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How my sharing began.
This happened a few years ago when my wife and I were in our late 20's. The story is true but the exact words in our conversations may not be 100% but I describe them as accurately as possible.
My wife Sandy, and I were vacationing in Europe. Both of us being avid sailors we tended to stay in coastal areas where we would often stroll around marinas and look at the boats.

On one stroll we ran across a boat that was exactly like one we had back home in the U S. We struck up a conversation with the owner, Mark, who had only just recently purchased the vessel.

Mark invited us for a sail which we gladly accepted. He was a funny and friendly guy who we took to immediately. We learned that he was planning to sail to the Caribbean and a few months time. We told this was a trip we had long wanted to do and maybe some day it would happen.
"Why not help me sail back" was Mark's reply.
It sounded perfect so we made plans to return in a few months time.

Time passed and we returned to make preparations for the sailing adventure. Mark had things pretty well ready so Sandy and I were able to spend some time at the topless beaches. A couple times Mark accompanied us as well.

Departure day arrived and we were all moved aboard with Sandy and I staying in the forward cabin as it had the only double berth and some privacy. Mark slept in the main cabin which is akin to a living room.

We took turns running the boat with one person on watch while the other two rested or did whatever. Often Sandy and I would take advantage of our time together and have wonderful carefree sex in our cabin while Mark was on watch.

After a few days we were hundreds of miles from shore with thousands yet to go. With nobody around Sandy would often be topless and us men usually wore loose fitting swim trunks. Sandy was just wonderful to see being topless with a perfect tan. It was hard not to stare at her and often I could see the longing in Mark's eyes.

On evening Sandy and I had a particularly good fuck in our cabin and we were more vocal than usual. It is impossible to be discreet in a small sailboat and Mark could not but help overhear us as we sucked and fucked each other to orgasm.

When my turn came to be on watch I went topside and Mark commented that we must have had a great time. "We certainly did I confessed"

Mark went below to turn in and Sandy joined me on deck. Sandy wanted to talk. She began with "Have you noticed Mark masturbating several times these last few days?" " Yes, I have" I replied. I went on to say that I pretended not to notice as he was trying his best to not be obvious.

Sandy told me that she did not mind him masturbating but that it was sometimes awkward moving around the boat while he was stroking as she did not want to interrupt or embarrass him. She has watched me masturbate on numerous occasions and it turns her on.

" Well, I said, we get privacy and plenty of sex but he has only is very exposed berth and his two hands" "I know" Sandy replied. "This will get more difficult over time and we have so far yet to go."

Sandy got up to go below and said "I am going to fix this. You stay up here until your watch is finished (4 hours). She went below where I could see her through a small window in the red glow of the navigation gear.

I saw her move toward the bunk where Mark lay and place her hand on the sheet by his groin. I could not hear what was being said but her hand began moving up and down, obviously she was stroking his dick. After a few minutes she peeled the sheet back and in the red glow I could see his dick standing erect before she bent over and took it in her mouth. I watched as her head bobbed up and down on his shaft.

I was totally taken aback and could feel the jealousy begin to build as I watched my wife give Mark head. She was really going at it and was rubbing her hands all over him as she sucked his cock. I watched, and as I did I became aware that I was getting an erection.

I heard the loud moan as Mark came in my wife's mouth. She slowly slowed her pace before letting his cock slip from her mouth. I watched as she gave him a deep kiss and took his hand and led him to our cabin and our bunk, closing the door behind them.

As the night wore on I sat there tending the boat and having very graphic images go through my head as I imagined what was happening on the other side of the door. In my imagination I could see his dick sliding in and out of my wife's pussy and filling her with his sperm. I could actually hear the sounds of their sex, they made no attempt to be quiet.

All this while I had been unconsciously stroking my dick through the fabric of my swim trunks and as I listened to their sex I masturbated faster until huge gobs of cum poured from me into my shorts with one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had.

It seemed as if they had been down there only minutes but the sun was now rising and I realized it had been almost four hours since Sandy had left me alone.

Our cabin door opened and my wife soon appeared on deck stark naked. She had a small bite mark near her left nipple and a hickey on her inner thigh very close to her swollen pussy. On her pubic hair I could see sperm glistening in the morning sun A trail of Mark's cum ran down her leg. My wife had never looked so sexy or appealing as she did just then.

She sat down next to me and placed her hand on my lap, then sliding it into my shorts. " Oh, you are all sticky, you came in your shorts! Were you thinking of us while you masturbated?"

I was not sure if she meant thinking of me and her or her and Mark but in either case the answer was yes.

She slid my shorts off and asked if I wanted to hear about what she had done. I was getting aroused while she rubbed my semen covered cock.
" Yes, tell me everything" I said

"OK" she began. " When I went below I thought that the next time I saw Mark masturbate I would do something but not really sure what I might actually do. When I got inside I could see his hand move under the sheet but he did not yet know I was there. I quietly went over and put my hand on his crotch and felt his hand clamped around his dick through the sheet. He was really surprised."

She laughed at the recollection of this shocked reaction of being found out.

She continued " I told him I was going to help him out and I took hold of his hand and helped him stroke himself. After a short while I peeled back the cover and when I saw his engorged cock I got really turned on and I knew I had to have it. You know what seeing a man masturbate does to me."

"I went down on him and took all of him in my mouth. I could feel the tip of his dick in my throat and I knew it would not be long before he came". When he did I swallowed most of it but there was so much that some of it just ran down my chin onto my titties."

" I was so aroused that I had to have Mark fuck me so I took him to our cabin and fucked his brains out. He came in me several times and went down on me almost the entire time we were below. I swear I drained him of all the semen he could produce."

Listening to her tell the story made me want to fuck her right then and there. I kissed her and could taste and smell the sperm on her breath. I went down on her and could see and taste Mark's cum that oozed from her pussy lips. When I pushed my dick into her a large glob of his cum squirted out onto my balls. The slipperiness of his cum acted as a lubricant as I fucked my very well used wife.

After this first time we still had weeks to go to get to our destination. From that day on we all were open about our sex. Sandy would fuck both of us whenever we were in the mood and nobody was shy about it. It seemed the most natural thing in the world. I found I love to see her get laid almost as much as I enjoy fucking her myself. Sandy loved having two men to keep her satisfied.

After the trip was finished we have kept in touch with Mark and we get together often. Our time together is awesome.


cuckold wife

Poster: Jeff