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My wife's black baby is due next month
Back in January, my wife, Charlotte, lost a baby that was conceived when she fucked two black men after they delivered a new couch for us in October. We weren't totally sure that the baby was black since I had also fucked her after they had both fucked her and had cum in her. During the three months that she was pregnant we talked about how the baby might, I thought probably, be black and how upset it would make her minister father. We had gotten to the point that both of us actually wanted the baby to be black although it seemed strange since it would be obvious that at least one black man had fucked my wife and how could I have let that happen and how could my sweet wife who had been a virgin on our wedding night have allowed herself to be fucked by another man especially by a black man. But it excited us every time that we talked about it and we had the best sex since our honeymoon every time.
Charlotte wanted to get pregnant again and when she asked me if it could be with a black man, I immediately got an erection which she noticed since we were both lying on the bed naked. She asked me again if it was ok with me and pointing at my erection she said that it was obviously ok with him. I looked at her and told her that it was better than ok, that it would be great if she had a black baby.
I arranged for the two movers that had been only the second and third men to fuck Charlotte to come over the next weekend and asked them to bring several of their friends to also fuck Charlotte to make sure that they impregnated her. There was a knock on the front door on Friday evening and the two movers and four of their friends were standing there. While I was inviting them in a couple of our neighbor's wives were walking by and I called out hi to them making sure that they saw the six black guys. Deep down I wanted the whole neighborhood knowing how Charlotte got a black baby.
I called Charlotte and she came down the stairs dressed in a black babydoll nightie. The entire outfit was transparent and I could see that all of the guys liked what they were seeing. The new guys told the two movers that she was even better looking than they had said. I asked the men to sit down and I got them each a beer. When I got back to the living room, Charlotte was sitting on one of the new guy's lap on the couch. I watched as each of the four new guys who were sitting on the couch moved Charlotte so that she was lying on top of all four of them. One guy started kissing her, one was groping her breasts, one was putting his hand down her panties and the last one was rubbing her thighs. Just then the doorbell rang and I went to answer it. It was the wives who had been walking by and they asked if everything was ok. I told them that we should check and took each of them by the hand and lead them into the living room where they looked at Charlotte as she was lying on the four black men on our couch and now she was completely naked as they had taken off her nightie, bra and panties. The two wives looked surprised at first and then one of them asked if they could join the party. The two movers who had been sitting in the chairs patted their laps and the two wives sat down on them. I watched as the two movers kissed the wives and removed their clothes. The four black men on the couch asked where I wanted them to bred Charlotte and I told them in our bed. Charlotte got up and smiled at me and told me to follow them to the bedroom. The movers got up and lead the other two wives up the stairs.
Charlotte laid down on her back on the bed and I laid down beside her. When Charlotte spread her legs, one of the black men got between them and I lined up his black dick and he pushed it all the way into my wife. He looked at me and I told him to fuck her good and to make sure that he didn't pull out until all his cum went inside her. I told the other guys that they should all fuck Charlotte before they fucked the other two wives. As each black man got between Charlotte's spread legs, I lined up his cock with her dripping cunt and kissed her as they impregnated her. After all six of them had cum in Charlotte, I told the two other wives that they should go into the other bedroom if they wanted to fuck the guys. Charlotte smiled at me and told me that I could go watch the men fuck the other wives but that she didn't want me to fuck them. I stayed with Charlotte and we heard the other two wives cry out that they had never been fucked by men as big. Charlotte said that I could fuck her since there wasn't much chance that my sperm would fertilize her since she was already full of black cum. While I was fucking her, she told me that all of them were much bigger than I am. As I came in her loose sloppy cunt, I told her that I had noticed that they were all both longer and thicker than me.
Charlotte is due next month and we have invited her mother and father to the hospital for the delivery. It will be great to see her father's face when he realizes that our baby is black. Charlotte had said that her next baby will be mine but she now says that maybe all of her babies should be black.
The other two wives didn't get pregnant since they both were on birth control but they have told their husbands how Charlotte got pregnant. Their husbands both asked me if I could arrange the men to fuck wives and both wives have been fucking the black men with their husbands watching.


cuckold wife

Poster: Lou