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Hot, wet wife
My husband and I have been married for 10 years. He is a great guy and takes good care of me in bed. My problem is that I can't get enough.. When he is in me I am pretending that he is some one else.
Where I work there are several other women and men who work the same hours as I do, and we usually stop in the coffee shop after work for some chit chat. And the conversations usually include sex, piercing and tattoos, etc. Donna, onf of my friends is pierced and tattooed and the guys are always after me to have sex with them and they are always telling me how sexy I'd be if I had my ears pierced. And had other piercings. ( I am not pierced)
Ben, one of the guys is realy cute and I like him a lot. He has been after me to go out with him He said that if I'd have my ears pierced that he'd pay for the piercings. And since my husband and I had talked about me getting some piercings, I SAID YES.
I have been dating different men for several years behind my husbands back. Although I am sure that he always suspected that I was sneaking.
So I told my husband that I wanted cocks in my pussy, and he said that he was aware of it and that he could see the look in my eyes sometimes when I'd be fantasizing about Ben. So he told me thaty he's support me dating different men if I'd let him know who I was with. And I said O K.
So I now have cuckoled my husband...
Up until a week ago I had not openly dated other men.
But that changed when I went out with Ben. I came home after work and changed and Ben came for me, and he met my husband. They talked about me and Ben told my husband that he wanted to fuck me and that I had agreed to have my ears pierced for him, which my husband supported.
My husband told Ben that he knew that I loved him and that I wanted him to do things to me. He told Ben to take me and to do whatever we agreed on. So He took me to a nice restaurant and we had a nice dinner after which he took me to his partment and we made some terrific loving... He has a big cock and the sweetist juice that I had ever tasted. That was our first date. The next day at work he told me how much he loved me and asked if I'd go out after work with him today, and I said yes..
After work he came for me as he had the previous day and we went to another nice restaurant and had a good dinner after which he took me to his apartment again and he fucked me again... Then he told me that he had some place that he wanted to take me, so I went with him. I didn't know that he was taking me to a piercing studio. He had talked to the piercer and had set up an appointment to have my ears pierced. I signed a bunch of consent forms and he pierced my ears. The piercings hurt a little,l but I was thrilled for Ben to see me having pain for him.
As I was being prepped for the ears piercings The sexy piercer told Ben how sexy I'd be with Nostrils and septum rings. As he was piercing me Ben was thinking about my nose and that he'd like for me to wear nose rings. As he (Phil) was leaning me uyp[ he remarked that I'd be sexy with triple pierced ears. And that he had the rings in stock, if Ben said OK. Ben was so excited seeing me submitting to this sex piercer that he said yes. Phil asked me if I was up to more piercings and I said yes. As he was marking my ears for the other piercings he playfully made a dot on each nostril and across the end of my septum.
I was so HOT and WET... I was wearing a crotch length tennis skirt and Ben kept looking at my wet panties. He reached down and felt of my pussy and I exploded .. I don't remember it, but Ben said that I kept begging to "Hurt me". Phil finished my ears and cleaned me up and before I could say anything, I had rings in my nostrils and septum. He just did it. And Ben and I both love my new rings.
We went back to Bens apartment and had the beswt sex I ever had.
Ben took me home at three in the morning to my waiting husband.
None of us expected Ben to have me pierced My husband liked my ear and nose rings, and he smelled Bens cum on me.. The three of us went to our bed and they fucked me til daylight. Ben comes regularily and fucks me with my husbands support.


cuckold wife

Poster: Anne