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A Cuckolds Diary 27.
A Cuckolds Diary 27.

Journal Extracts 32.


Tomorrows business trip is only to Cambridge so when Marie suggested coming along and staying overnight in an hotel, I knew what she had in mind. Sex with unknown guys, a pastime she has developed something of a predilection for. I’m also in no doubt that I will have the humiliating task of procuring them for her.


In the event I booked into a Travelodge just outside Cambridge rather than an hotel as they are usually more suitable for sexual encounters.
Marie did some shopping while I was at the meeting, then after freshening up at the Travelodge we’ll be heading back to Cambridge. By now I’ve been primed as to what my wife has in mind. A gang-bang, with me in the unenviable role of procuring the participants!


We struck lucky, if that’s the right word to describe subsequent events, in the very first pub we visited.
There were a group of 4 young men drinking at the bar and I saw several of them eyeing Marie with interest. She was dressed sexily in a particularly short skirt that did little to conceal her stocking tops and which, to my mind at least, embarrassingly advertised her availability.
When the youngest looking lad detached himself from the group and headed towards the door marked toilets Marie nudged me saying, “Now’s your chance, go after him.”
I never relish this aspect but followed the direction he’d taken and soon took up my position beside him at the urinals. Keen to take advantage of the fact that we were the only occupants I told the young guy that I couldn’t help noticing his interest in my wife’s legs.
“Well what of it? Her legs are very shapely and she shouldn’t show so much if she doesn’t want to attract attention. Most guys in the bar are eyeing her up,” he replied somewhat defensively.
“Oh it’s no problem,” I smiled, before glancing down and sideways at his penis.
“Nice looking specimen. My wife appreciates a good sized penis like yours,” I commented, aware that the youngster was colouring up and looking more and more embarrassed.
Seeing his involuntary glance at my own penis, I said, “As you can imagine Marie doesn’t find much satisfaction in my minuscule penis. In fact it’s been years since we had intercourse.”
The humiliating comment was hardly necessary but I thought it might relax the clearly nervous lad.
“You can have her if you want,” I added, zipping up.
“What do you mean!” he exclaimed.
“You can fuck my wife if you want. Marie would really appreciate a penis the size of yours, particularly if your friends are equally well equipped.”
Now the lad was really confused and staring open mouthed at me.
“No point beating about the bush, someone might come in and overhear our transaction,” I went on, hurriedly pulling a wallet from my pocket. “I’ll pay you and your friends fifty pounds to give my wife a good fucking, she’s desperate for it.”
“What!” the lads disbelief grew even more.
“Marie wants, nay needs, a gangbang and you and your friends could fit the bill perfectly. The only condition is that I watch the 4 of you fuck my wife in succession and repeatedly. Apart from that you can do whatever you want.”
“Bloody fucking hell, what’s this I’m hearing?”
It was one of the lads friends and his unnoticed entry proved auspicious because he was far more confident, full of himself even, than the younger one.
Introducing myself I repeated my offer to the newcomer who promptly snatched the notes from my hand saying with undisguised contempt, “Yea, we’ll give your wife a bloody good fucking if you’re too much of a wimp to satisfy her yourself.”
“That’s just it,” I panted, excited by this turn of events. “Marie finds my lovemaking pathetic.”
“What a wimp eh James. Let’s have his wife and show the pathetic sod what real guys can do.”
The newcomers name was Pete and I promptly unzipped to display my penis, much to James ongoing astonishment.
“As you can see I haven’t got much to offer my wife,” I panted breathlessly.
Pete roared with laughter.
“Suppose you’ll want to play with your pathetic little cock while me and my mates do the business with your wife?”
“Yes!” My exclamation sounded little more than a gasp.
“What say we tie the wimp up so he can’t play with himself while we have her?” Pete grinned at James.
The younger lad still looked uncertain so I blurted, “Oh yes. If you humiliate and abuse me it’s even better.”
“I’ve got you sussed mate. First you can double the money, then drive us to your place and watch while we do as we want with your missus.”
Pete winked at his friend when I instantly reached for my wallet and with shaking hands withdrew another fifty pounds and handed it to the grinning youngster.
“What a complete tosser,” he sneered, snatching the money.
I explained that we were in the area on business and staying in a Travelodge.
“I won’t be able to fit you all in the car,” I said apologetically.
“No problem, but if we use Shaun’s car it will cost another tenner for petrol costs,”
Pete said.
I again handed him the money, actually basking in the guys open contempt.

