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In the city 2
The second night we were in the city, we decided to go to the club my wife had visited the previous night, and pay the full cover charge for a couple. $30.00 is not a huge amount, but I was skeptical about what we were going to get for our money. Her going in as a single lady was one thing. It drew interest and she had her adventure. I was concerned that being a couple, the people would not be as open and responsive as she was anticipating.

Around 9PM she was ready, once again looking gorgeous as she had the night before. When she really puts her mind to it, “She’s A Lady” to the Nth degree. The one that Tom Jones sang the song about. I am always proud to have her on my arm when we go out on the town and tonight was no exception to that rule. I had fucked her earlier, because she looked so good, and because I wanted to be her first for the evening, in case the scenario worked out well.

We drove to the club and as soon as we entered the main room I was surprised to see only one woman and two guys at a pool table, one guy at a stand-up bar watching the pool game, and virtually no one else in sight. Considering that the parking lot was full, we both wondered where everyone was. We never did figure that one out.

We went to the bar and ordered soft drinks, then went and sat at one of the unoccupied bars where we could watch the pool game for want of something else to do. There were two pool tables on the main floor, beside the dance floor and under the loft on the 2nd floor. While we were getting our drinks, another couple had started a game on the second table, so we sat there and watched both groups play. After about three games, the couple quit and moved to a table near one of the walls, so we got up and dropped enough quarters on the table to hold it for 3 or four games.

I hadn’t shot eight ball for at least ten years, and while I would like to say that I did great, truth is I did lousy. BUT…, my wife has never been much of a pool player so I looked better than I actually was. In the past, when I was on a pool table trying to look like I knew what I was doing, she was usually dancing on the stage in the same club. Overall, I got more practice than she did, and it was showing up tonight. There were some definite advantages to playing pool with her though. She was laughing and having a great time and I was really enjoing watching her.

Further, whenever she bent over to shoot, her cleavage went from her chin to her waist, which immediately attracted three guys from who-knows-where in the club. They sat at the end of our table where we had been previously and watched us play. It only took a few minutes before my wife was joking with them, making chitchat about her MAVELUS game. They were good naturedly returning the banter, but they were definitely checking out her body, and particularly her tits.

After three games with her, I begged off on the next one, telling one of the guys to go ahead and shoot the next game. He was a trucker apparently, and not only shot the game, he also gave her lots of instruction on how and where to shoot the ball when it was her turn. He was pleasant, albeit a bit rough around the edges. Another guy was Hispanic and had the air and appearance of an old time gang type. I found out that he worked at a local school as a custodian, and that he was quite proud of his long-term job with the city. Overall he was an okay guy and quickly became part of our chat group.

The third guy was sitting on a barstool, wearing only a towel. He stood up a couple of times and opened the towel as though adjusting it around his waist. He was actually showing off his cock, making sure my wife saw enough to maybe get interested. Which worked, of course.

She began to tease the trucker about distracting him, pulling up her tank top to expose her tits in the lace see-through bra she was wearing. He kept saying it would take more than that to distract him, so finally she looked at me, I gave her the nod, and she pulled the tank top up and popped open her bra. All three guys made major appreciative noises and I noticed that there were a few more people in the club now, and they were also staring at her chest. She rehooked her bra, pulled the tank top back down, then walked over to the guy in the towel and backed up against him, rubbing her as on his obviously very stiff cock. She did that two or three times, in between shots, and he shoved his cock against her and reached around, squeezing her tits as we all watched.

Finally the trucker had won what was to be the final game. She asked me if I wanted to shoot some more, and when I said no, I was tired of pool, she turned around and looked at the guy in the towel, telling him it was time to go into the back room. With a resounding “All RIGHT!”, he was on his feet and following her, with me right behind him.

She went straight for the “window room” which was the one with the miniblinds that opened into the main hallway. The blinds were closed and I left them that way. The guy went directly to one corner of the couch, dropped his towel, leaving him naked with a very large hard on. She stood in front of him as she pulled her tank top and bra over her head. Then she dropped to her knees, grabbed his cock, and began to stroke and suck on it like a Kirby Vacuum cleaner.

Not knowing the etiquette in the club, I’d left the door to the room open. As I stood there, leaning on a wall and watching her perform, a bunch of guys crowded into a room that was no more than 10X10’ and which already contained a large screen projection t.v. and a large couch. It became very cozy and very warm in there, very fast. When there were no more guys coming in, I shut and locked the door. Then I took a head count and discovered that my wife was topless, on her knees and sucking on anothers guys cock, while myself and seven other men watched her perform.

She had her back to me and didn’t realize the size of her “following” yet. The Hispanic guy had joined us, sitting on the other end of the couch, and the trucker was sitting in the middle of the couch. Both guys were watching her intently as she went down on the towel guy, and HE was having trouble breathing because of the way she was sucking his cock.

It didn’t take very long before the guy got off in her mouth and the Hispanic guy made a point out of looking to see if she had actually swallowed, which she had.

As the first guy got up off the couch and left the room, making remarks about how great she was, the trucker moved over in front of her. Two young guys who had come into the room began to tug at the back of her slacks as she began to suck on the trucker’s cock but she was already heavy into taking care of him and didn’t pay them any attention at first. He took only a few minutes before he got off in her mouth which must have wiped him out, since he got up and left too, saying to me that she was worth the pool lessons and a lot more.

