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My story began after I moved across country with my parents against my will at 17. I had a beautiful girl friend I left behind which I loved dearly. Hard as I tried the long distance relationship failed and we mutually broke up. I finished my senior year in high school in our new town where I felt like an outsider. There were a couple girls who really caught my eye but I felt they were above my league so I never talked with them. Though they would smile at me when I passed them in the halls. Now two years later I had a job with the company my parents had moved for and was making really good money. There was a guy I worked with who was 5 years older and married. We would talk often due to our similar hobbies and he would talk about his wife who managed the pool at one of the high schools. One day he was talking about his wife and her friend who worked at the pool with her. When he mentioned her name I blurted "I know her, she's hot, set me up" with excitement. Her name was Kelly and it was the girl I had the hots for in high school. She was the home coming queen too. I never really thought this would happen but was surprised when he asked if I would like to go on a double date with her and them for pizza. I was shocked but said hell yeah. She didn't remember me from school but the date went well. I was obsessed with her and called her for another date. We had a few dates and I thought everything was going great when my friend told me that she had a boy friend. This shocked me and I felt used. I stopped calling her and decided to walk away. About a month later my friend called and asked if I would like to double date with them again. He told me she broke up with her boy friend and he moved away. I reluctantly called her and asked her out . She asked why I stopped calling which I told her I found out she was with someone else when we were seeing each other. She told me it was over and he moved home. He was a pitcher on the local college team and transferred to anther school. So we started up again. I fell in love and I proposed 6 months later which she said yes. Fast forward 25 years later and three kids life was good. Then my world was turned inside out one day. I had gone to a storage unit we we're renting to look for something. Searching through boxes I came across one that was full of bundledletters and shoe boxes. I opened one of the shoe boxes and found photos of my wife with different men. Some were nudes and them having sex. My knees became weak and my gut hurt. I had to sit down. The letters were from men to my wife and dated from a year after we were married to 20 years later. I started reading some of them and they talked about having sex in my home when I was working. I was crushed so I grabbed the box and headed home to confront my wife. When I told her what I found she blew up screaming at me for invading her privacy. I was hurt and cried when I realized it was over and asked for a divorce. She said fine but it's your fault it happened. If your dick wasn't so pathetically small I wouldn't had to look else where for satisfaction. This hurt me more. There was always red flags I should have paid attention to but didn't. I told her I wanted paternity test on all three kids because I have suspicions. Her tone changed from anger to apology. Another flag. I left the house and kept the box for evidence. I contacted a lawyer for consultation. After hearing what she said I felt I was going to lose most everything I had worked for even though she was a stay at home mom. The thought of breaking up my family hurt even more so I asked her if we could talk. We both cried and we confessed we really didn't want to divorce and still loved one another. So I dropped my case and moved back home. She wanted the box returned to her which I said no way in hell so she dropped it. We really worked together on mending the marriage but the trust issue was the elephant. She told me she no longer sees anyone and the men she slept with were just used for sex. She made great attempts to sexually keep me satisfied which I was. One evening when she was away I began going through the box I had locked away. As I looked at the photos and read the letters I became very aroused. I wasn't long before I was jacking off to them. Her infidelity really turned me on and I masturbated to them often. Then one evening during sex with my wife I asked her to tell me why she cheated. She said that my small penis couldn't bring her to orgasm I was premature and she was always left unsatisfied. She said the only way she could orgasm with me is when I go down on her. Now this makes sense because she would always want to sit on my face after I had come in her. I asked her what was the biggest dick she ever had. She didn't respond then she saw my raging hard on and asked if this turned me on. I said yes and she laughed. She began telling me about her first lover which turned out to be her exboy friend. He was tall and hung and when his team visited town for games he would call her.they would meet at friends apartments or at our house if iI was working. This happened for 4 years before he moved on. Her second was a friend of mine that continued for a year. As she told me details she rubbed my cock. I begged for more details so then she took my hand and placed it on my cock and said only if you jack your little dick off yourself. Without saying a word I began stroking it as she told me more about intimate details of them fucking. I came hard spraying my load all over the bed. She laughed again as she climbed off the bed and told me to change the sheets then called me a cuck. Later I asked her what that meant and she said it was a husband who got off on his wife fucking other men. I guess I was, a cuck. As time passed so did our sessions together. She told me stories as I masturbated and I would fuck her with a large strap on in return. I would go down on her when she came and she made me lick the dildo clean. I became so obsessed with this fantasy that I began begging her to let me watch her have sex with another hung male. She denied me in the beginning but eventually agreed. She needed it as much as me. She asked me to find her a cock if I really wanted this. It didn't take me long before I picked out a guy who lived nearby. After meeting with him she smiled her approval and we returned to the bed room. He was black tall and handsome. Watching them was incredible and now I realized why she did it. I had a small penis and wasn't worthy of pussy so I stepped aside and let her fuck who she wanted and let me be involved as much as she could. I honestly feel I am gay because the sight of a mans dick makes me so aroused . She let's me clean andssometimes the both. I even get to give blow jobs to some of her bulls. We are very happy now and neither plan on stopping no time soon. I tried keeping my story short and to the point. Hope you enjoyed my life story. I sure do. Jim. & Kelly


cuckold wife

Poster: Jim