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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


I had talked to Lee and his wife Tracy several times and she had finally agreed to meet with me and discuss the possibility of her and I having sex while her husband watched.
I run several adds for cuckolding men with their wives and I post the size of my cock to intrest mostly the men since all of them seam to want to watch their wife take a big cock.
I am blessed with an 8 1/2 inch cock and I have quite a few wives on my list now.
I just wanted to tell about Tracy.
she grew up in a very religious household and was a virgin when she met and married Lee.
Lee on the other hand was at first a good husband but became fasinated with the desire to watch her with another man because she never seamed able to cum with him.
I post that I can hold back for a long time and most women usually have a couple orgasms before I do and that was what atracted him.
We met at the Wall Mart store in American Canyon and talked out in the parking lot but it was noisey and windy so we moved to their car and I sat in the back seat while they sat up front and turned back to me.
Poor Tracy was very shy and she blushed constantly as we talked fully knowing that if she agreed that I would fuck her.
I tried to lighten things up telling funny jokes and teaseing her and after awhile she relaxed some and grudgeingly let Lee and I discuss the possabilities as she listened quietly.
He wanted to see her cum and she grudgingly admitted that she had never been able to cum with him so far because he always came to fast.
Lee wanted to see my cock and Tracy blushed furiously but watched as I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out for their view.
Even soft it was bigger than his cock he admitted and Tracy just sat there looking at my dick wide eyed and she swallowed nervously.
She murmered my god I couldent take something like that but I saw her tongue flick out and moisten her lips as her gaze was fixed on my growing cock.
Lee said toutch it hon and Tracy said no pulling her hands to her chest but she swallowed again eyes glued to my growing member her mouth open now as she watched my dick fill with blood I stroked it several times getting it hard for their view.
Lee said get in the back seat with him hon and like a zombie Tracy opened her door and climbed in back with me her eyes glued to my cock.
Lee said a little breathlessly toutch it hon and her hand reached out like it had a mind of it,s own and her fingers curled around my shaft as she panted and a drop of pre cum leaked out of my cock and she opened her mouth wide again I wiped it off witn my finger and put my finger in her mouth and she licked my pre cum off.
Lee asked if I could cum for her and I just said ugh huh and her hand began to stroke me as though she were in a trance Lee said suck it babe and she shook her head fron side to side but when I put my hand on top of her head she let my force her mouth down onto my cock.
She sighed then began to suck greedily on my dick head as Lee watched wide eyed.
I decided to let her suck me off and I sat back with my hand on the back of her head pushing her mouth back down pn my cock every time she moved back.
Her mouth was untrained but eager so I just helped feeling her hot saliva coat my cock as she sucked me noisily then I just started cumming and she gagged trying to pull back but I held her mouth on my cock until I finished cumming and she jumped out of the car spitting the cum out that she hadent swallowed.
She glared at Lee as though it were him that had cum in her mouth then got back in the car beside me.
I said there is a Motel 6 on the outskirts of Vallejo Lee lets go there now and Trach cuddeled up to my side taking my cock back into her hand posessivly as Lee obediently pulled out of Wall Mart
Tracy let me kiss her and maul her breasts as Lee paid for the room then we pulled down in front of the motel in front of the ground floor room he paid for.
Tracy woouldent let go of my cock so I let her pull me into the room by my cock then she began to undress.
I wasent hard yet so I moved her up on the bed and I went doewn on her and she gasped inhaleing a huge gasp of breath and her body began to lift off the matress frantically with her animal grunts and groands of pleasure.
Lee must not have been much of a pussy eater because Tracy was cumming in just minutes grinding her pussy against my teeth.
I let her enjoy her orgasm and her and I both ignored Lee now as I moved up and stuck my cock head into her.
She grunted and arched her back off the bed as my dick head sank out of site into her very wet pussy then with teeth bared she began to thrust herself off the bed greedily working my thick cock into her tight pussy like an animal she thrust off the bed her eyes wild with lust and her mouth expelled words that would make a sailor blush as she fucked me as hard as i was fucking her.
Tracy came again and in seconds she came a third time grunting like a pig.
I held back not cumming as she made up for lost orgasms and She came five times in less than two hours then she sighed laying back with a soft chuckle of content as I fucked her,
I asked can you cum again and she giggled no I think I am through so I came in her then they took me back to my car.


cuckold wife

Poster: Michael