(James and Ian were a few years younger than the others and students. Pete and Shaun being in work, regularly footed the bill for the 4 of them to go out on a Friday night, Pete being Ian’s brother.)

When I explained the situation to Marie she was delighted and stood up immediately. Smiling at the group of young men she headed for the door and it was left for me to beckon them to follow.
Waiting outside for them to catch up I overheard the end of a conversation as they approached.
“Yea, you’re right Pete,” Shaun said. “Let’s force the guy to strip and then put him over a chair or something. Beat his arse raw with our belts before fucking his missus, it’ll be fun.”
There was no lowering of voices: they obviously didn’t care if I overheard.
“Good idea, we’ll do it in front of his wife too, show him up for the pathetic wimp he is,” Pete agreed.
“He can lick our cocks clean after we’ve had his missus too,” from Shaun, the pair of them laughing maliciously.
It was cold and a bit foggy by now but fortunately our cars were parked close by. Marie was about to climb into our car but before she could do so Pete took her arm and steered her towards Shaun’s.
“Your wife can travel with us so I can feel her up on the back seat. The rest can go with you,” Pete told me.
There was no hesitation from Marie; she was already sliding into the back seat of Shaun’s car.
“The slut wants to be with real men not a wanker like you,” Shaun jeered.
“While we follow you to the Travelodge my fingers will become acquainted with your wife’s cunt,” Pete jeered in his turn and I found myself becoming more and more excited by their very obvious contempt and the possible fate which might befall me.
I pulled up on the Travelodge car park and we climbed out as Shaun’s car drew up alongside. Pete practically leapt from the car and waved a flimsy looking pair of panties in my face. “Didn’t take me long to have your wife’s knickers off and give her a good fingering,” he said triumphantly. “Her cunt’s dripping boys, she’s gagging for it.”
“I can vouch for that,” Shaun grinned. “I took advantage of the red light back there to have a quick feel.”
“Told you she was wearing red ones,” Pete said to Ian, before tossing the panties to me. “Smell where my fingers have been.”
He held his hand up to my nose and I inhaled deeply while a grinning Pete said, “You’ll be able to smell your wife’s cunt on our cocks later.”
I led the way to our room and once inside Shaun said, “What a pathetic wimp, drop your trousers and touch your toes.”
James and Ian’s amazement was plain to see when I meekly undid my trousers and lowered them along with my underpants.
“That’s right, teach my husband his place but don’t take too long over it,” Marie, who was already undressing, commented.
As usual I was annoyed by Marie’s willingness to participate in my humiliation but meekly bent to touch my toes.
“Told you she’s a slut. Bet she’s had more cocks than you’ve had hot dinners,” Shaun said to Pete while they unbuckled their belts.
Taking up positions on either side they both taunted me about what they were about to do, Pete waving his belt in my face. I was breathing heavily by this time although my attention was more on my wife, who had undressed incredibly fast, and stood watching naked but for stockings and suspenders. With the two younger lads eyes travelling her body, drinking in the shape of my wife’s breasts, the curly pubic hair and curvy bottom, Marie said to James, “Get your things off, my husband told me you possess a really big cock.”
“That’s it mate, you give the slut what she needs while we warm the wimps arse up with our belts.”
They did too!
Shaun and Pete lashed my buttocks unmercifully; my yells and screams ringing out.
They timed their strokes alternately so there was no respite and I was in agony as my screams testified. I can’t imagine what the occupants of neighbouring rooms must have thought!
“Looks as if I shall have to drive home in the morning, hubby will be in no fit state,” my wife smiled, adding “Very nice,” when James slipped out of his underpants.
She was on her knees in a flash, licking and sucking the end of his cock while my anguished screams continued to echo round the room, my tormentors laughing maliciously.
“Very nice. I’m looking forward to feeling your big fat cock hard up my cunt.”
The four letter word coming from her lips seemed to both excite and shock James, as did the vindictiveness of both Pete and Shaun, continuing to lash my buttocks.
“Perhaps you should stop now,” he said tentatively to the older guys.
“Don’t worry about my husband, he loves this sort of thing,” Marie told him, “He’s not doing anything to stop it is he?”
I was howling continuously by now but there was no pity from Pete or Shaun who laughing, jeering and mocking me, continued to lash my buttocks. Their obvious contempt I could understand, someone who would pay 4 strangers to screw his wife in front of him must seem pretty pathetic to them, but not their sheer delight in inflicting pain.
Suddenly though the blows ceased and I crumpled to the floor in relief. While I lay whimpering at their feet I was aware of Marie now holding James penis while sucking Ian’s.
“On your feet and stand in the corner wimp,” a now naked Pete snapped.
Catching sight of my rear in the mirror I saw that my buttocks were covered in vicious looking welts and weal’s from their belts.
“Yea, facing it with your hands behind your back,” Shaun added, to which I meekly obeyed.
“Tie his wrists together to stop the wimp playing with his little cock,” Pete urged.
Shaun ordered me to remove my tie and then used it to secure my wrists together behind my back.
