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second cuckold experience
The story of my first cuckold experience appeared on this site on 17 Oct 2012. This is the second, and unlike the first it did not come like a bolt from the blue for me. It was actually planned.

After getting her IT qualification Penny landed a much better job, which took us down to live in the West Country. We lived in a rented cottage somewhat out in the sticks while the arrangements for buying our new house were in progress. It was while we were staying there that we learned some interesting facts about a local beauty-spot. It was an overheard conversation while having a meal in a country pub. It seemed that on one particular night of the week couples would visit the place for some love-making, fully expecting to be interrupted by other men, who would make full use of the woman for their own pleasure.

This seemed to be exactly the sort of thing Penny and I had in mind when we agreed we should 'Do it again' after that first experience. So we looked the place over in the daytime, and we were back on the appropriate night.

It was a wooded hillside with parking places and picnic sites etc. There seemed to be nobody around, but we parked up, and spread a car rug on one of the picnic tables. Penny slipped her knickers off and lay down on the table. I held her legs up, and slipped my cock into her. We were both excited by the prospect of our adventure, especially being outdoors, so Penny was wet, and I was definitely hard!

I shafted away steadily, all the time listening for any sounds. But I was completely unaware of anybody being there when suddenly a hand gripped my right shoulder, pulling me backwards, and a voice close to my ear said, "Why not take a rest mate....We'll take care of yer little slut!"

As I was pulled away I saw two men take each of Penny's legs, and a third stoop his head between her thighs! At the same time a fourth, standing to the right, started removing his clothes. I was stood there, my cock, which just seconds before was deep inside my wife, jutting out like a plank! Penny began panting and writhing, clearly enjoying the stranger's tongue teasing her slit!

"Your wife is it mate? ... See it's got a ring on!"
I nodded.
"Loads of hubbys inta watching their wives getting shagged these days! ... It's pretty average thing by the look of it! ... Not complaining like ... Some great well-reamed cunts to get into!"

Just then the fourth bloke called, "Get a look at these Jeff! He had opened Penny's blouse, hauling her great tits out. All the others expressed their appreciation, the one licking her raising his head to take a look! The one still holding my shoulder pulled me forward, and pointed the torch he held at Penny's tits.

"Fucking great jugs on it mate! ... And I've got to say we don't usually get sluts as tasty as your wife to fuck! ... She's fucking gorgeous!"

The fourth bloke then lifted the one tonguing my wife, saying, "let's get in that hole Den! ... It sounds fucking wet enough!" Penny arched her back and pushed towards him as he slid into her. "She's fucking dripping Jeff!" he called.

"So I can hear!" Jeff called in reply, then turning to me he asked, so matter-of-fact, "You want us to spunk off inside it? ... Or maybe shoot it over her face and tits?" I only just managed to gasp, "Do it inside."

"Right! ... fancy getting it inside and feeling all that spunk later do yer? ... Lot of hubbys into that!"

Just then the one fucking Penny began banging into her like there was no tomorrow! After less than a minute they both climaxed, noisily! Penny's hole was cock-free for about ten seconds before the one who had tongued her was slamming away! After he had emptied his balls inside her one of the leg-holders took over. I had a little start when I saw the length of his cock! As if reading my mind Jeff said, "Bob there is going to be a good inch further up your wife than you've ever been mate!" He could obviously compare Bob's cock with my own, which was still as stiff as a pole! It was indeed a good inch longer, and Penny's squeals and cries soon let us know what it was doing inside her!

Bob lasted about ten minutes before holding it into a squealing Penny right up to the hilt, and jetting off his load! "Hope it's on the pill old mate! ... We are going to pump a right load of spunk into it tonight!" Jeff called as Bob pulled his dripping pole out, and the excess cream already oozed out of my wife's ravaged hole!

The other leg-holder, Ken, took his turn, and was followed by Jeff, who turned Penny over onto her front, and took her from the rear! About half way through his session he moved her from the table and put her on all-fours on the ground. There we could all watch my wife's dangling tits swing and judder to his rapid pounding!

When they left Jeff said, "Could definitely use another turn in your slutty wife's hole mate! ... And that pretty mouth of hers looks right for fucking! ... Bring it along next week ... Got another mate who will put a bit more up it than Bob did! ... See yer!"

Penny was slumped on the ground. My cock felt like bursting! I hauled her up onto all-fours and pushed in! Seconds later I had a juddering climax that left me feeling weak as a kitten!

I can tell you that we were back the following week. I will give you the details in my next post.


cuckold wife

Poster: Charles Burton