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How My Girlfriend Started Cucking Me
I lost my virginity when I was 19 to Nikki who was my first long term girlfriend. She was my first in every respect, as I was not very active in High School. She had only had one boyfriend before me, who she lost her virginity to. Since she was my first I did a lot of sexual exploring with her, and because she was the first girl that let me, I was obsessed with her. I would do everything for her whenever she wanted it. In return, we would end up having sex. Take her to dinner or the movies, we had sex. Take her shopping, we had sex. She was my first love and I treated her like a goddess. It was easy to treat her like a goddess, because she was hot as hell. Blond hair, kind of short around 5'2", flat stomach, small but firm tits and an outstanding bubble butt.

At the beginning of our relationship, we did almost everything sexual together, minus anal. I was young and she was willing, so we fucked all the time, everywhere. At some point after a year or so, the sex kind of slowed down. She was never really in the mood.

One night she had taken a shower at my house, and masturbated for the first time ever...I know, random right? When she was finished, she told me about it, instantly I was hard. I tried to make a move but she said she was no longer in the mood. I told her I needed some help at least, no way I could sleep with a hard on like this. She said simply, "jerk off then".

I said, "where?" She took the towel off and threw it on the bed and said "there", pointing at the towel. She sat on the bed completely nude and watched me blow my load on the towel. "Now can we go to sleep?" She asked.

Something changed that night. Months went by with no sex, no real intimacy either. The one thing Nikki did for me was allow me to jerk off in front of her. A few times she would pull down her pants and let me look at her ass while I jerked off. And on rare occasions she would grab my dick just as I was about to cum and finish me off, for quite literally 3 seconds. We started getting into this rhythm where we for months never have sex, but would watch me jerk off. It wasn't ideal, but it was just kinky enough to keep me going.

Then it happened. I went away on vacation for about 2 weeks. When I came back she had this new "friend". She swore to me that Nate was just a friend, and that even though they were close, nothing had ever happened between them. Of course I believed her, she wouldn't even fuck me, so she definitely wouldn't fuck him. Of course all my friends told me what was really going on behind my back, but because I loved her, I wouldn't listen. Nikki would never admit to it, and I still believed her. But once those thoughts of infidelity crept in, I couldn't fight them.

I couldn't handle it anymore, and decided to call Nate up and lay it all out. I said, "did you fuck her or anything like that?"

Ill never forget what he said, "dude she is literally sucking my dick right now, we are on the way to get ky so I can fuck her in the ass". In the background I heard Nikki chuckle and say "shut up, stop lying."

I began to shake, I hung up the phone and got a pit at the bottom of my stomach. I didn't want to believe it was true, but the fact that everyone of my friends said told me this was going on, I had to believe it. I was humiliated.....humiliated and hard as a rock. I didn't know what to make of it. So I did the only thing I could, which was to take that power back and fantasize about it. I started to jerk off imagining her sucking his dick. I imagined him lubing up his dick and fucking her in the ass. I had one of the best orgasms of my life. Then I fell into depression. Knowing that it was all over, I was crushed. My first love, gone.

She called a million times, but I didn't answer my phone for a few days. I was trying to make sense of what had happened with her, and why I couldn't stop fantasizing about it. I think I realized what was going on, the only way I could control the situation was to control how I felt about it. So either turned on or depressed. I began to rationalize with myself and say, "this is hot, you can get into this". After about 2 weeks, I finally talked to Nikki. I picked her up and drove her to my house, so we could talk. She was still in love with me and wanted to stay together.

The first thing I did was to ask her if the sex was good. She said "what do you want me to say?" I said, "the truth", I said.

"Well, yes of course it was good", she said. Instant hard on! I ask her to give me the run down of all the details. My dick was just about exploding out of my pants, and she could tell. She reached out and grabbed it and said "do you want to hear about how Nate fucked me in the ass and came on my face?"

I was so turned I told her to take off her clothes, and that I was going to fuck her right there. I undid her pants and pulled them down around her ankles. She grabbed my the back of my head and shoved my face in her ass, and I began to lick her asshole, she let out a huge moan. I stood up and took my pants off, hard as a rock I was just about to fuck her, when she said. "Stop it! Nate doesn't want me to fuck other people, but since I do need some money for my cell phone bill, I'll let you jerk off". I was confused, humiliated and extremely aroused, I didn't know what do, so I did the only thing I could.

I jerked off while she told me every detail. The most humiliating part was that she made me sit on the other side of the room so I would accidentally cum on her. I gave her $100 and drove her home. We had this arrangement for a few more weeks, but it had taken its mental toll on me, and I have not spoken to her in about 5 years.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how I found out about the cuckolding fantasy.


cuckold wife

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