“Right little boy, remain facing the corner while real men give your wife a good seeing to,” Pete snapped.
“Yea we’re going to fuck your wife time and time again, leaving her cunt gaping and dripping spunk. You’re only fit to lick our cocks clean when we’ve finished with her,” Shaun jeered.
During all this time Marie had been sucking James and Ian’s cocks alternately. She now called the others to join in. “Leave my wimp husband and give me some attention.”
She remained kneeling on the floor, now surrounded by the 4 of them, and clearly in her element. Marie held 2 cocks while sucking a third, moving around the cocks continuously. This went on for some time and all the while I remained facing the corner uttering occasional whimpers, partly through frustration at not being unable to see properly what was going on, only a reflection in the mirror, and partly the pain from my red and raw backside.
Eventually my slightly built wife rose to her feet but retained Pete and Ian’s cocks in her hands, as though unable to let them go. Shaun immediately bent to suck one of her nipples and James did the same to the other. Marie squealed happily, but that was more to do with the volume of fingers probing her cunt as both Pete and Ian’s hands were between her thighs.
“Oh God yes,” she moaned suddenly and I realised they were both fingering her in unison.
“Put yours in as well,” Marie urged James who promptly did so.
Shaun also seemed to be getting in on the act from the rear.
“Oh yes, yes,” she moaned while the 4 of them fingered her in unison, no wonder she was yelling!
“Your wife’s got 8 fingers up her cunt and she’ll soon have 4 cocks, one after the other,” Pete said to me, and in my excitement I turned to look.
“Face the wall shitface,” Shaun shouted. “And don’t dare look again or it’ll be the worse for you.”
“Let me feel tongues on my cunt,” Marie wailed at that point and I reluctantly turned my face to the wall, glad they hadn’t realised I could see their reflections in the mirror as knowing their maliciousness they would probably have moved it.
Pete swiftly knelt to bring his face between Marie’s thighs and judging by her squeals began licking her vagina. Shaun looked to be getting himself into a very contorted position beneath them at the foot of the bed and a few minutes later I realised why when he said, “I’ve just given your wife’s bum hole a good tongue licking shitface. It’s a really sexy little hole and I’m going to have my cock up it later. I think she’d like that.”
“Oh God yes, do it to me that way,” she cried.
With most of them crowding round her I could no longer see and practically begged to be allowed to look.
“Certainly not, remain facing the corner. If you’re a good little boy we might let you have a wank after the 4 of us have finished with your randy missus,” Pete taunted.
“Can’t imagine wifie has much use for his tiny little cock,” Shaun jeered.
During the laughter, which even Ian joined in, I heard Marie murmur that she hadn’t had sex with me for over 8 years!
“What do you do for sexual satisfaction then?” James asked.
“Enjoy myself with other guys, particularly well endowed ones like you,” she replied.
At this point Shaun decided to give me a running commentary.
“Your wife’s on her back spreading her legs for James, a lot keener than she ever spread them for you,” he told me.
“Give me your lovely big cock, put it in,” she urged, Shaun jeering, “I bet she never said that to you.”
“Oh yes, great,” she yelled and I didn’t need Shaun to tell me what was going on, though he did anyway.
“Our mate’s fucking your wife shitface and the rest are lining up to do the same,” Shaun taunted, the rhythmic pounding of the bedsprings and Marie’s happy cries confirmation enough.
“Get off, I’m next, “Shaun urged.
It seemed that James had finished very quickly and I tried to see some of the action in the mirror now I no longer had Shaun’s sneering voice in my ear. Marie was writhing and churning beneath what looked to be a vicious onslaught as Shaun fucked her watched by Ian and Pete.
“That’s it; eat your heart out wimp while we take turns with your missus.”
Incredibly it was the previously shy James by my side, flaunting his flaccid penis for my inspection!
Marie was now holding both Ian and Pete’s cocks while Shaun fucked her, a sight which greatly excited me and I remained fully erect despite James changed demeanour. Having fucked my wife he now seemed full of himself, taunting, “Even limp my cock is still a lot bigger than your erect one.”
“You’re right,” I murmured, watching the grinning youth wiping his slimy penis on my shirt.
“I’m coming!” Shaun suddenly yelled, his bouncing buttocks jerking as he released his seed inside the squealing, writhing Marie.
“My turn,” Pete said when the grinning Shaun rolled off.
Again Marie’s excited cry rang out as Pete’s cock drove into her and I groaned when Shaun’s hand squeezed my testicles.
Ian’s impatience for his turn was plain to see as he watched the couple thrashing about on the bed.
“Your wife’s cunt is getting a right good pounding while you’re standing helpless in the corner,” Shaun taunted me, snapping “Don’t look. Get on your knees,” when I made as if to turn. He still hadn’t realised I had partial view of proceedings in the mirror
“Can you smell your wife’s cunt on my cock?” Shaun asked when I obediently dropped to my knees.
My response was barely audible and must have seemed more of a groan. However there was no hesitation when Shaun ordered me to lick it!
“What a pathetic little wanker, licking and sucking the cock that’s been hard up your wife’s cunt,” Shaun jeered.
Absorbed in sucking Shaun’s penis I hadn’t realised Pete had finished until the by now familiar cry of Marie being penetrated drew my attention, albeit briefly, back to the bed where Ian was now on top of her.
