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Happy Wife Miserable Life
I have always had cheating girlfriend cuckold fantasies since I started reading penthouse magazine while jacking off since the 70's. Those stories were the only ones that I would orgasm to. I'm not sure why but even the center folds couldn't get me off, just the stories. When I was younger I was with a guy who was four years older than me. He taught me how to jerk off and before long he had me jerking him as well. I admit I really liked it. And yes I learned to suck cock as well. He eventually moved and so did we when dad got a new job. I decided to stop the homo stuff and focus on girls. I made friends in our new house and before long I had a real close friend I'll call Mike. We did everything together like hunting, fishing, sports, swimming, skiing, and Boy Scouts. Growing into my teens we openly talked about girls but I never told of my homo past. In my new college I was popular and all the cute girls liked me. Several asking me for dates. I dated but they wanted me to become their boyfriend but I wasn't ready to tie myself down. While in my last year of college me and my buddy mike had gone on a overnight camping trip. We hiked into this secluded lake and made camp. That evening it was hot and the water was inviting so we decided to take a dip. Unfortunately we didn't pack swim trunks so we skinny dipped. I always thought that I had a large penis until that day. Mike dropped his pants and I was surprised to see he was hung like a horse. I had never seen him nude before. I think the excitement of be naked in front of me slightly aroused him because he had a semi I couldn't stop looking at. I even made a comment about his huge cock. He laughed and said it looks big because yours is so small and laughed again. We swam for a bit then returned to the camp. Neither one of us had a towel so we walked around our camp naked waiting to air dry. The cool water had shrank his penis to size of mine when I'm fully errect. Of course mine was a mushroom cap. We started roasting hot dogs by the fire as we dryed we remained nude. We lay on our sleeping bags after eating and began talking about girls. The more we talked the more excited we both got and pretty soon we had full wood. I'll admit that looking at his errect cock made me very horny and I thought about asking him if I could blow him. I wasn't sure how he would react so I decided not to cross that line. I did ask if he ever jerks off and he laughed and said who doesn't. As we talked we found ourselves stroking our dicks. He said I don't know about you but I need to bust a nut and with that he finished himself off. I watched as he stroked that monster sending the biggest load of cum flying everywhere. I came soon after then we put our shorts on and crawled into our sleeping bags calling it a night. The next day nothing was ever said about that night and we hiked back home. I thought of it often when masturbating but never mentioned it again. About a year and half later I met my first love. She was beautiful and she was older than me. She made me feel like the girl in the relationship because she didn't hesitate to get me in the sack. I wasn't very experienced and she was so she taught me everything I know about pleasing pussy. We had sex every day sometimes multiple times. She would allow me to fuck her on days she felt she wouldn't get pregnant without a condom. This was awesome cumming in her pussy but she would never cum with me. So I would give her oral to get her off. Yes I ate my own load but I liked eating cum anyways. She always climbed onto my face after I cam riding my face hard till she orgasmed. And she road me hard sometimes almost making me pass out from lack of air. She had huge orgasms often screaming in the process. When she was done my face looked like slugs had crawled all over me. I loved it. One evening when we were talking about our sex she confessed that the reason she rides my face is that my dick isn't long enough to hit her g spot to make her cum and grinding her clit on me was the only way to get off. Besides the thought of feeding me my cum really turned her on. She said she didn't know of any guys who would eat their own cum. She loved it. I never told her that not only have I eaten cum but I have also sucked it directly from a cock. We were also sharing stories of our past sexual trysts so I told her about how me and Mike openly jacked off together and she said that she wished she could have seen that. She began asking about his cock and when I told her about his size she lit up. She would always bring it up later when we would have sex. Then one day she asked if I would invite Mike to go to her grandpas lake property. Her grandpa owned a cabin on a small private lake. The property was fenced and gated shrouded by trees offering complete privacy. We would go there to fuck often. We would spread a blanket and pillows by the lake and fuck all day in the complete open. Small Planes would often fly over several times as she waved showing off her big tits. We didn't care. We planned a picnic and doing some fishing. I would carry my fishing rod and do a little fishing in between our