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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Marie wants More ...
Marie recently told me that she really wants more sex with big black men. She said, I want a man who is big like a football line man and hung. She said, I like to be dominated like that.

Now keep in mind, my wife Marie is 5'6", only about 125 and has 36dd's. So most of her weight comes from those big tits. She has a small body otherwise. She is very light skinned and has blonde hair and blue eyes. She also shaves her pussy clean.

Marie and I went online one night and went into a chat room for white woman and black men. This guy IM'd us. He siad, Hi, I'm Deon. We told him about us and that we were a married white couple that likes to share Marie with other men. Deon was into it. When we checked his profile, it blew us away. He was 20 years old, 6'6', 320 lbs, bald and black. He had a great smile and was just HUGE. He was really into talking with us. We talked for over an hour. When we realized, Deon lived only 15 minutes away.

We then decided to give him our number. He called instantly. Marie picked up and talked with Deon for about a half hour. Before I knew it, she was hanging up and saying, " Ok see you in an hour." I said," an hour? He is coming here? She said, yes he is. I have to get ready. Wow.

Marie went up to shower and I was getting excited about the thought of this. It really excited me to watch my wife being dominated. I went and grabbed a beer. I was relaxing on the couch, when the door bell rang. It had only been about 40 minutes. I answered, I saw the largest man I have ever met standing at my door. He towered over me. He extended his hand and said His hand wrapped around mine like I had a child's hand. I invited him in. I told him that Marie would be ready soon.

I got Deon a beer and we sat. After about ten minutes, Marie came down. She was wearing a long white see-through Teddy, G-sting, white fish nets and high heels. . Deon said, " Oh my. Lucky me".
He walked over and gave her a hug. He was more than double her size. She kissed him and took his hand. She whispered in his ear. She then said, Honey I am going to take Deon upstairs to fucking pound me now are you coming?
I said yes honey.

We went up to our bedroom. Deon was pawing my wife. He had his big black hands all ove her. He was gropping her big tits and small ass. She then said, Deon, don't hold back. Treat me bad. Come on. He then looked at me. I nodded as to suggest it was ok. He then took his hands and placed them on her neckline. He then took her Teddy lingerie by the neck and ripped it open. He tore it off her. There she stood naked in front of him. He then demanded she remove her g-string. She did so quickly.

He then dropped his pants. She then tried to help him with his boxers. He took them off. Then my wife and I both starred in amazement at the size. The size was sometihing of shear terror. WOW. It had to be longer than a foot and at least 7 around. It was HUGE. She Looked down, He then grabbed her by the back of her head and forced her to her knees. She then began to lick it. He then inserted it into her mouth. She took it barely. Her thin lips wrapped around this thick long monster. I was so excited.

She sucked it for while and then he looked down at her and said, are you ready to be fucked by a real man. She said, OH YEAH BABY. He picked her up over his shoulder and threw her onto the bed. He then mounted her. His huge torso hovered over my little wife. He then began to paw at her tits and bite at her nipples. He was ruthless. He was extremely rough with her. He then began to slap and bite on her tits. He then took his monster hand and placed it over her throat. He then began to slid his monster inside. As she began to shed a tear he tightened his grip around her throat.

He then pulled out. He then threw her little legs over his massive shoulders. He tight little pussy was wet and ready. He then reinserted his cock. She moaned. He then slowly shoved it in. He began to pump. She moaned. He got her nice and wet. Although he had only gone in about half way. He then pulled out and with one swift move he slammed her. UGH UGH, she fucking screamed. A tear came out of her eye. He then began to slam her.

She was not taking it well. He was massive. She begged at one point. OH OH please.. oohh please stop. He fucked her harder. He said you will learn to love this cock. He keep fucking her. She was hurting. Then I could see a change in Marie. She began to smile. She looked up at him. She blew him a kiss and said you were right. I love this cock. Keep fucking. He fucked her over and over and she came over and over. They fucked until he finally came inside my wife. They collapsed in each others arms. Deon told me that he would be spending the night.

I got Deon a room ready and he said, Oh, no I will be sleeping with your wife. You can make the room for yourself. I still have some more fucking to do. After tonight your wife will never be the same woman. Marie looked at me and siad Yes Honey, I want more Deon.. Ugh that big body on top of me fucking me ugh, I love it and that monster cock...


cuckold wife

Poster: NJ Cuck