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Naughty wife
Hello you small dick cuckold bitches. Maybe you can jerk your little penis off with my story. I married my husband Bryan 35 years ago today. I had just been dumped by my boyfriend and just finished college. I couldn't find a decent job and was going no where. I met my husband on a blind date. He had a great paying job and was eager to spend it on me. I wasn't really into him but beggars can't be choosy. Sex with him was pathetic. He had a small dick and couldn't fuck without cumming in less than two minutes. Yeah, that bad. Like I said , he had money and a nice car. We dated off and on for a few months when my ex called saying he was in town and needed to fuck me. I could never say no to him. We hooked up several times over the two weeks he was in town. Then he was gone again. Several weeks later I realized I hadn't had a period in about two months. After a pregnancy test I discovered I was pregnant. I knew the ex wouldn't be a good father so I chose to hang the blame on Bryan. He never questioned anything and was elated to be a father. So we got married. My ex returned several times over the next two years and like I said I couldn't say no. Besides he loved the idea of fucking a married woman. I never told him my son was his either. Better he didn't know. I became a housewife because my husbands income was big enough I didn't need to work. I cheated on him often to satisfy my need for cock. He never suspected anything. He was a great father. Over the next few yeas we had two more kids. By the time we hit our forties sex between us was virtually nonexistent. I had a nice collection of vibrators and he was jerking off to internet porn. He didn't know I knew but I caught him a couple times. I pretended not to know what he was doing. I preferred he satisfy his own little dick and leave me alone. Besides I had a hand full of men I called when I needed a good fucking. Late one night I awoke needing to pee and noticed my husband wasn't in bed. I saw a light coming from the office down the hallway so I crept down to see if he was masturbating again. The door was slightly open and the noise I heard definitely sounded like he was jacking off. I slowly opened the door and there he was with his feet on the desk with his pants around his ankles. His eyes were closed and he was beating it hard. I was shocked. Not to see him spanking his little dick but to what he was looking at on the computer. He orgasmed squirting a small amount of semen on his belly. When he opened his eyes he saw me jumping up startled and nearly fell getting tripped up by his pants. I began scolding him and ask why was he jerking off to gay porn. He couldn't answer me . He was red faced after getting caught. I asked if he was a closet fag and again no answer. I stormed out to my bedroom locking him out. Once inside I lay on the bed laughing at what just happened. I began to wonder what I could gain from this. The next morning I didn't talk with him leaving to meet my girlfriend for coffee. When I returned he was still home sitting at the table. He said we need to talk. I asked why he wasn't at work and he said he called in sick. He then began to apologize for his actions begging me not to leave him. I had no intention of leaving but I played it up. I made us a coffee and we sat at the table and calmly talked. He confessed to masturbating to men and admitted it was the only way he could orgasm. He said he had never acted on it other than jerking to the internet. As I sat listening to his excuse I realized how I could turn this around to benefit me. Besides I could care less if he was a closet fag. I told him that we have a similar problem. He looked confused. I said I too masturbate to men on the internet when he's at work. I told him that it was his fault for not giving me attention I needed. And now I know why I don't get it. He said sorry. I then said there was one way we can fix this. He was all ears. I said it's obvious we need another man in our relationship. His jaw dropped. I said obviously we both need cock. Don't you agree! He sat quietly before mumbling a yes. I told him my girlfriend new a gentleman that was into cuckolding and he was hung. I asked if he was good if I contacted him. Again he said yes. Three weeks later in comes Bob. He was slightly younger than us and was a light skinned black man. Watching my husbands excitement was a turn on. Let's just say that it was a great night. We both had our fill of cock that night. We became vey close friends with Bob. We now openly talk and look for other men to satisfy us and my marriage to Bryan is the best it's ever been. Looks like I made the right decision after all.


cuckold wife

Poster: Joan