fuck sessions never wearing clothes. When I told Mike about the fishing he was in. We picked him up that Saturday around noon driving to the property we talked about the lake and he was excited to see it. We grabbed our fishing rods and headed to the water. Jan my girlfriend set up the blanket for the picnic. She is also a sun worshipper so spread a blanket and stripped down to her bikini. Normally she naked so she has no tan lines. I noticed Mike rubber necking checking her out. I told him she usually tans in the nude and he said he would love to see that. I said maybe you will. He smiled. After about an hour Jan yelled asking if we wanted to eat. We both said yes and returned to the blanket. She was so hot in that tiny bikini that barely contained her breasts. Mike couldn't takes his eyes off her and she noticed giving him better views of herself. She sat across from him with her legs crossed and her suite barely covered her pussy. As she moved about I noticed that her pussy was partially exposed and Mike noticed also. After eating she asked if we wanted to take a swim. I knew where this was going. Mike said I don't have trunks and I said neither do I. She smiled and said you don't need them besides no one will see but me and smiled. Mike says well if Bill will I will to. I said let's do it. I knew Jan wanted to see his cock and so did I. He stood up and dropped his shorts and his huge semi hard cock popped out bouncing in front of us. Jan's eyes widened and she looked at me and smiled and I winked back. I got up and dropped my shorts and I was fully erect he was over twice as big and thick. Jan said oh my god Mike, your dick is huge. He said do you like? She said I wish Bill's was that big. I then ask aren't you joining us. She said yes and got up to go with us and I said no you have to get naked also. Mike jumped all over that and said that's only fair. She smiled and pulled her top off. She has a big firm beautiful set of tits with long nipples. When Mike saw them he said nice! She then turned away from us and bent over pulling down her bottoms. Like I said she has no tan lines and a firm tight ass. Mike's cock is fully errect now. As she was bent you could clearly see her pussy because of her thigh gap. Mike said wow you shave. She said always. Makes it easy to clean the mess after sex. He looked at me and I shrugged and said go ahead she obviously wants it. He didn't hesitate. He stepped toward her and she reached out and grabbed his cock. They started kissing while she rubbed his cock he burried his fingers in her pussy. They laid on the blanket and they wasted no time. She raised her spred legs inviting him in. Nothing was ever said about a condom but she was now on the pill so it's cool. He slowly worked his log into her and she screamed louder than ever. They fucked hard as I sat playing with myself waiting my turn. After a hour or so I realized I'm not getting a turn so I let myself cum. I'm a one shot wonder so lay back and enjoyed the live porn show. Mike was impressive. Fucking her every possible position and some I have never seen. He finally nutted and they collapsed covered in sweat. Jan asked me to grab the small ice chest in the car that has water. By the time I returned she was sucking his cock for another round. I saw my opportunity with her ass up in the air I buried my face into it. Mike is a heavy cumer so I had plenty to eat and it tasted better than I thought. She eventually climbed onto him and they kissed and fucked for at least an hour. By this time the sun is setting and it's getting cool. I told them we need to start heading home. They finished and we got dressed and packed. Instead of riding in the front with me she climbed in the back seat with him. She sucked his cock all the way home. Mike kept saying I was so lucky to have a hot girlfriend like her and he wished she was his. I could see the writing on the wall. A week later she broke up with me and started dating Mike. I knew this could happen but I wouldn't change a thing and would repeat it again. He moved away for college and she followed. They married after school and are still together today. I eventually met another girl named Joan. She was also a horn dog. After 3 kids we started role playing and I told her of my cuckold fantasies. She didn't bat an eye and said hell yeah. I knew she needed a real cock and was tired of vibrators. We hooked up with a few guys and she loved it. Then Kevin entered. A 6'4" single stud with a huge cock. She met him online. He was very dominant and controlling. He didn't want me present when they fucked. I always sat in the car or bar waiting. Soon after I was kicked out of the bedroom and made to sleep in the guest room. Then dejavu. I came home to them in the house waiting for me. They told me they were in love and wanted me to exit the picture. She filed for divorce and now I live in an appartment. Still waiting for it to be finalized. Anyway I've realized I'm no ladies man and are pursuing my gay side. I've slept with a few men and I'm definitely a bottom. My ex said she always felt I was gay and it's a good fit for me. She's right, I should have stayed to sucking cock I guess.


cuckold wife

Poster: Bill