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Sweet Cuckold


My hot wife pays her debt and turns me on.

My wife and I were in dire straights as I lost my job and we were drowning in debt. Months and months of just getting by was hard on us and we were getting further and further in debt. Our sex life had gone down quite a bit and we were kind of stagnent. My wife is 5'6", 36C, size 6 feet, amazing ass and a nice shaved pussy with a nice little landing strip up a little bit from her clit.

One day when I was home looking for a job my wife informed me that she was too busy to go a local advertiser to get the proofs for a ad she had run for her business. I knocked on this guys door and he was very charismatic talking about all the women he has fucked. I told him about a girl I had been fucking right down the road from his house. He told me that my wife was cool and I agreed. I talked to him some more and found out he has wild parties at his home all the time with many hot chicks. I talk to him for quite a while more and walked away thinking he really liked to fuck chicks.

Anyway, I went home and gave my wife the proofs, all the while thinking... did he come on to her when she was meeting with him about the advertising? Did she think he was hot and would she cheat on me with him? I am not a jealous person, but I still got that vibe. We finally got some money to pay him off, but after meeting this guy I kept having dreams about her going over to to his bachelor pad and fucking him big time on his sectional couch. My wife dresses very sexy and I could see her going in and where he could have talked her into sucking his dick and doing her doggies style the way she likes it.

Fast forward to many more months I am still unemployed and looking for a job. My wife tells me that we owe this guy more money again for advertising we had done for her business. I hear her on the phone talking to him and telling him that we are broke and we have no money to pay him at the moment. Earlier in the week we had seen a television show where housewives were turning to using their bodies to pay off debts etc. My wife and I had a talk about how these women were doing it and it turns out they were on CL asking for donations. We started looking at all the adult listings and found many of the girls were escorts. My wife and I discussed how much money they would make and found a couple of local girls who were making 500 to 2500 per night just going out with guys and hanging out sometimes but most of the time they were fucking these guys for the money as well. My wife was intensly looking at these girls websites and commenting on how much money these girls were making in amazement.

During the course of the next few days we kept talking about this and I point blank asked her if she wanted to escort. She told me the money is a huge draw, but she didn't think that was something she could do. Meanwhile our bills kept piling up and this guy kept calling and calling trying to get his money. So, knowing that I would have allowed her to escort if she wanted, I talked to my wife and told her to offer him a BJ to pay off the debt she owed him for the advertising, but only if she wanted to. So, the next day she called him up and after a bit she told him, "I have a strange question. Ummm, is there anyway I can pay off the debt in other ways?" I guess he paused on the phone and didn't answer right away, then he said, "Well, I don't normally, but what do you have in mind?" My wife then went on to say, "Well, do you think I am sexy? He replied, "Yes, you are very hot." She then said, "Can I pay off my debt with a blow job?" He paused again and said, "Of course, but won't your husband be pissed?" She replied, "He is right here and I already talked to him about it and he said it would be okay if I wanted and if the debt would be forgiven." "I see", he replied, then went on to say well it is a significant amount of money and he didn't think one BJ would pay it off." My wife told him to hold on as she told me this" She then told him she will have to call him back after she talked to me. After hanging up, my wife wasn't sure about this. I was still stunned that she actually offered to blow this guy to pay off the debt in the first place and now she wants to fuck him. I didn't answer right away and she just left me alone for a while to think about it.

I went upstairs to think and she followed me upstairs to the bedroom. I finally thought about all the dreams I had already had about her fucking him and told her about them, she was stunned to know about me dreaming of her fucking another guy. She told me she was sexually atrracted to this guy and that if she wasn't married she would have fucked him already. So, I told her to get a better deal if she was going to do this. So she called him up while I listened and told him that she would need a years worth of advertising in his publication and that she would wear knee high black boots, stockings and a short skirt with a sexy sheer top showing her leapard bra for him. She told him all the stuff he could do for the full year of advertising and he agreed then and there. My wife was going that night to his house.

