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Losing my Wife to a Bet
To cut a long story short I'll just say my wife and I had a confrontation with a fierce rival. As a consequence she fool hardily made a bet with him that if he lost he was to get a tattoo I am a loser. She then went to declare that she would do the same but he said “No, no you named my price I'll name yours,” she replied “well go on then you prick because it won't matter anyway as you will loose, so name your price.” To this he stated that she was to spend the whole night with him from 9pm to 9am in the morning and he could do whatever he wanted, she was his for the night, he added that seeing he would be humiliating himself by getting the tattoo it was only fair that she did to. She lashed out if I have to spend the night with him that that would be humiliating enough, but he insisted that he would spend the night in our house in our bedroom and I and our children had to be at home and get them breakfast in the morning. She said bullshit as if that is going to happen, he responded tantalizing her by saying “yeah your not so confident now are you.” This was like waving a red rag to a bull, so to this she agreed not thinking that she was going to lose the bet. So the bet was made and it was I who on the last kick of the day had the chance to win the bet for her, for I missed the shot and we lost.
The phone rang at 8:00pm and he said he would be around in an hour so we had better get the kiddies off to bed. She looked at me and said she couldn't believe she had been so stupid and began blaming me for missing the goal. “I don't want to do this, but I have to don't I?”
He arrived right on 9pm and gave her a bunch of roses with I big kiss at the door stating that they may have a drink first in the lounge and if I could bring it into them. He led her into the lounge and set the rules she had to comply and respond as if they were lovers for the night to his every request. So they sat on the lounge kissing and fondling right in front of me. After he got a little sick of rubbing it into me and having to watch my wife kiss another man he took her into our bedroom.
They had been at it for a few hours and as I lay in the spare room I could her them having sex. Then at one point her noises began to get louder as if she was in pain. This went on for a while until the sounds of pain started to transform into ones of more pleasure.
In the morning the kids woke up and asked why I had slept in the spare room to which I answered that I was reading there and fell to sleep. My plan was to get them out of the house before they woke, drop them off at their grand parents and get back to have their breakfast ready. Then to my surprise the door opened and they walked out he in my dressing gown and Jessica in hers hand in hand. My daughter seen them walk out of our room together asking “Daddy what was that man doing in mummy's room.” I went to respond but he beat me to it saying “Mummy and I just needed to spend some time together.” “Daddy he is holding mummy's hand,” she persisted. I suggested that she get her brother and go out and play in the yard, but he was taking full control of this and asked if they would like to have some pancakes with them. Jess walked up behind him and asked for them not to be subjected to this, he looked turning to her and gave her a passionate kiss, then said “yeah it may be a good idea if you go out to play.” My daughter just stood there persisting with the questions further “Daddy he just kissed mummy,why is he doing that.” Jess quickly injected “come on darling go outside and play he is a friend of mummy's from a long time ago.” She accepted this and went outside to play. As I was serving them breakfast Jess was looking a little coy but still allowing him to rub her and even fondle her breasts in front of me. Then he stated that Jess was very forthcoming with the dues of their bet and that she gave something of herself that she had never given anyone before, I looked puzzled and he put it “well lets just say she is no longer a virgin in any part of her body.” This explained the cries of pain and the subsequent pleasure, he had taken her from behind.
It was getting past 9 o'clock and I had to say that the bet was up and that he should be going, he looked at his watch and said yes I guess I should be, he went into the bedroom to collect his things and dress. Jess followed him in and through the opening of the door I could see them kissing with her dressing gown gapping open, she slid his off over his shoulders and he began fucking her while standing. He steered her up against the wall and she lifted her legs up and wrapped them around him. I was watching his buttocks tighten as he thrust deep into my wife. She knew the bet was over but still was allowing him to fuck her, he started to push harder and harder into her then with a powerful thrust stopped deep inside of her obviously ejaculating inside of her. He with drew, her sliding down the wall to kneel in front of him and began sucking his cock clean. She did this for about five minutes all the time I watched hoping that the kids didn't come back in. She then stood up they kissed he dressed and she walked him to the front door kissed him again as he was leaving he handed her a card and said 'here's my number call me when ever you want to fuck a winner again.”. She turned and looked at me saying “I am so glad that bet is over and done with.” She walked past me and gave me a big passionate reassuring kiss and I could taste both his and her juices in her mouth.

She then went into have a shower and it got the better of me so after a few minutes I walked in to ask her what was the kiss at the door all about. I noticed that she had something written across her stomach “Carlo's sexy slut.” She looked up at me and said I can't get it off and then I noticed that her neck was covered in love bites. Then I blurted it out “why did you let him fuck you after the bet was over?” she stared straight back at me “because,” then burst into tears.

Later in the morning her parents came around and her father noticed her love bites as he walked in the door making a comment that someone celebrated the grand final lose. Then my daughter Mollie came running in and said “mummy is your friend still here?, papa mummy has a friend and they were kissing for a longgggggg time.” Everyone just looked at each other awkwardly and Jessica tried to dismiss it by saying “I just gave him a kiss as he was leaving,” “but mummy he was with you in your room,” Mollie retorted. Her father flabbergasted raised his voice “You were with another man,” he turned and looked at me “and where were you, you allowed this to happen what kind of man are you.” Then he said to his wife lets go Maggie and they left. Later that evening Jess thought she had to explain so she went around to her house and told them everything, that yes she had slept with another man the night before and it wasn't my fault but hers. Her father hasn't spoken to me since although she has forgiven Jessica and he makes reference to me as being the weak asshole who lets his wife fuck other guys.

I know that Jessica has meet with him again as he isn't shy in letting people know he is fucking her, they have established a real love hate relationship, she hates him as a person but is enslaved to him sexually. As a result of this bet I have just become a humiliated cuckold husband.


cuckold wife

Poster: Pete Johns