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Candy and her boyfriends
When I first started dating my wife, Candy, during the spring of our senior year of college, I knew that she was much more sexually experienced than I was. I knew that she had dated two guys that I knew and she fucked the first one for the year that they were together until he dropped out and the second one for a year and a half after only a couple of weeks of being alone. I had sometimes heard their beds banging against the wall and actually heard Candy moan and tell each guy to fuck her harder when I was walking by their rooms late at night. I would usually stop outside their doors and get a huge erection while listening to them fucking. Then I would go to the bathroom and beat off picturing that I was was fucking Candy not one of them.
During the two and a half years that I knew Candy before she broke up with the second guy, I dated three girls but I had never gotten past sucking on their breasts and getting my hand down their pants. So I was still a virgin when I finally got a chance to date Candy. After we went to a movie on our first date, she invited me up to her room and as soon as we were there we sat on the bed and began kissing. This quickly progressed to me feeling her breasts through her T shirt before she pulled her shirt off over her head to reveal her naked breasts. She then lay down on her back and I kissed her and started to suck on her breasts. She then undid her jeans and lifted her bottom off the bed and pulled them down. She then pulled her panties down and I removed them and her jeans from her legs. I got my first look at her cunt, the first one that I had ever seen that wasn’t a picture in a Penthouse magazine. Candy told me to take off my clothes and the next thing I knew I was climbing onto the bed on top of her. Candy took my erect dick in her hand and lined it up with her cunt. She rubbed my dick up and down her slit and then told me to push. When I pushed, my dick went all the way into her. I started to pull it out and push it into her. She told me to slow down because she liked to be fucked slowly. I did as I was told and slowly fucked her but I came very quickly shooting my cum up inside her. She told me that she hadn’t cum and that I should lick her and she pushed my head down toward her cunt. I started to lick her and she told me what to do and she came after a few minutes.
As we lay there together Candy asked me if it has been my first time. I told her that it had been. Candy told me that she had been fucked before by both George and Brian, the two guys that I knew had fucked her. She told me that each of them had fucked her many times since she had found that she really liked being fucked. She asked me if I minded that she had been fucked many times before by George and Brian and I told her that I didn’t mind at all thinking that all I had ever wanted was to be the guy that was fucking her. She told me to stop talking and fuck her again and try to make her cum this time. I managed to last until she came and then I shot my cum up into her cunt again. Candy told me that I didn’t have to worry about her getting pregnant since she was on the pill. She told me that she had gone on the pill shortly after she first fucked George since she had gotten scared once and thought that she was pregnant. She told me that she had actually told her mother that she might be pregnant. She told me that all of her family had found out that she was worried that she was pregnant. She also told me that her family had walked in on her fucking Brian in her bedroom at home during summer vacation. I started to get another erection realizing that all her family knew that she had fucked both guys before me. Candy noticed that I was getting a third erection and she asked me what I was thinking about. I told her that I was extremely excited that I was finally fucking her after wanting to for over two years.
I was an eager student in learning to please Candy during sex since I wanted to continue fucking her. It never bothered me that she had fucked George and Brian before me. It always made me harder thinking about the times that I had listened in the hallway to one of them fucking her. After we graduated, I asked Candy to marry me and we were married the next summer. Candy wore white at the wedding even though all of her family knew that she and I had been fucking for over a year and knew that she had fucked George and Brian before me. That first fall we went to Candy’s fifth high school reunion where I learned that George and Brian were not the only guys that had fucked her before me. I learned that her boyfriend during high school was the football quarterback and he let some of his football buddies fuck Candy just before he broke up with her. After the reunion when we were back at the hotel, Candy asked me if I had heard anything about her during high school. I told her that I had heard that she had dated the football quarterback. She told me that she had actually lost her virginity to him. I told her that I thought that George had been the guy that got her virginity. She told me that it had actually been Randy and she had decided that high school didn’t count and that she would tell me that George had been the first to fuck her. I asked her why she broke up with Randy and she told me that he had let some of his friends fuck her. I asked her how many and she told me that there had been four besides Randy. Just then the phone rang and when I picked it up a guy asked for Candy. I handed the phone to her and she said loudly hello Randy, I hoped that you would call. Then she said that she would have to ask me and for him to call her back in a half hour.
Candy told me that Randy had invited her to a party at his house and she wanted to go. She then told me that the other four football players were going to be there and she wanted to fuck all five of them again. She asked me if she could go to the party. I said so you are asking me for my permission to fuck these guys. She said that it shouldn’t matter to me since they had already fucked her before me and they weren’t anyone new. I told her that she hadn’t been my wife then. She told me that she had been a good girl since we started dating and hadn’t fucked anyone else and thought that she had earned a night out to do whatever she wanted. She pointed at my erection and said that he was interested in having the guys fuck her again and she would fuck me when she got back. I told her that she could go to the party. While she was at the party being fucked, I watched TV in the hotel room and realized that I was married to a beautiful sexy woman and I was the luckiest man since I was the man that she was coming back to after she was done fucking the five guys.
This night was the first time that I was cuckolded by Candy. In the ten years since that night, I have always given her my permission to fuck other men whenever she asked. She has told me on many occasions that she knew that I was the one for her to marry since she knew that I would let her fuck other men because I always got an erection when she talked about how much she enjoyed fucking George and Brian.
Let me know if you have ever given your wife permission to go out and be fucked by another man or better yet many men and I’ll write about some of the other times that Candy has cuckolded me.


cuckold wife

Poster: Ray Bouvin