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Cancelled Date...No problem
A Cancelled Date- No Problem

If I have learned one thing on any of these sites, its that people talk a good game..but too few are afraid to come out from behind the computer screen. A person I had been talking to from here for a couple of weeks was supposed to come out and meet us...and possibly play last nite. However no call, no show, I call them and phone is turned off to just messages. I don’t leave messages in situations like this because I am offering you something very special..and if you don’t have the decency to call or show up...thats your loss buddy !

So to plan B

After an hour we decided to hit a kink club, the weather was beautiful, balmy and warm for a winter nite. We get into city and get to the club, lots of fun people walking around half naked..yes..this is good.

I put a collar on my boy and a leash, and lead him around, I just love the looks we get, It embarrassed him, which all the more turned me on, its a kink club, but still seeing this is a treat to the eyes. So I am walking around with him in tow, talking to a bunch of different people, some doms, some subs, some of them who really knows what they are ?. After a bit, I had him get naked, and I tied up his cock and balls, added a leash, and led him by both leashes....I made sure to go up to attractive women, start talking to them, then start yanking on his cock leash hard, pulling hard to make him stand on tip toes in front of them. He does so crave the humiliation of this in front of lovely women. After a bit, my feet started to hurt in the heels.

We got a corner table, I had him get me a soft drink with his leashes hanging, and I now see a woman approaching me holding his cock leash as he was holding my drink.....she asked me “does this” belonged to you “ ? And I told her, sadly yes, he must have gotten loose again (as I gave her a wink) She told me they should have leash laws in this club ...and we both laughed. I took the leash as she handed it to me, and after he put my drink down I yanked hard again, pulled him to my side and had him kneel at my feet. She sat down, I will just call her “Meg” for her privacy as anyone who was there last nite and saw this would know it was me.

I then told my boy to start massaging my feet, he took one shoe off and began.

Shortly thereafter, a handsome man (I will call him Sam) came to the table, she kissed him, ok it was her husband, he brought a drink for her. My husband was working my feet good, at times I rolled my head back in pleasure.

So we talked for a bit, shared a bit about each other, they were a Dom/Domme couple from NJ in the city for a nite to have some fun.

A lot of sub males kept approaching the table, how sad and pathetic they looked, and we just kept shooing them away...go jerk off elsewhere losers.

My husband did a great job, my feet felt good, I got up and danced with Meg a bit, then she watched my boy as I danced with her husband.My boy had to stay at the table and guard our purses. There were some scenes going on and we would comment what we liked and didn’t like.

After a couple of hours the place got a bit boring, music blaring too loud. So they invited us for nite caps at their room in the hotel down the block.So had my boy dress, left his cock leash on under his clothes, took off his collar ass I don’t like making a scene in public.We get into the elevator and get to their room.

Everyone gets comfortable, I have my husband serve drinks (they brought a bottle of vodka and mixers, Her and I sit on the chairs, her husband on the edge of the bed, and my husband sitting on the floor at my feet.

I’m not getting into extensive details as it will get too wordy, but suffice to say we all had fun..except my husband of course. He did get double teamed by her and me as we caned his ass till nice red welts came up...he always get punished before I have sex with someone. And lets just say..her husband had a very nice long thick cock, lots of stamina, and a multi cummer as I cuckolded my boy with them.......


cuckold wife

Poster: nycuckmale