The heavily breathing Pete joined Shaun in the corner to rub his diminishing erection all over my face, laughing as he did so. The humiliaton continued when I was forced to lick and suck Pete’s penis the way I had Shaun’s, both guys taunting me.
“What say we give it to his wife up the arse next?” Pete said.
“Definitely,” Shaun agreed. “Hear that wimp, we’re both going to drill your wife’s lovely little bum hole. You can carry on sucking our cocks until we’re ready.”
I was actually kissing Pete’s balls at this stage although trying to conceal the excitement I was experiencing by their treatment of me. I continued to suck the two cocks being presented to my lips alternately while trying to display a reluctance which I wasn’t feeling.
“All of us have now fucked your wife wimp,” Pete told me and I realised that Ian now stood beside the bed getting his breath back.
Marie remained laying there, a contented smile on her face, body glistening with sweat. With her legs spread, Marie’s cunt gaped open bathed in white cream, as was her jet black pubic hair. It was an incredible sight and one which clearly excited my tormentors who forced me to look.
“Good you’re ready for more,” she smiled, running her fingers along James erection. “Lay down, I’ll ride you.”
Naturally he wasted no time in stretching out on the bed and she straddled James erection. The others, watching closely, uttered a spontaneous cheer.
“Your wife’s just impaled herself on our mates cock. You just carry on sucking ours, Pete told me.
“Yeah no more looking. If you do as you’re told we might let you have a wank later, after the real men finish fucking your wife for you,” Shaun’s jeering set most of them laughing again.
I heard Marie murmur how good it felt and instructing Ian to play with her breasts, adding a moment later, “You’ve a spare hand; finger my bum.”
Ian presumably did as requested because Marie yelled, “Oh yes that’s good. Keep fingering me there!”
“Your wife seems a right goer, how many cocks has she had wimp?”
It was Shaun who asked the question and my almost whispered reply of ‘hundreds’ prompted Pete to exclaim, “Shit, she must be a right slut!”
“Your wife will open her legs for anything in trousers by the sound of it, what a tart.” Shaun made no secret of his contempt.
“Apart from you, eh wimp. You just pay the guys to screw her,” taunted Pete.
“Yes,” I murmured, further conversation curtailed when Marie yelled, I’m coming, I’m coming,” gasping seconds later “Oh that was good, very good.”
“Your turn Ian, lay down. The tart can ride your cock while I give it to her up the arse,” his brother said abruptly.
“Oh yes.” Marie, unconcerned by being called a tart said, adding, “There’s some lube on the cabinet.”
A grinning Pete picked up the lubricant and crossed to the corner.
“Here wimp, you can coat my cock with this so it slips nice and easy up your wife’s bum hole.”
Untying my wrists Shaun joined in the laughter when I simply took the tube and squeezed some of the contents the length of Pete’s erection. Using my fingers I then worked the lubricant all over Pete’s cock while a mocking Shaun looked on.
“You can do the same for me because I’m going up your wife’s bum hole next,” he jeered.
“That’s all you’re fit for isn’t it?” Pete sneered contemptuously, turning towards the bed before adding as an afterthought, “Turn round wimp, I want you to see this.”
Marie had been slowly riding up and down on Ian’s cock but paused, excitement written on her face, when she felt Pete’s hands on her bottom. He spread the cheeks to rub his cock slowly up and down the crevice between them, transferring lubricant to Marie’s anal opening.
Shaun dragged me closer and we watched transfixed, as he eased the tip of his cock into Marie’s anus. With unsurprising ease, after all many men have bum fucked my wife by now, it slowly disappeared inside with Marie pushing backwards in her eagerness to receive it.
“My cock’s hard up your wife’s bum hole wimp,” Pete called triumphantly but by this time I was lubricant to Shaun’s erection.
Gripping Marie’s hips Pete began having anal intercourse with her while she resumed her ride on Ian’s upward thrusting cock, a phenomenal sight which James joined in by playing with her breasts. Marie smiled and told him to stand on the bed facing her. He excitedly straddled Ian and she took his cock into her mouth, lips straining to engulf it. An incredible sight indeed, even Shaun seemed nonplussed.
“Your slut wife’s got 3 cocks inside her at once!” he exclaimed. “Take a look at the slag, sucking James cock while the brothers fuck her cunt and arse.”
He pulled me even closer and my erection aroused his derision.
A sweating, heavy breathing Pete was clearly coming and Shaun forced my face down so that I could see his cock fully imbedded inside Marie’s anus as it discharged.
There was no respite as directly he’d withdrawn Shaun took his place, the second cock sliding into my wife’s anus even easier than the first. Again she was sucking James cock all the time the others were fucking her.
The events of the evening were over, or almost, the final act being when James came in her mouth, an excitable Marie licking, sucking and draining the last drops from his penis. As ever she was effervescent following the things that had been done to her and plainly unperturbed to hear Pete taunting me that I was married to a whore, a slut who would spread her legs for all and sundry.
“I know but I’m unable to satisfy her so my wife has to look elsewhere,” I whined, only too eager to humiliate myself further. And my humiliation wasn’t over yet.