The Hispanic guy got in front of her next. He’d taken off his clothes in preparation, and the two young guys behind her began pulling on her slacks again. She glanced back over her shoulder and saw those two guys, another one on her right who was now sitting down on the arm of the couch, and another guy standing back beside me. That’s when she realized that she definitely was going to pull a train, which was a fantasy we’d discussed for years but never really pursued. She told me later that she’d almost freaked when she realized how many guys she was going to be servicing, but she just let herself go and got into it.

She stood up, pushed her slacks down past her hips and was immediately assisted by at least six hands in getting them off . Now she was naked, except for her high heels. She got down on her knees again and began to give the Hispanic guy head. One of the two young guys knelt behind her and began to rub her snatch, running his fingers in and out of her pussy. That made her moan as she worked on the guy in front of her and I began to hear wet, smacking sounds as she sucked on his cock.

The other young man was nervous and shy. He looked at me, not sure what to do, so I told him to go ahead and touch her. He was on his knees a moment later, and when he couldn’t get past his buddie’s hand, he wet a finger from her pussy and gently ran it into her ass. She continued to stroke the other guys cock but she raised her head with her eyes closed and moaned from deep inside before filling her mouth again.

By this time the sweat was running down her back and she was slippery as an eel. For some reason the Hispanic guy moved from in front of her and at the same time she jerked as though something sensitive had been touched. She looked over her shoulder at the two guys that were fingering her snatch and her ass, and with as much breath as she could muster, she told them she would rather have them fuck her. The guy that had been working on her pussy said “Really?” with a surprised expression, then scrambled to get his cock out. On his knees he eased up behind her in preparation.

The guy from the arm rest had already slid down in front of her and she was sucking hard on his cock. The guy behind her got into position and when she knew he was there, she reached back and helped him guide the head of his cock into her very wet pussy. She gasped as he shoved it in, then returned to her blow job while he humped her pussy very fast and very hard. She was moaning loudly as she sucked one and got fucked by the other.

When the guy who was in her pussy shot her full of cum, she arched her back and stopped sucking for a few seconds. I knew she was having one orgasm after another, which is normal for her, and this was the strongest so far. About that same time, the guy in front of her got off and she covered his cock with her mouth which he promptly filled with cum. He grinned, got up and left the room. I’m not sure he was actually done cuming when he leaped to his feet, because he pulled his pants up and literally bolted out the door.

The guy beside me sat down in his place, and the other young guy got behind her, trying to put his cock into her snatch as his friend had done. She proceeded to suck off the fifth guy of the evening, as she was being fucked by the second guy. The Hispanic dude layed down on the floor and proceeded to lick her pussy, but that didn’t work too well for the young guy. The guy getting the blowjob was quick to get off, and he too left the room without a word. But he was definitely smiling as he passed me.

The young guy was having some problems keeping his cock in her, so she suggested that he get up on the couch. The Hispanic guy was sitting there again, watching her perform with the other guys. When both were seated in front of her, she straddled the young guys lap. Both guys each took one of her tits in hand and began to lick and suck on her nipples. That drives her crazy and a few moments later, she grabbed the young guys cock, put the head in her pussy, then began to jump up and down on it as hard and deep as she could make it go.
She was moaning, sweating like she was in a rain storm, and fucking him for all she was worth. Didn’t take long for her to stiffen up, let out a series of shrieks that are her call sign when she’s having wave after wave of orgasm, and then she relaxed against his chest. He had reacted the same way, at almost the same time, but with no sound. The smile on his face left no question that he had gotten off, which was confirmed when he squeezed her tits and thanked her as she sat there on his cock. She kissed him then eased it out as she moved to one side so he could get up. He stood, pulled up his slacks, and left the room.

The Hispanic guy moved over and began to finger her pussy and stroke her tits and ass. She laid back on the couch and spread her legs. He moved over her, put his cock into her, then proceeded to pump her hard and fast until he got off inside of her. When they were both finished, he sat back down on the couch and began to sort out his clothes. I tossed her a towel so she could dry off and she said something about a dip in the pool to cool off. In a few minutes he was dressed, she had on the button front shirt that was wide open, and I carried her clothes for her as we walked out into the hallway.

We went to the bar where we refilled our soft drinks, then walked on out to the pool area. She drew quite a bit of attention from the crowd that had increased since we left the main floor. We went out to the pool where she dropped her shirt and walked naked into the pool, paddling around for a minute or two to cool down. When she came out of the pool she went to a shower stall to wash off the chlorine.

When she returned from the shower, she put the shirt back on and sat in a chair beside mine, draping one leg over mine, which gave anyone in front of her a totally unrestricted view of her snatch and tits. That was the idea of course, and both our companions as well as five or six other guys who wandered in and out of the pool area, all seemed pleased with her mode of dress and her pose.

We left the club just after midnight, returning to our hotel where I spent more than an hour and a half adding to her excitement for the evening. I love it when she has had sex because the more she has, the more sensitive she gets, and the more she wants. The only thing that slows her down is sheer exhaustion, which was not, fortunately, a problem at that point.


cuckold wife

Poster: Shadow stuff