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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Who would have thought? The New Year.
Refresher from our previous activities in 2016 (all titled Who would have thought?). I am white and in my 30s 6' very fit with a 7" thick dick. Keisha is biracial (black/white) late 20s 5'7" 38-22-38 and very fit. We are professionals and work out 5 days per week. Keisha is constantly hit on at her job and by guys at the gym. After a couple years of marriage this really started turning me on. Keisha and I open discuss everything. I told her it turned me on that she gets so much attention and asked her if she would have sex with someone from our gym. Thinking these are all hot guys she would at least consider it. She turned it down point blank.

Then in early 2016 things changed but not the way I expected. We went on a vacation and she seduced and older black guy. He was very heavy set. I asked her why him she said it was different and it made her feel slutty. We returned home and I thought the gates were open. I asked her again about our gym friends, again she said no. We then visited my family in the summer and she ended up fucking my large beer belly uncle.

She again refused the opportunity to have sex with weight lifters and body builders. We settled back into just us. In October she accompanied me on a business trip where she ended up having sex with two work associates both in their sixties. After getting home I didn't bother to ask her again about playing with our younger fit friends. I guess I filled that role for her. But I did have Williams phone number and a idea started forming.

William was one of the older gents from the business trip. He is 67 6'6 very thin but a big dick about three inches longer than mine and thicker. We had plans to spend Christmas with Keisha's family. Her mom and dad and her three older siblings. She has two brothers and the oldest is her half sister Margot. Margo is ten years older than Keisha but they are very close. She is tall about 5'9" average breast size. But she has a huge pear shaped ass and long legs. You could use her ass as a shelf. She is very pretty with a darker complexion.

Margot and I are both defense lawyers and get into plenty of shop talk and also ask each other for professional advice. Keisha just roles her eyes when we get started comparing crazy cases. Margot is also recently divorced and the single mom of two teenagers.

Well I called William and explained Keisha and I are married and he freaked out. I finally calmed him down. I explained I not only knew about him having sex with Keisha but I approved of it. We finally settled into a good conversation. I knew he was married but did not know his wife has late stage dementia and was confined to a hospice. He has children older than I am but live in other states. I asked if he would secretly join us for a surprise hook up with Keisha. He was excited but he was heading out to Phoenix to be with family. I told him we could try again and to enjoy himself. Before hanging up I told him it was our secret I called.

We had additional plans to spend the New Years weekend in Margos home city about three hours from her parents. Keisha made the hotel arrangements that included a party with a live band and all the trimmings. We had a great time over Christmas and after returning home Keisha wore me out as there was no sex being had while staying with her parents with all the other family there.

We checked in the following Friday into a nice hotel close to all the activities. We went over to Margot's house and had dinner with her and her children. Her son and I watched the Michigan FSU game. Keisha and Margot left to get there nails done and do some last minute shopping before the party the next night. I got a call from Keisha it was getting late and she told me to head back to the hotel and Margot would drop her off as it was on the way.

I got back to the hotel in twenty minutes and Keisha wasn't there yet. So I popped a beer and started watching TV. About 30 minutes into it I must of dosed off. Then I woke up when I heard people noisily enter the room next door. The voices dropped to whispers and giggles like drunks do when they want to be quiet but not really. Keisha wasn't back yet so I started watching tv again.

It got quiet next door and then I heard the moaning start. Then after ten minutes or so the dude started laying some serious pipe. It was no stop Uhhhhhhs Ohhhhhhs Ahhhhhs for like twenty minutes. I was so hard I had to jack off. About 40 minutes later Keisha rolled in we talked for a bit and I told her about our neighbors. She laughed and said it is party weekend. She It was after 1 and we were both tired and went to sleep.

We woke up the next morning and hit the in hotel gym together. The went downtown to hang out. The plan was Keisha would hang with me at the pub for the first of the semi final college games. She is a champ but I would not make her sit through two games back to back. So after the first game and beers she dropped me off at the hotel so I could watch the second game and she was going to grab her party clothes and go over to Margot's where the would prep together. Then they would meet me back at the hotel and we would head down to the New Years Eve party.

We got back to the hotel and Keisha insisted I jump in the shower while she was still there because she was afraid I would fall asleep watching the next game and not be ready for the party. So I jumped in the shower and she gathered up her clothes and make up and yelled see ya soon. The shower was a great idea felt refreshed. I came out of the bathroom wearing a towel plopped on the bed and started watching the next game.

I wasn't half way through the next game and my neighbors were at it again. Loud sucking....moans and multiple orgasms. I could barely concentrate on the game. They fucked for quite a while. The game was one sided so you guessed it I rubbed one out. They talked for a while then it got quiet I assumed they were sleeping.

So I dozed off until Margot called and said they were on the way. Thankfully Keisha laid out my clothes I freshened up and got dressed. I got downstairs before they arrived and found our table. We were sharing with other people. So I chatted with the folks there while I waited they had been there a while already and were pretty lit. The band was good and the crowd was large but not overly crowded. Then I noticed Margot walk in alone and I met her at the door. I asked where Keisha was and Margot said she stopped in the restroom. That should of been a clue. When do women go to the restroom alone?

I escorted Margot to the table and introduced her to everyone. Margot started texting and said she was checking on her kids. A short while later Keisha arrived. She looked amazing. Packed in a dress that showed a lot of cleavage and leg. Margot removed her shawl and looked amazing not as much cleavage but that ass though!!!! Margot gave Keisha a look that should of been clue number two.

