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How to Make Her a Hotwife
One nail, one door and one window do not make a house. It takes the combination of many things working together. That works the same way to make a hotwife. The things that you will use individually will not make her a hotwife, but combine them all together and it will work.

How do I make my wife a hotwife? I have been asked that a hundred times. My past few years of surfing the internet has included many sites about hotwives. My wife is a hotwife and does have sexual relations with other men. Many people on forums, email and chat have asked how to make their wife a hotwife. That is what I am going to tell you how to do here.

What is the definition of a Hotwife?

Technically speaking, the scientific word is Polyandry. Poly- of course meaning “many” or “multiple”. “Andras” is a Greek term for “man”. This same term is used in different sciences that generally have the same meaning. The same word is used in the field of Botany to describe pollinization that occurs where a plant receives pollen from a multiple of stamens. A stamen is the male portion of the plant that produces and delivers the pollen to the female portion (pistil) of the plant.

Zoologists use Polyandry to identify a species in which the female mates with more than one male in a breeding cycle.

For example, in social sciences, such as anthropology this term is used to mean a female that has an established sexual attachment with more than one male. In some countries today, there are cultures where the females do in fact have more than one husband at one time. The same term, Polyandry, is used in describing some social arrangements in various cultures. As in many countries the word “marriage” is a legal term and actually a written document acknowledging the relationship between a man and a woman. However, a large portion of the world today does not have a written marriage agreement, yet the marriage relationship still exists. Therefore the act of a married woman living in a modern country that has recurring sexual activity with men other in addition to her husband does meet the accepted standard of practicing Polyandry. The fact is that most women living in modern countries such as the USA or UK have only one husband and are limited by political laws. It can be easily observed that some women do in fact practice Polyandry, they just can’t do it legally.

This background is just given to establish that Polyandry is common in different cultures, the study of plants and the study of animals. While the open or legal practice of Polyandry of women in modern countries may not be readily observed, it is a naturally occurring phenomenon. For whatever reason, some married women do have multiple sex partners.

This writing is looking from the position of “desire” as the motivating factor for a woman to have multiple partners. That desire in this case is the married man’s desire for his wife to practice Polyandry. In today’s terminology the word “hot” is sometimes used to describe something that is sexually exciting. Of course when couple with the word “wife”, meaning a married woman we have HotWife. There for a hotwife is a sexually exciting married woman. Because the word Polyandry is a boring scientific term, we use the socially accepted common word of “hotwife” to describe the women discussed here.

Simply put, a Hotwife is a married woman that openly engages in sexual activities with other men. This is in addition to sexual activities with her husband and not in place of. The look and feel of the hotwife lifestyle is simply the tools used by a hotwife when attracting other men for sexual encounters. The focus here is the wife’s sexual activity, whether or not the husband is involved or not. In many cases, the husband and wife realize pleasure from her sexual adventure while the husband remains in a normal monogamous sexual relationship with the wife.

How to make a Hotwife.

Purpose: The intent of this guide is to give the husband direct information on how he can influence and help transform his wife into a hotwife. I doubt it will work for non-married couples because there is no tying commitment.

Audience: There are many articles that cover what a hotwife is, her role and how to find sexual partners for her. This document is written for a married man and is not intended to be a primer for women that want to live the lifestyle.

Scope: This document is intended to aid in the development of a hotwife and does not include discussion of the psychological drivers that influence the reasons behind her lifestyle change. The scope and limitation of this how-to-manual is directed towards the actual methods used to change the wife’s lifestyle. It is written for a married man that wants to have a hotwife. Some of those influential factors that may change the situation are; domination, jealousy, submissiveness and cheating. It is assumed that the wife may or may not be open to being a hotwife and therefore the scope of this manual is limited to actions that the husband can use to modify his wife’s role and habits.

As the writer, I feel obligated to give a warning to men using this manual. It does work and may not be reversible. Do your home work before you start. Make sure this is what you want. It can have a permanent damaging affect if the couple is not happy in their romantic love relationship. Conditioning and manipulating your wife is serious and could have a negative outcome.

Obviously for the husbands reading, you want a hotwife. This article will help husbands move their wife towards being a hotwife. We will be discussing what to do, where to do it, when to do it, how to do it and why to do it.

