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Fantasy of Watching Wife with Another Man
I am not sure how it started, the fantasy of watching her with another man, but I know it was always something that I wanted to see her do. Lisa is a very good looking woman, tall blonde & well put together. She had a 34d chest, full lips, she was shaved and she always had nice nials & makeup. She was hot, no doubt about it.

It's all coming back to me now, how it started. We were out for drinks one early spring evening, we had been dating for about a year and a half and were in our twenties. After a few beers and some seafood we walked the harbor & found ourselves feeling frisky, 'lets go to an adult store, I would like to buy a new toy' she said - so we wander into a clothing/toy shop and she picks out a nice lifelike looking dildo.

We couldn't get to the car fast enough and raced back home, about 25 minutes down the highway. About halfway down the road she starts opening the package and examining her new toy. 'Ohhhh my gooooddddd' i hear her exclaim as I look over to realize what she is doing. In the dark of the car ride I did not see that she had slid up her skirt & had slid the dildo into her pussy. I was stunned at first, but enjoyed watching as she kept going, sliding it in & out of her beautiful pink slit. I reached over while driving to feel her legs and wetness, and as she went faster and faster she did not even realize that her face was pressed up against the window in sheer pleasure; what a sight for passers by!

When we got home it was an all out sex fest. I ravaged her with that dildo for hours, fucking her with it and making her suck it, then it happened; as I was plunging it in & out of her slit and alternately sucking on her hard brown nipples and kissing her I slid my cock into her mouth so she could suck me while she fucked the lifelike 8' dildo. Then I asked her the question I had been dying to ask her for months. 'Have you ever sucked a cock while you fucked another one?' She looked at me bewildered, then said no. We continued on fucking like rabbits well into the night and didn't speak too much about the subject, although I did tell her it was a wild fantasy of mine to watch her fuck and suck me and another man.

Before too long it would enter conversations again, as we were fucking one night I brought out the dildo and was making her suck it along side my cock, alternating on the two. She found it very hot and decided then and there that this was something she wanted to do, to help me fulfill my longtime fantasy and her new one.

We talked about it quite a bit, and even went a little further; we began chatting online with guys and had some phone sex with one or two, she would talk while I ate her out. It was honestly not very exciting. The guys turned her off mostly, and she seemed disinterested in the whole ting.
Then one night a few months later we were having some wine & she was online. 'Baby, I think I found someone' she said excitedly. 'What?' I was clueless. 'A guy, I think I found us a guy to play with; his name is Jim and he lives like 10-minutes from here, and he seems pretty cool.' I was caught completely off gaurd by this, but nevertheless I was very excited.

We opened another bottle of wine & awaited Jim's phone call - she and he had arranged to talk on the phone for some more assurance about how 'cool' he was. Well she got off the phone after about 25 minutes of small talk and she told me that he was coming over. She also told me that he was cool with being with just her, but that he was also ok with being with me - I had to ask for clarification. She said he told her he had been with guys before and didn't mind if we wanted to do that kind of stuff. I was again caught totally off gaurd - our first MFM threesome and there was a chance it could go MMF? I am a straight guy, all american type, but I do admit that deep down I have a small curiosity about cock - not guys, not anal, not anything really other than just that I enjoy seeing a nice cock. I suppose that ties into the fantasy about wanting to watch her with another man. At any rate I was a little hesitant, but very willing. And excited, we both were.

Lisa spent a good deal of time making herself up - she quickly did her long blonde hair, makeup and slipped into a slik green Victoria's Secret robe & matching thong and high heels. We waited for Jim to arrive, sipping wine as we did and nervously talking about the what if's - what if he's not attractive, or he doesn't show, etc...

Well he did show, and he was not bad looking - athletic, shorter than me but stockier, brown hair and clean cut. he was also very polite but almost shy. We sat forever making idle small talk and sipping wine until I suggested we put on a movie - I dug out my favorite porn and dimmed the lights. Lisa and I sat on one couch and Jim on the other, I motioned for him to come get closer and he took a seat beside her. We sat watching and letting the heat build among us before I suggested that my cock was getting hard & asked Jim if his was also? Yes, he replied quietly as I reached over to kiss Lisa. She broke our kiss and turned to Jim to kiss him and they kissed hard, he laid her down and slid her robe aside to expose here panties then sliding them aside he began fingering her deeply as they kissed. She broke the kiss to tell me as she panted heavy that 'he is fucking me with his fingers baby, ohh god he's fucking me hard baby' she moaned as he thrust his fingers into her harder.
They broke and she sat up, catching her breath. 'I need a break, why dont you two put on a show for me,' she said as she moved to the other sofa, 'I wanna watch you stroke your cocks for me.'

