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Pandora's box
After 20 years of marrige, My wife began loosing interest in sex. Not just me (that was what I thought) but sex in general. I reached the point where I wouldn't have cared if she had sex with someone else, I just wanted her to have a good orgasm like when we used to have sex. I would talk to her about haveing a boyfriend or haveing a three way with another guy to get her excited when we did have sex (which wasn't very often). It seemed to get her excited and she did like me to screw her with her dildo while she was playing with/sucking my cock. I began talking dirtier and dirtier when we did this and she had a couple of good orgasms, so I keep it up. then we needed to have some work done on our house and we had 3 workmen in the house for three days. I was home during the day at the time, and the workers didn't realize I was home as I had discussed everything with the boss the week before and they went right to work. I didn't pay much attention to what was going on but I did check on the work, and one of the workers really surprised that I was home. I didn't put it together until that night when we had some of the best sex we had had for quite a while that night. Then I told her that I could tell that the workers were turning her on. she got emparassed and wouldn't admit it, but I told her I knew they were flirting with her and that I didn't mind. The next day I paid more attention and indeed they were flirting with her and she was flirting back, a little. I called her into the bedroom and showed her my hard cock and she got nervous about having sex with people in the house, so we didn't do anything. I told her to just continue flirting and we would talk about it that night. she did flirt with them some more and things did get pretty hot, but they had to leave early that day. We had hot sex again that night and I told her I wanted her to have sex with one or all of them. She wouldn't hear of it, but we did have a second round of hot sex, which hadn't happened in a very long time. The workers arrived early the next day and my wife let them in wearing her pajamas. They weren't sexy pajamas, but she wasn't wearing a bra and you could see the color of her panties under the pajamas. I listened as the flirting soon began, and I called her into the bedroom and again showed her my hard cock. we started havign some foreplay and I should have kept my mouth shut but I asked her which guy to invite in with us. She stopped right there and got nervous again. I calmed her down told her we didn't have to do anything. then I unbuttoned her three top pajama shirt buttons and told her to do some hot flirting. she said no, but only re-buttoned one of the buttons back up. When she went out to the workers they noticed that she had more buttons open and they really started flirting. One of them asked her to run off to mexico with him, and she started saying things like, "What can we do in mexiceo that we can't do here?". she was really enjoying the attention, but the boss got pissed and made them get back to work. she came into the bedroom and watched me cum as I was just finishing jacking off. That was it for the workers, but I really talked to her about it a lot. she admitted that she could tell their cocks were hard and that she did want to fuck one of them and she told me which one. I even got her to call out his name while we were fucking, man that turned me on. I continued to encourage her to get a boyfriend and bring him home. she didn't want to talk abou it, but about 6 months later we ran into "James," the worker that she had wanted to fuck, at a nearby big box store. I made it a point to ask where he lived, if he was married (he was), if he goes to that store often, etc. We had hot sex again that night and we talked about James and we drove by his house a couple of times that week. When she went out on errands I told her to drive by and see if he was outside. I had her dress as sexy as I could get her to dress, and I made sure she had enough cash to get a room at a hotel not far from our house. She thought it was all silly, and I didn't think twice when she would go on her errands and take a couple of hours, as it often did take that long. Then one night about a month after that, she came home, went into the bedroom and said I've got a surprise for you, I figured she just wanted sex. She took off her clothes and said, "lick my pussy," which I had no problem doing. She asked if I noticed anything special and I just said that her pussy was really wet. she said, "It should be, I just fucked James." Holy shit! we fucked like rabbits that night and she told me all about how she had been driving past his house almost every night and he saw her one time so he began taking walks in the evening hoping to see her. They did meet up and it only took two meetings and they were in the hotel fucking. She had him use a rubber and I said that was fine, but I wanted her to let him cum in her pussy and bring that dirty pussy home to me to lick. she fucked him 3 times with a rubber over the next couple of weeks, and then last week she came home with a pussy load of cum. It was the hottest sex of my life. I licked it and licked it and came in her pussy and licked it some more. I told her I wanted her to bring him home, but she doesn't want to. She said having him cum in her pussy was the hottest sex she had ever had and her pussy was aching to get filled with his cum again. Well, it's three AM and she went out with James at 8:30 last night. She said he had a good cover story for his wife for the evening, and I'm begining to think she isn't comming back, at least not tonight. I may have opened pandor's box. Be careful what you wish for.


cuckold wife

Poster: Jimmy