The end result will be a married woman that lives in a day-to-day lifestyle that greatly and routinely puts her in situations where she and other men will have and opportunity to meet.

Getting started making a Hotwife

Step one for the husband: forget everything that you want your wife to be as a hotwife. It is not applicable here. This is not about you. It is about your wife.

Sorry to disappoint the husbands here, but there is not a 10 step program to convert your wife. It is an ongoing process that will require many different actions over time. But it does work. Some of the things that you need to do will not make sense, trust it and just do it anyway. You will see the results. Unless your wife is begging you today to let her be a hotwife then it is up to you to change her lifestyle.

The key to understanding how this change takes place is to realize that the husband can have what he wants when the gets what she wants.

How the process works

Here is the true way that this works. Follow this method and you WILL get your wife to be a hotwife. This is the part that you have waited to read. Are you ready? You can get your wife to be a hotwife by giving her the things that SHE needs to be a hotwife. Notice that I didn’t say that you make her a hotwife so that the husband can like it? The husband must give her the things that she will use to be a hotwife.

Before we go any further, make a commitment to yourself to buy an ankle bracelet and to take her shopping for shoes. She must have a pair of open toed heels with a strap that wraps around her ankle.

The way this will work is for you to do specific things over time that she will get used to, things that she will like, things that will make her feel good emotionally and things that you slowly give to her to change.

Some changes will be very subtle and other will be very obvious. The husbands job is to keep replacing the old lifestyle things with the new hotwife lifestyle things. Break down each thing in her life that and replace it with things that are more appropriate to making a hotwife. Eventually, more and more of the normal things in her life will be replaced with things that make easier and natural for her to be the hotwife that she is. Think of it as going on a diet to loose weight. You can see it happening. You can’t see it happening daily. But if you stayed on a diet for 6 months and then compared yourself before and after then you would clearly see a difference. This is the absolute most essential key to making this work. If you go to fast she will be resistant to the change. But you also know, if you keep going and slowly change things everyday then in 6 months when you look back you will see that your non-hotwife is gone and has been replaced with a hotwife.

I know from experience and hearing results from other husbands that this works. There is no way that you could ask your wife today to switch her lifestyle around and be a hotwife tomorrow. First she would not do it and chances are she would not like it. But by being persistent over time, she will not be opposed to the changes. She will discover in herself that she likes it.

How to follow the process

The way to success is follow the process as written. Don’t second guess it and don’t change it. Even when things appear to be ahead of schedule, don’t be tempted to move too fast. Also, you must keep reminding yourself that this is for her, not the husband. The husbands reward will come later after she gets what she wants. Give her what she wants and don’t stop giving her what she wants.

Things to do.

Start by immediately making a list of things to do. You will get many examples later. Make a list of things that you will do for her. Most of the changes will be common for all women. Of course there will be some changes specific to your wife. In addition to what you read here, LISTEN to the things she says. During normal conversation she will make comments about the things that she needs to change, although she won’t realize it. As the husband, you should also be watching other women, discretely, to see what things that you could apply to your wife.

Now we get into the actual things that you will be changing to move her towards being a hotwife. The things that you will be changing include everything from clothes to food.

Things to change:

The words of reassurance:

Tell her more often how good she looks in a specific outfit. Use words like; sexy, hot and frisky. Tell her how you like that one blouse that is cut low because it shows her cleavage when she bends over. Tell her how that skirt really accents the shape of her ass. Tell her that you were thinking about her all day wearing the clothes she had on and that they made you really horny. The reason for telling her these things is to keep in the front of her mind that she is desirable. As you tell her repeatedly how certain clothes make her look, you will notice that she wears those particular clothes more often. Don’t misinterpret why she wears the clothes. She is not wearing them because you like them, she is wearing them because she likes the reaction and attention she gets from you. And, she will bring it to your attention that she wearing something that you had made a comment about earlier, this is your perfect chance to reinforce that it makes her look good. Now, if you are not asleep at that point you will have noticed that she is saying, “I WANT ATTENTION. TELL ME I LOOK GOOD.” Start this immediately and don’t stop. We will use that technique later on also when it comes to suggesting different clothes.

