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Back with news of Helen's Lover
It must be at least 6 months since I have written to you about my wife - soon to be ex - Helen who had a baby to her lover, David last year. Damy is coming up to 10 months now and finally after 7 or 8 months of trying my wife is pregnant again. David is a Doctor and Helen is a nurse and he is, as some of you will remember is black.

David moved in with us when Helen was about 4 months pregnant and I lived the fantastic life of a cuckold for the best part of a year. 2 months ago, they decided to move house here in Queensland and I wasn't invited to move with them so I got a one bedroomed flat about a mile away from their new place. Until 3 nights ago, I hadn't even been there but as they had a Hospital social evening, I was asked to baby-sit for them. She hasn't started to show yet - she isn't quite 3 months - and she looked stunning; beautiful in fact and quite obviously adores her man. I chatted with David whilst she got ready and he told me - bragged really - that since she got pregnant, she has been like a dog on heat and he rarely gets a night off and frequently she drags him to bed when their baby has his naps to extract his last drop of semen.

To cut a long story short, they got back at just before midnight and I made preparations to leave but David asked me to stay the night and have a drink and then sleep in their spare room which I learned is next door to theirs. We got chatting and the minutes ticked past. Helen was quite impatient to get to bed and kept calling to him. Eventually she poked her head around the living room door and asked him to come to bed. He asked her to come in for a moment but she hesitated and said that she had no clothes on; he told to come in as we had both seen her naked before. She replied; 'But you told me that Kenny wasn't to see me without my clothes on.' David just called her in and my heart raced when I saw her. Her breasts are bigger, but still with the same permanently erect nipples and although her tummy is noticeably bigger, you can see that she has been working out with her man in the time since I last saw her.

Anyway, she came into the room and sat on his lap and he nuzzled up to her breasts and put one of her nipples in his mouth and teased them. She was getting a little carried away and her legs opened in pleasure and I saw her lovely new 'hair cut' and saw the shaped bush; something she had never done before. He placed his left hand onto her pussie and gently played with it and I could hear how wet she was. With that, he picked her up and said: 'Lock up Kenny; you know where your room is.' Without a word from her, he carried out of the lounge and across the hall to their room.

I waited a few minutes and then padded gently to their room where their door was open and they had a bedside light on. She was lying on her back and David was lying above her, naked except for a vest and his hand was over her pussie with at least one finger inside her and she had his thick tool in her hand. She calls it 'My todger' and always loved her man marking his territory with his semen. I had a massive hard-on and it was already outside my shorts and I was playing with it like crazy. Then he climbed on top of her and mounted her and her legs parted naturally and so wide, I thought that they would snap. He then raised himself higher and placed his penis - thicker than I remember - inside her open mouth and she sucked as though her life depended on it. At that moment, I came and shot my pathetic stream of semen down my leg but I was concentrating on watching my wife and her black bull. He has already fertilised her so this was just for fun for the pair of them.

I watched fascinated and then he moved down her body and she took her bull's penis and placed it with both of her hands inside her dripping wet pussie. Her legs immediately locked themselves behind his back and he just pounded away. She didn't scream just softly moaned and rocked her body in time with her lover's. I just loved the way he brings it almost all the way out and then lets it sink to the hilt until their pubic hair touches. This went on for about 15 minutes and then she came with her customary little laugh and whispered 'Oh, David!' and he continued for a minute or so longer to her encouragement and he finally came with a a loud grunt. He must have released an awful lot of sperm into my wife's pussie, because he thrust 5 or 6 times, before relaxing down and the two just cuddled as his semen well and truly marked his territory. Helen's pussie is David's property and there is no escaping that fact. He stayed inside her for about 5 more minutes and then he eased out of her and even with a flacid penis and in the light of only the bedside lamp, I could see how thick it was and it glistened with her cum and his own.

He walked over to their en-suite bathroom and I heard a massive release of pee into the toilet. Helen lay on the bed, eyes closed but with her legs wide open and I do mean wide. Her neat, shaved bush looking messed up and sweaty and matted but that lovely 'O' shape of her pussie was already oozing her bull's sperm. She is pregnant now and doesn't need to hold her legs in the hair to allow his seed to fertilise her; she is well and truly fertilised! The thick white sperm just oozed out of her and added to the no doubt volume of damp stains on their bed sheets.

I crept into my bed and masturbated twice more and listened for sounds of them making love again, but they went to sleep so I only saw and heard the once.

I don't care what any man says; there is no better sight than seeing your wife's wet pussie, her satisfied pussie and seeing her bull's thick, creamy semen starting to ooze out. I would love to live with them and be a child-minder for them; I would love to be allowed to clean them both up and I would love to be allowed to place David's penis inside my wife's pussie. Any suggestions?
Is there a better sight in the world than seeing your very satisfied wife's well-filled pussie, knowing her bull has marked his territory?


cuckold wife

Poster: kenny