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test drive
My wife "Michelle" and I have talked about my fantasies watching her with another guy, but nothing happened until she had to take her car in for a recall to the dealership. We had never been tot he dealer because of how far away it was from home, but the used car dealer couldn't do the recall.

When Michelle got home, she let it slip that she spent most of her time there talking to a salesman that told her how good looking she was and that she should be driving an Infiniti instead of an old Nissan. The salesman came up again the next time we were having sex and I talked about my fantasy. After we finished, she said "if you're serious about me with another guy, I think I'd like to go see Steve (the car salesman)." I teased her about remembering his name, but it turned out she was really serious.

The plan was that we'd make an appointment, she'd dress up really hot, and we'd take a test drive. She'd flirt like crazy, and we would see if he'd have sex with her in the car while I watched. At the time I thought it would never happen - I was way wrong!

The day came, and we were at the dealership. Michelle went all out. It was pretty cold out, but she still wore a really short jeans skirt and tight sweater with a button up vest over top, and thick fur boots that went almost to her knees. She flashed me getting in and out of the car, and all she had on underneath was a little thong (I always call it floss). She looked like some young girl at a mall, not someone out of college and married! Steve met us and gave her an obvious look up and down a few times. He was a little taller and built better than me, and a little greasy too, I thought cheesy but Michelle figured that's just how he had to be for his job. Just about every salesman was drooling, but Steve led us out to the cars right away.

He picked out an Infiniti coupe first. With Steve holding the door and me standing to the side of him, Michelle got in a flashed the purple patch of her thong over her crotch and her bare ass where her thong disappeared. Michelle started right away with the giggles and jokes, and I just stood helplessly by. I followed our script though and tried not to get hard-ons every five seconds. Once we were all in the car, Michelle asked "How does the seat move?' Steve told her switches were on the side of the seat. We knew where the switches were, but Michelle played dumb. Finally she got Steve to reach over for the buttons along the inside edge of the seats. While he started to move the seat, Michelle turned around to look at me, turning her legs towards Steve and moving up in her seat slightly. She basically moved enough for her hem to catch on his hand and pin his fingers against her leg. "Do you have enough room?" she asked me innocently. From where I sat, I could see Michelle's panties again, so I was sure Steve could see between her legs just fine as his hand brushed against her leg. I noticed he didn't move his hand away when the seat stopped. He asked "is that comfortable?" She smiled over at him and said "oh yes, that's really good."

Michelle drove around with her skirt half hiked up, though I couldn't see anything. Steve kept talking about the car, but looked at Michelle almost the whole time, so he was either a real leg man, or she managed to give a little show.

We got to a point where Michelle asked if I wanted to drive. I said yes and we switched. Steve acted as if he'd get into the back, but Michelle said "let me". She went head first from the passenger side, giving me a winks I sat in the driver seat. I old see from her head taht her bare ass was peeking out of her ski andSteve looked back thee whole time. She squeezed in behind my seat so I couldn't see her, bt she continued to chat up Steve, who looked back at her most of the drive. We stopped at the lot, and Michelle again made a big production of getting out of the car her skirt almost up to her hips, showing off her crotch and bare ass as she finally stepped out. She quickly pulled down her skirt. "Steve, I saw you looking!" she giggled.

We finally got to the big moment. We knew they had a used Audi TT convertible on the lot, so Michelle looked over at it and said "can we try that one? It's so cute!" Steve said "it's only a two seater, but I can get you the keys." He left, and Michelle asked if I was still sure. I said I was. When Steve came back he opened the car and said we should take it for a short ride and see him when we got back. "No, come along!" Michelle insisted. "There's no room." Steve replies, so Michelle takes him by the hand to the passenger door while I get in the driver's side and turn on the car. She sits him down, then starts to crawl in. Steve looks AT ME and asks "are you sure about this?" I reply "yeah, she said she wanted to take you along too." So he puts the seat way back and in comes Michelle. As she sits, she lleans forward so her head is near teh dash, and her skirt lifts so taht the hem is riding just over the bottom of her ass. Steve just watches her ass cheeks as teh plant themselves hard on his crotch. She wiggles a little and giggles "a heated seat!"

We aren't even off the lot yet, and Michelle says "Steve, are those keys in your pocket" Steve just says "ahhhh..." and laughs uncomfortably. Michelle turns around now, and Steve looks wide-eyed at her as she puts a knee on either side of him straddling him. "Can you make the seat recline?" she asked. Without even looking at me, he reclines the seat and moves if forward until he's half laying under her. Michelle gets up on her knees a little and undoes his fly. Out pops a huge hard on and Michelle moistens her fingers. I half watch while driving while my wife straddles this car sales man and lubes his cock. She jerks him of for a few seconds, then lowers her self to his cock. Steve wastes no time taking his shaft and aiming. Within seconds I can't believe it. I'm driving a car down the road while my wife fucks the car salesman!


cuckold wife

Poster: Greg