So, I lay in bed watching television watching my wife shower, shave her pussy and legs. I watched her get all dressed up in her sexy outfit. She smelled amazing and looked amazing. Her black boots all the way up her leg over the top of some thigh high leggings just showing a hint of skin between the top of her boots and her school girl plaid short skirt she was wearing. She wasn't going to wear any underwear, but I told her to wear some red boy shorts so she did. Under her sheer white top you could see her sexy Victoria's Secret bra showing off her nice 36C tits. Her skin glimmered in the light from the lotion and glitter she had put on. Her hair was in pony tails and she looked like a hot porn star. She put on a red trench coat gave my now very hard cock a nice squeeze, kissed me for about a minute, got in the car and drove out of sight.

Some time later I got a text telling me that she was there and a couple of pussy pictures followed from her phone. A little more time passed and she text me that he was eating her pussy right now and took a picture of him doing so. I came all over my clothes as I already had my cock out. She then told me she was going to take some video of him fucking her for me later. More pictures followed, she was sucking his huge cock, looking right into her phone and taking pictures of herself. More pictures dinged into my phone, her sucking his balls, him licking her asshole, him licking her pussy. Then finally a doggiestyle picture that he had obviously taken of his big cock half way into my wife's pussy. I could just hear her squealing with delight as he must have been fucking her very hard. She text me that his cock was 9" and very thick and that he felt amazing. I told her to have him fuck her up the ass, she told me in a text that she didn't think he wanted to do that, but that she would ask him for some more months of advertising. A few minutes passed and bling another picture of his cock up her ass.. all the way in. She then text me telling me she took video of him ass fucking her and would show me when she got home. More pictures came in an this time her face was full of cum. He blew his load all over her face and he took pictures of her for me.

What a lucky guy; he gets to fuck a married woman and have her husband know exactly what he was doing to her and take pictures and video of the ordeal. She text me again and thanked me for allowing her to fuck this guy and told me she thought this little encounter had gotten us out of debt and made her love me even more. She told me she had been so depressed and stressed that she had thought about having an affair to just have some fun. I told her that it was now my turn and that she could pimp me out on CL to meet some girls for some money; she agreed.

I was sitting home and an hour later and the pictures kept coming in, he was fucking her again and sucking on her tits. He was grabbing her ass while she rode him reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and missionary. She then told me they went outside and did it in his lawn on a blanket. 4 times they fucked already and she told me she was going to do him one more time when she could get him up again. Few minutes later she told me another girl just showed up and that she had dropped by unexpectedly and saw them fucking in the living room. Evidently, it was his girlfriend and she was angry. I guess he was still hard when he went to the door and my wife left.

When she got home, I immedately grabbed her and started licking her pussy with my finger up her ass, his cum was salty and she came hard and then told me to fuck her as hard as I could; so I did. Within seconds I came all inside her, cum just poured out of her pussy, as this guy has come into her 4 times and now I had. I immedately got it up again and flipped her over and did her doggie style with my finger up her ass the entire time. She moaned uncontrollably until I came in her again. She then told me to fuck her in the ass, and sucked my 8" cock to get me up again. I licked her ass a bit and then plunged my cock in her ass, fucking her hard until I blew my load again in her ass so she now had cum from two guys in her pussy and her ass. She was still wearing her school girl outfit complete with boots, cum was running down her leg and onto the top of her stockings when she got up. She had just been fucked 7 times in 3 hours in the pussy and the ass by two guys. She was sore and tired. I was still turned on big time and told her while she showered that she could do that again when ever she wanted. She agreed that it was fun and that she would find another guy to do it with and she would ask him if she could video tape it for me. I won't ever forget my wife's first time fucking another guy. I am now a husband who likes to have his wife fucked by other guys, I never would have thought that possible.


cuckold wife

Poster: Mitch