well. Jason was in absolute ecstasy.

Carol undid Jason's jeans and released an 8 1/2" erection. Carol took hold of his rock hard tool and bent down and gently licked the head with the tip of her tongue. When she did Jason shot a HUGE load all over her face and tits. Jason looked horrified and tried to stammer an apology. I used all my self control to keep from laughing and Carol assured him it was alright. Jason looked worried that I would be angry so I walked over and french kissed Carol's cum covered mouth.

We pulled apart and Carol sat Jason on the bench he used for fitting shoes and she began to kiss him. He was hesitant at first, then really began to get into the kissing and feeling Carol's tits, and licking his juice off of them. He was already hard again!

Carol straddled Jason and lowered herself onto his pulsing shaft. Jason began moving his hips but couldn't get much motion going so he moved Carol to a round sofa in the store and said her down there. H impaled her with his rod and pumped furiously. Carols was moaning and saying, "Oh yes, fuck me Jason, fuck me hard!"

In a few minutes Jason tensed and unloaded into Carol's drenched pussy. Carol had a big orgasm as Jason was still pumping the last of his huge load of seed into her and her cunt was overflowing on the sofa.

Jason pulled out and Carol licked the love juices off of his cock. I began cleaning up Carol's pussy and Jason asked if he could try it. I stepped back and he took a tentative lick, Carol gave him an approving nod and he dove in with abandon.

Jason and Carol got dressed and he let us out of the store. He thanked us and told us to, "come back soon." Carol said, "We will, oh we will!"

We walked to our car in the parking lot and I finished eating Carol and she sucked be to a great orgasm. Carol was happy, saying that that was the best deal she had ever gotten on a pair of boots!

I may have to rethink my feelings about the mall.


cuckold wife

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