The best kept secret in using words of reassurance is what I call third party verification. Suppose you are in a restaurant, mall or store. Just some place casual where there are other men around. You can pick out some guy and then say to your wife, “I noticed that guy in the red shirt keeps checking you out.” The best thing about this technique is that someone other than her husband is checking her out. (It does not matter if it is real or not, she will perceive it as real and like it.) The validation comes from the fact that the husband is only an innocent by-stander telling her what he observed. You can laugh a little bit and say something like, “He looks away every time you look up but he keeps looking at your chest / ass / legs.”

It is really all about perception. If she believes someone is checking her out then she will like it. Just make up something about someone else looking at her or a comment that someone else made about her.

I hate to use a negative example here but if you tell someone often enough that they are stupid then they will start to believe it. This works the other way also. If you tell your wife often enough that she is hot and that guy are checking her out then she will believe it. The end result is that you can get her hooked on wanting to know that other guys are checking her out.

Clothes, clothes, clothes

Go shopping with her for clothes. Pick out something sexy / short / low cut and ask her to try it on for you. Make sure she shows it to you. It doesn’t matter in the beginning whether or not she buys it. What matter is that simply putting on something sexy starts the ball rolling towards getting her to wear sexier clothes. Be sure to tell her how much you liked something.

Unless your wife is an absolute prude it is ok to ask to wear something just for you. Ask her to wear a nice lacy bra, a sheer bra, sheer to waist pantyhose, a thong, no panties or something like that. Early on when you ask don’t pressure her to wear it out in public. Later you can ask her to wear them out. She will object but no one will know what she is wearing under her clothes except you. And, she will know what she wearing underneath and it will make her feel sexy. As you progress through better clothes for her to wear you can suggest that she wear a certain low-cut blouse or shirt skirt somewhere when you are in another town or maybe traveling. You can say, “No one knows you here and women wear clothes likes this everyday.” The point here again is to get her used to wearing better clothes. Even just asking her to wear something around the house or just in the bedroom will let her know that she is desirable.

Treat your wife with respect. But sometimes it is ok to say, “Hey I picked out this shirt I want you to wear to today (a good shirt of course), can you wear if for me?” I found it was fairly easy to convince my wife that one day a week she needed to dress sexier just for me.

Buy her a blouse or skirt that you want her to wear. Don’t pressure to wear it, but when she does wear it make sure you tell her how hot she it.

They key here is to slowly keep asking her to wear better clothes and to let her know how good she looks in them. The process is that you originally ask her to wear certain clothes or notice that she is wearing something nice. You pay her some sexy comments. Being a woman she will like and want the comments to continue. Pretty soon SHE will be dressing better so that she can keep getting the comments. The real goal here is to get her hooked on wanting the compliments about being sexy. It’s like a drug for most women, they will addicted to know they look good and will keep dressing right to get the comments.

As you will notice we are tying in the “words of reassurance” with the clothes. Never miss an opportunity to tell your wife that some guy was checking out her shirt / skirt or whatever. I hope you realize at this point that it is completely irrelevant if another person actually says anything or not. What is important is that your wife believes that someone did say something about her. It is so easy to walk up to your wife in a department store where you two had been shopping and say something like, “Hey right before I got over hear I overheard these two guys talking about you.”

Anything that you can do to get her into better clothes is the right way to be going. The main affect this has is that she getting used to wearing better clothes. The more often she does it the less resistance there will be.

More words of Manipulation

When you and your wife are lying in bed just casually talking before going to sleep tell her how one of the guys at work had his wife come into the office to get something. You can tell her that all the guys at work kept talking about how she was dressed and how hot she looked. (But be sure to have a reason why you didn’t see her though.) The reason for telling her this is to let her know that the husband in that case liked the way the wife dressed and those other guys do check out women that are dressed sexy. It gets her used to thinking about dressing sexy and getting attention.

This is a touchy subject but if you can get your wife to talk about one her past sexual experiences before she met you then it is really good foreplay. The advantage to this is that after you and her talk about it then she can see how much you are really turned on by it.

Tell her that you had a dream that they guy that was checking her out in the restaurant was having sex with her. Don’t elaborate. Just see how she responds. The benefit of this is that is once again she hears that she is desirable. It doesn’t matter if it was just a made up dream, just describing the dream will still be in her thoughts.

Once in a while I have told my wife that she was having a sex dream because I woke in the night and she was moaning and moving around in the bed. This is a win-win method. She may have actually had a dream sometime and may share it with you. The worst case is that it puts the thought in her head that she was having sex with someone else.