When I followed the youngsters outside we found a group of people from neighbouring rooms attracted by the noise from ours and curious to know what had been going on.
“This guy has just paid the 4 of us to fuck his wife, what sort of pathetic wimp does that, eh?” Pete told them, propelling me to the front.
The crowd stared at me in disbelief, some laughing at my expense. Dishevelled and blushing I stood there, actually basking in the humiliation of finding myself the butt of their jokes and laughter.
“Drop your trousers and show all these guys what a useless little cock you’ve got.” There was no hesitation, I just did as Shaun said, again relishing the humiliation of displaying myself to the jeering mob.
“What a pathetic little prick,” someone said.
“What him or his dick?” from another.
“Both,” Pete said contemptuously. “He must be pathetic to pay us to fuck his wife and take the thrashing we’ve given his arse. Look at our handiwork.”
I meekly turned to display my backside, the red welts would have been clear to all, but flinched when one of the strangers gave my buttocks a slap.
My laughing tormentors hurried off to Shaun’s car, Pete calling back, “Go in and take a turn with the slut if you want lads, she’s anybodies and would take on a regiment.”
It was particularly cold and foggy now and with the crowd beginning to disperse I pulled my trousers back up keen to get inside.
The crowd didn’t fully disperse though, several guys following me inside despite my best efforts to close the door. My wife’s eyes lit up to see the newcomers, some of who were already undoing their trousers, and the events at the Travelodge were far from over with the departure of the youths!


cuckold wife

Poster: Richard P