I immediately pulled out my cock and began to stroke it as I stared at her; my dick is one of the nicest I have ever seen, it is about 8' long and cut, nice and even in color and about 5' around. It's not super thick but it is nice proportion and long, it looks very good. So as I am stroking my cock and staring at her I feel Jim next to me removing his pants and can hear him begin to stoke his cock as well. Picture a dimly lit room with a porno going, candle light and two guys sitting side by side stroking their own cocks while a gorgeous blonde girl sits watching from about 3 feet away, playing with herself and sipping wine in a tiny silk bathrobe. Yes, it is one of my fondest memories!

This went on for about 15 minutes or so and I guess it was the wine, the moment, and her staring intently at me while I stroked my cock and our new friend stroked his just inches away from me; I looked down to see his cock and it was a little fatter and shorter than mine, nothing super special but it was big and hard and he was pumping it pretty good when I reached over with my right hand and took it into my hand. We didn't look at each other at all, but he reached over to my cock as well and as we sat stroking each other's cocks for her she just about fell off the sofa from amazement. Her jaw was on the floor as she watched us, and she mouthed the words 'i f%@&ing love you so much baby' and 'oh my god' - then she came over to us and knelt down before us, opening her robe to expose her gorgeous 34d's so we could fondle and suck on them as she massaged our balls.

She took each of our sets of balls in each of her hands and tickled them while we continued to stroke each other, taking turns kissing her while the other would suck her tits. I remember feeling so strange about it, but his hand actually felt very good on my cock. My hand felt warm, sweaty, and as she leaned down to take his cock in her mouth I pulled my hand off so she could swallow it all. She looked at me as she came up off his cock, then immediately went over to mine being careful not to take her eyes off me for one second. It was as hot as it gets.

She continued to alternate sucking our cocks until I couldn't take it anymore and I knelt down beside her to help. Lisa grabbed Jim's cock by the base with one hand and grabbed my head with the other, pushing it close to his cock and I first licked up the side of it with her then I took it into my mouth. It felt strange, and I am still not sure if I enjoyed it or not but in the moment it felt amazing. We played out every imaginable position - Lisa took both of our cocks into her mouth together, them rubbing along side each other and then she and Jim got down on their knees and sucked my cock together. It felt good having two mouths on my cock, the feeling of stubble and soft lips was strange but left me curious to continue it.

Lisa again got up for a break, she went to the bathroom and left Jim on his knees in front of me sucking my cock. When she came out she stood again in awe of me naked on the sofa with my big dick in another man's mouth. She stood fingering herself and just watching for what seemed like forever until I finally motioned for her to come here & give me her pussy. She draped her leg on the sofa so I could lick her and I pulled Jim up to join me. We took turns sucking on her slit and licking her clit until she was about to burst. She said she needed to have one of us inside her right now and I obliged, sliding my dick into her from behind as she sucked Jims cock. We were on the sofa and the wall behind it was mirrored so we could watch the whole scene unfold.

Hot as it was watching her take us through the mirrors, we decided to move to the bedroom. Once there she proceeded to lay Jim down and suck him while I entered her from behind. She was laying on him and he on his back with me behind her, and every once in a while I would lean up and make her break from sucking him so she and I could make out. She then sat up on his cock and took it by the base, guiding it into her well fucked pussy. She rode him while I lay behind her, feeling her ass and tits from behind until she came. Eventually we switched and I got on top of her as she lay side by side with him, when it was time to come I pulled out and shot an enormous load all over her pussy ans then aimed it right at his cock. As he and she stroked his cock together I shot my load all over it, until he too came, then she leaned down and licked some of the cum off of our cocks before rolling over exhausted and falling asleep.

We met with Jim twice more, but neither time compared to the first. Lisa and I have since split up, but I will always remember her vividly for the experiences we had like this


cuckold wife

Poster: Lucky7