The drinks started flowing but I drank slow because I was going to make sure I was getting some after the ball dropped. We danced a lot, sometimes I had both ladies on the floor to my self. Then I would dance with Margot and Keisha would dance with total strangers. We found ourselves on the floor and a slow song came on. We started dancing and with Margot wearing heals we were eye to eye. Groin to groin. She was typsie and pressed into me hard. I know she felt my hardon the whole song but we played it off going back to the table.

The closer it got to midnight Keisha and Margot would lean into each other and whisper a lot. Margot would text every so often. So as it got close to the ball dropping we were all standing up and after it dropped Keisha gave me a long deep kiss and then whispered in my ear don't leave Margot hanging. I turned and we kiss soft at first then long and deep. My head was spinning and my dick was hard. The music started up again. Margot grabbed my hand and dragged me to the dance floor. All I could think of was getting Keisha upstairs.

We danced a couple songs and when we got back to the table Keisha was not there. I didn't have my phone so I asked Margot to text her. She said she would but to get her another drink. Well it took a good 15 minutes to get the drinks. When I got back still no Keisha. Margot said she already went upstairs she was getting to buzzed. So I asked Margot if she was ready and she said ok. We laughed and joked on our way up to the room. I said Keisha was probably passed out and Margot answered I doubt that. Missed clue number three. We exited the elevator and approached my room as we got closer you could here fucking sounds from the room next to mine. I laughed and told Margot they must be newly weds they have been at it a lot. I reached for my key and Margot stopped me. She pulled a room key out and put it in the other door. I said what are you doing! She open it slowly and walked in all I heard was Gawwwwwwd yesssss! I followed Margot trying to think of an excuse to say wrong room and as I got past Margot there on the bed was William with his big dick sliding in and out of Keisha's pussy. She looked at me with glazed eyes and said William texted her after I called him. I looked at William and all I could think of was Et Tu Brutus. He shrugs then started pumping again Keisha let out another Gawwwwd and dropped her head down and ass up. Margot turned to me and we kissed. We stripped each other down and she dropped and took me in her mouth. It was my turn Gawwwd.

William pulled out and laid on his back. Keisha mounted him backwards and had to lay on her back on top of him to take his dick. Willam was cupping her breast and Keisha was humping his dick hard and fast. I had Margot lay on the bottom of the bed and I ate her pussy until she came. William now had Keisha standing up while he fucked her. Margot and I went missionary her ass is so thick and firm that it was like she had a stack of pillows under her. We fucked hard and like animals. The I heard Willam cum and I was done I came so hard I was dizzy.

We all crashed on the bed in our own thoughts trying to catch our breath. Willam had a nice alcohol stock and we made more drinks and I let Keisha tell me how they put this plan together. I gave William the look when she told me he ratted on me. Then she reminded me of her rule she would decide where when and with who. I asked how much Margot knew and Keisha said they had zero secrets. That raised my eye brows.

So then I asked Keisha so who did Willam fuck the first time? She said her and Margot stopped in to Williams room knowing I was next door. They were both typsy hence the whispering. Before long they were both sucking his dick and then Keisha watched them fuck while masturbating. So I asked about Saturday after she grabbed her clothes and went to Margots. She laughed and said she just popped next door. She had texted Willam earlier and told him to pop his blue pill. So I was butt as naked stroking my dick oblivious to my wife getting fucked in the next room. I am a good lawyer not a good detective.

So that explained them not getting to the party together. Keisha and William had dozed off and woke up late. Margots text was a hurry your ass up text. Margot got up and grabbed some soapy wash cloths and towels the girls cleaned up up and freshened up themselves. Margo starts stroking Willams dick then sucking him. I am getting hard just watching so I start stroking my own dick while Keisha is playing with her own pussy. We watched Margot get on all fours and tall skinny William work that horse cock into her amazing pussy. My jaw dropped when I saw her take his entire dick. He always had a couple inches showing with Keisha.

Margot was in heaven and was moaning and gasping. She told William he could have her pussy anytime he wanted. Her big ass cheeks were bouncing I layed down where I could suck her nipples and she started cumming. I felt Keisha take me in her mouth and knew I would not last long. I told Keisha I was going to cum and she suck harder and faster until I came in her mouth. I crawled over to a chair and now William was long dicking Margot missionary. His dick was cream coated. He legs were pulled back and her head was moving side to side. When she came this time she almost tossed William off the bed. Again we we spent and I said I needed to crash. I through on my pants and tee shirt. I looked to Keisha she looked to Margot and without a word Margot got up pulled he dress on. I gave Keisha a kiss and told her I would see her around lunch time.

Margot and I took a quick shower together giggling like school kids. We crawled into bed spooning and drifted off to sleep. I woke up around 10 am to Margot sucking my dick and Ohhs Ahhhhhs and grunting Gawwwwds from next door. Margot and I had a long slow fuck listening to them next door. We both came and cleaned up and met Willam and Keisha to go to lunch. Willam left for home after lunch with promises to meet again soon from the ladies.

We checked out of the hotel and spent New Year's Day at Margo's house playing games with her teenagers and napping. My loving wife Keisha took her neice and nephew to a movie in the evening. With a pat to my dick she told me to have fun. This was for being such an understanding husband. Margot and I were naked and up the stairs before the car was out of the drive way. We fucked like school kids. On our drive home we talked about all the fun we had over the year. Keisha says to me that Margots kids would be spending the summer with their dad. I said that sounded fun. She looked at me smiled and said Margot would be going with us to visit my bearded big beer belly Uncle Curtis with us. I didn't even know we had plans to go this next summer. I just grinned ear to ear and said yes ma'am.


cuckold wife

Poster: Kyle M.