Never talk about yourself and other women. It will make your wife think you are wanting to be with them.


It may seem silly but if you do something for someone else first they will feel obligated to do something for you in return.

Here is one way that works pretty good. Early in the week do something like wash the dishes, go out and pick up dinner for the whole family, bring her some chocolate or flowers. You can also go to be and snuggle up with her like you want sex, but don’t have sex. If you can do 2 or 3 things for her early in the week then when the weekend comes she will be obligated to you and will feel guilty if she doesn’t to do something that you asked her to do. I do this with my wife and then on Saturday I asked to wear a certain low cut blouse or short skirt when we went out to dinner. She never refuses if I have done enough for her first. Then when we go out I make sure that it is a place where there can be some guys to check her out.

Put a chocolate bar on her pillow, but don’t have sex with her until you get a chance to ask her to wear something sexy when you go out of the house.

Once my wife and I were out at a restaurant. When she was gone to the rest room I had laid $20 on the table. When she came back I didn’t say a word about it. When she asked me about it I said, “Do you remember that movie Indecent Proposal?” I then said I will give you this $20 to go to the restroom and take your panties off and put them in your purse. She did it. Of course nothing else happened at the restaurant but she was super wet by the time we go home. Sitting there without panties really got her going.

You can also just tell her that you will take care of dinner and the dirty dishes for a week if she will let you pick out her clothes for one day.

Once you get her used to wearing the right clothes then you will start getting her to wear them more often until it becomes routine. The next step is get her out where she can be seen more often, at the mall, sporting events, clubs and work.

Moving forward

The types of clothes that she needs to be wearing on a regular basis are sheer to waist pantyhose, stockings, sheer bras, decorative stockings and shorter skirts. As the husband, you should slowly throw out her old bras and bad clothes. (“Loosing” them behind the clothes dryer is a good place. Or you hang them in the closet with your clothes.)

Buy her an ankle bracelet and have her wear it on her right leg. It doesn’t matter what kind at first. After she gets used to wearing it then get her a new one with the little slave bells on it or a heart.

Now at some point you will just have to make some arrangements for another man to be able to play with her tits. You will have to use your own ideas for this one. Keep it simple though. Take her dancing and have friend dance with her and feel her up. You can get her to wear her sheer shirt around the house one day and then have friend show up unexpectedly.

One good way that is easy to do is to go out drinking with a friend and her. Then you can all go back to your house and watch TV. Some get all three of you on the sofa. You can steer the conversation towards how hot she is. Your friend can tell her how hot she is. Slowly, you can play with her tits, but don’t open her shirt. She won’t stop you even though he is there. You need to say something about how good her tits are. Then you will tell him straight up to go ahead and have a feel. Don’t ask her because she is required to say no. She won’t stop you because she wants the attention. Of course the friend needs to reassure her that her tits are nice. Don’t over do it the first time. The key is to get her used to it slowly just the same way you did with the clothes. Don’t do it too long though, just let her get teased.

After that, the husband needs to act really horny right before sex and she will ask why. When she asks, tell her that you had been thinking about the other guy playing with her tits.

This process should be repeated often. It gets her used to having other men touch her, she knows it’s ok with you, she sees how horny it makes her husband. But mainly it creates a desire in her that she will need to have recurring attention for.

Up until this point it has been all about getting her in the right frame of mind and to train her to want the attention. After that first touch from another man though, it is time to move forward. It is no longer a question of “if” or “what” it is only a question of “when” and “how”.

Unless you know a horn dog that has the hots for your wife then my recommendation is to get a new “Friend” that you met some where other than work. She needs to know that he does not know any other people that you two know. This friend is actually a man that you found in the internet personal ads that will help seduce your wife. You can play him up to her as a friend. Don’t use a real friend though. It needs to be someone that’s main reason for being around you and her is get inside her.

Place an ad with a few pics of her. Be very specific on what you want and what you plan to do. Meet him alone at first. Somewhere like the mall or a store. Don’t let him see you car. Don’t tell him you last name or phone number. Get his phone number and call him only from a payphone. Ask to see his drivers license to verify his age and last name. If the guy won’t tell you his phone number, last name and show you his license then scratch him off the list.

