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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


My hot wife.
I was standing above my pretty wife with her black lover in between her legs as his big balls slapped against he with their slurping sounds in a steady rhythm.

Her eyes were tightly closed and I could see her breast peeking out from under his arm as she was being thrust into the mattress bouncing impaled on his black cock.

Amy,s teeth were biting her lower lip and she grunts of pleasure with the musky smell of their sex was intoxicating.

Twice now I have watcher her body arch against him and her cry's of release filled the motel room so far and Andy was breathing almost gasping for breath now and I knew it wouldent be long now until his cock erupted inside of my lady.

Amy was babbling dont cum yet and her arms were around his back as she tried for one more orgasm before he planted his sperm deep inside of her.

My erection was straining against my pants as I watched almost holding my breath.

God this was the best porn I had ever watched watched.

Andy was now grunting as his body began its final race and Amy was still pleading with him not to cum yet when his body rammed into her pushing her deep into the Mattress and he cried out plunging into her and his ass cheeks clenched as his sperm flooded into my wife and she cried out as she came again to arching her back .
I watched holding my breath as they convulsed on the bed .

Andy,s ass cheeks clenched and unclenched as he came and Amy laid there underneath him as her whole body shook in her release Several times Andy made spastic strokes into her very well lubed pussy and I could hear her pussy slurp as his dick slipped in and out of her now and Amy looked up at me in a daze then she laughed in delight as she realized that he was cumming in her.

Amy was still laughing looking up at me with a smile of accomplishment and a devilish sparkle in her eye.

As Andy lay in between her legs gasping for breath.

Amy began to talk excitedly now and wiggled her hips milking his cock for the last of his sperm bubbling with delight.

It had not been all that long ago that she wouldent even discuss the possibility of me ever being able to watch her with another man.

For years now I had been fantasizing about this and after out Son entered college we were at a loss with the empty nest syndrome and decided to take a cruise.

Three days at sea I suggested that this would be an ideal time to try out my fantasy but she just laughed it off like every other time I brought it up.

That night at the dining room we were seated with several other couples and a single guy by the name of Roger.

We all talked and introduced ourselves as we ate becoming acquainted.

I caught Roger sneaking glances at my wife and I smiled to myself enjoying it.

We made arrangements with Roger to share a Van the next day to see the sights around Hilo the big Island.

This was the third cruise for Roger so Amy picked his brain asking questions all day and I was mostly just a third person with them laughing and talking together

That night as we showered for dinner Amy said Andy is going to meet us in the Michael Angelo dining room do you mind ?

I said sure do I have to worry ?I saw that you to really had a good time today.

She laughed saying of course not silly he is just a very interesting guy.

Well I noticed that Amy looked around as we waited to be seated as Roger was a little late then she said oh there he is as he walked into the waiting area and called out to him Over here Roger and it was only minutes before we were seated at a big table with two other couples.

Amy is not a drinker but Roger teased her into having a glass of wine with dinner and it hit her hard and she was soon giggling and laughing at anything anybody said.

The other couples started to tease her about being a cheap drunk and she laughed delightedly.

Roger got her to have another drink with desert and I had to take a leak and when I returned Amy said Roger has an Ocean View room and asked if we want to see it slurring her words now almost drunkenly.

I looked over at Roger and he was looking at Amy with an interested gleam in his eyes.
I said maybe we should do it tomorrow you should go to bed you look drunk.

Amy insisted that she was fine and wanted to see his room but she was having a hard time walking so with Roger on one side and me on the other we helped her into the elevator and up to the 12 th deck .

We had an inside room without an Ocean view and I was surprised at how much more room he had with a balcony open to the sea.

Amy was beside herself looking the room over and Roger offered me a beer and poured her another glass of wine.

Amy only sipped at the wine as we talked and then Roger watched her with glances over at me to see how I was reacting.

I let it go kind of curious now just how far I might push this.

It seamed clear to me that Roger was interested so when he said that he had to take a leak and went into the bathroom.

I walked up behind my wife and circled her waist with my hands and slid then up her belly until I was cupping her breasts and she giggled and pressed her ass against my leg.

I asked do you like Roger ? And she said yes he is a nice guy why?

I said I am going to let him fuck you and her body went rigid as we heard the toilet flush.

Amy did not say a word as the bathroom door opened and I turned her to face Roger with my hands still cupping her breasts.

I said Roger I have been trying to talk Amy into having sex with another guy while I watch and if you are interested you can be the guy.
Amy was like a deer caught in head lights as Roger realized what I had just said and his hands began to frantically unbuckle his belt.

I pulled her blouse out of her skirt and she lifted her arms as I pulled it over her head then I unsnapped her bra and her breasts were bared for his view.

Roger had pushed his pants down watching Amys breasts as her nipples hardened then he kicked his shoes off and his pants went flying as I stripped Amy,s panties off .

Amy watched hes cock swing back and forth as he moved toward her and she backed up to the bed pulling her skirt up around her waist and crawled back on the bed still watching his cock as he moved in between her legs still wearing his shirt and socks

In a rush Roger aimed his cock at her and fell forward impaling her on his dick.

It was over in minutes though as he came in a rush and lay there saying I,m sorry I,m sorry but I said just stay there until you get hard again and sure enough the second time he lasted long enough for her to cum to.

They fucked several times after that and now to date Amy has been with seven white guys and one black guy.


cuckold wife

Poster: Lanny