Keep is simple. Just pick a clean cut average looking man, a little younger than her. You can fulfill your fantasies about her later.

After you have made the arrangement for all three of you to go out for some drinks or dancing, then make arrangement to go to someone house. As long as you are right beside her she will know it’s ok for him to make advances on her by touching her. Don’t worry if she does not have sex with him the first time. Remember, you are just building the desire in her to want his attention. Be sure and let her know later how exciting it was for you. You can make up something that he said to tell her about how hot she is. (He will go along with what ever you say.) Now you have created that itch in her. Email me at to tell me how it is working.

Keep going

Before you try to meet again. Go back and reinforce wearing the right clothes and ankle bracelet.

The next most important thing is to let her know how much you like for her to play around. You are her husband and she will naturally want reassurance from you.

Eventually with enough of the playing around your friend will have sex with her. When that happens let her know how hot she is. During their sex be sure and rub yourself or play with your cock. But don’t cum. Wait until he is done and then get in her as soon as you can. Tell her how great it feels after some else has already been in her. (This is very important, because that attention and appreciation that you are giving her at that point can only happen one way: after she has sex with another man.)

The goal is to make her want your reassurance that is the so sexy, hot and desirable when she is having sex with another man. Be careful not to just make it about sex because she can have sex with you. She needs to be trained and conditioned that having sex with another man is what how she can get the praise from her HUSBAND that she is still desirable. Of course she will like the praise and attention from the other man but that is secondary. If the other man’s attention becomes primary then she won’t need you around then she would just be a cheating wife.

After the first time she has sex with another man she will be unsure about how she feels. Never ask her if she was ok with it because it will create doubt in her mind. ONLY focus on how hot she is and how much the other man liked being with her. NEVER mention the words trust, guilt or jealousy. It must be assumed that she should be having sex with other people and that all of you like it.

After about a week after the first time, back off some and don’t say anything about it. She will not be able to stand it and will need to see how you feel about it now. Reassure her that she is so hot and it was great. The reason it is import to wait for her to talk about it is because if SHE is the one that brings it up then will have to let you talk about it too. So at that point be prepared to say that you loved the experience of how she felt. Over time, talk about about it casually like at the grocery store, while driving or on the phone. This will make it just another part of her life.

Don’t ask but go ahead and make arrangement for the next meeting. After the second time she has sex with another man, make it happen two or three times in the next month. Try to arrange for two or three other men to be with her. The reason being is that is will still all be very new and exciting for her. So if in two months time you can get her to have sex with three different men on about six occasions then it will become routine. It will just be part of her life. It has been proven that routine events in a person’s life that is repeated for three or four weeks will become habit. Just make it common and routine for her to have sex with other men. Remember at the beginning of this guide where we were talking about her wearing a different shirt or you telling her that some guy was checking her out? It all works over time.

Overtime you can let her go out on dates with other men or have a regular lover that shows up at 9pm every Wednesday to be with her. The creation your hotwife will be successful when it is no longer a matter of IF she will have sex with other men. The success will show when the only questions is who is it going to be and how often.

After the first couple of men, her personality will adjust and she will accept her role. The clothes will no longer be an issue. She will naturally dress the right way. He skirts will be naturally shorter. She will expect and NEED the touch of another man to get the attention she has to have.

This is the process. Enjoy.

Once she realizes and adapts to her true role as a hotwife then you can help her find the “Woman’s guide to being a hotwife” on the internet to help refine her duties.

Here are some more elements to push her right direction.

Dress her in better clothes daily. Buy her different perfumes often. Ask her to change her hairstyle. Tell her to go to work and occasionally "forget" to wear bra and panties to the office. Ask her to wear a really short skirt when you and her travel out of town.

Sexy, lacy underwear will make her feel sexy even if her sexy clothes don’t show.

Sexy is, is sexy does.

She needs to show lots of leg. Tell her to let the skirts and dresses ride high enough so that other people can see that you are wearing stockings and garters. A woman wearing stockings and garters is taken as a sign that she needs sex.

She must wear bright red lipstick. Apply and reapply the lipstick.

When dancing move your hands to her ass and press. Don't be shy about letting everyone see you groping her. Other guys will know it’s ok to that if they dance with her

No matter whether true or not, NEVER, Never miss an opportunity to tell her how much attention she is attracting.


cuckold wife

Poster: NetF