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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Engagement 2
As we drove over to Roger's condo I asked Wendy how long she had been letting the pastor fuck her. She told me a long story of how her mother had caught her fucking the husband of the couple she baby sat for when Wendy was fourteen. Her mother figured Wendy needed some religious guidance to correct her evil thinking. The first few times she went for counseling the Pastor tried to get her to channel her energies into her studies. But her vivid confessions of her growing list of lurid sexual conquests quickly made him realize Wendy was not going to change and had more sexual energy than any woman he had ever met. Still wanting to protect her. Wendy told me how he convinced her to get a diaphragm fitted to protect her from pregnancy and taught her (Using a personal demonstrative method) about practicing anal and oral sex during her most fertile times. Pretty soon the Pastor told Wendy's mother that her wicked daughter would need weekly sessions to keep her virtue protected. Wendy said it was funny sitting next to her puritan mother listening to the Pastor Mike's Sunday sermons on chastity and virtue directed toward the young people. All the while the pastor's spunk coating her stomach and oozing from her reamed 14 year old ass hole with only her frilly panties to protect her Sunday dress from staining.

"Turn in here." said Wendy. "This is Roger's condo." Wendy leaned over and gave me a wet kiss. I could smell the delicate perfume I had given her just last week. "I'll be home late so you probably won't want to wait up. My gut was aching now. First the pastor took her without even asking me, fucking Wendy in the ass which strangely she has not ever offered me. And now I've just driven my fiancee to another man's home for the explicit purpose of allowing him to fuck her to his hearts content. I know I agreed to all this but this engagement was truly turning into a test of my love. I drove home and tried in vain to go to sleep. My stomach was turning into knots. Finally I jacked off three times thinking about Roger's long thick cock going deeper into Wendy than I would ever be able to. His copious potent semen filling every nook and cranny of my future bride's intimate recess finally dripping out her stretched pussy. I imagined Wendy screaming at a level of pleasure I would never be able to give her. I pictured her fine featured face gagging as she deep throated his superior manhood. His crotch hair pressed against her nose and lips as she lovingly looked up into another man's eyes while his ball sack bounced on her chin twitching as each of his sticky spurts coated her throat.

Around 3 AM Wendy came into our bedroom. I was instantly awake. Her hair was now down. As she removed her dress I could see her panties were missing. Wendy climbed into the bed wearing only her garter and stockings. I rolled over and we embraced in a gentle loving kiss. Her lips tasted salty with a musky smell to them. Then she breathed a great sigh...

"Oh Peter your so wonderful to come home to." She murmured as she guided my head down between her legs. Her pussy lips were puffed out and quite raw looking. The smell of multiple couplings met my intruding nose. Her clit was clearly visible as I started to lick her clean. "Roger had incredible stamina tonight." She said. "Roger thought it was great that you liked to eat my messy pussy so he left three loads deep in there for you. He choke fucked my mouth after our first go." Added Wendy. "I love it when a stud gets rather forceful and I submit and surrender to him. Please be gentle Peter, I'm sore. I'm afraid I'm too tired to offer anything else, I'm sorry dear." I licked out Roger's copious salty semen for about thirty minutes as Wendy drifted off to sleep. I fell asleep with another man's cum drying on my face.

***** The Party

In the morning I was awakened by Wendy as she sucked my soft tiny cock to its full 5" hardness. Slurping her way down the shaft I was treated to first my balls being sucked and tickled then she raised my legs up toward my chest. Working lower my horny fiancee started to lick my puckered ass hole while probing deeper with her finger. When she returned to the sensitive tip of my cock her middle finger was tickling my prostate. Then she took me all the way in her throat (easy because my cock is below average). She held my gaze with her big green eyes loving looking up at me. My slut fiancee's lips pressed against my pubic hair as a good amount off precum and drool pooled at her lips.

"uhhhhh mmmmm yeaaa...." I came giving her my meager offering. My pleasure was intense.

"That's for being so understanding about my needs Peter." she said as she got up to shower. "You better shower too I invited Roger and his friends over tonight. I also need you to go food shopping to pick up some things like beer. And when you get back please make sure the apartment is clean I want the place to look nice for my guests. Roger was a bit unsure about coming over so I promised him you would tell him & the guys you approve of me being with them. I think your call last night helped but he still can't believe you let other guys have sex with your fiancee. Besides I think you two could become friends."

I spent the rest of Saturday morning preparing for my fiancee's guests. Wendy went clothes shopping for some new lingerie. Bringing home a new satin white teddy with matching panties. Which she promptly modeled for me.

"What do you think Peter? Think Roger will like it?"

"I love it." I said "I'm sure Roger and his friends will find you irresistible." (And obviously available) I thought to my self. "Wendy I know I never brought this up before, but can't I participate also?" I asked

"Oh Peter! I just wouldn't feel right letting my fiance see me being used like some cheap whore."

"But I love..."

"No Buts!" interrupted Wendy her voice taking a decidedly dominant tone. "You will go out tonight after you personally introduce me to the guys and ask them to use me as they like. Then call back around 2 AM and see if it's OK to come home. Then I expect you to stay out of the master bedroom. Do you understand!"

Wow, the pastor was right Wendy can be very cruel, but my love for her was overwhelming and I timidly agreed my cock immediately hardening. "Hummmm" I thought to my self. I never expected to get this turned on by my own humiliation I thought I was allowing her to see other guys because she needed to. I never imagined I too might need for her to do it. I felt left out. My need to actually see my fiancee servicing other men was growing. The ache in my belly got tighter with each episode.

"Ding Dong" went the door bell. "Can you get that dear...I'm getting dressed still" called Wendy.

I opened the door. There stood Roger, two big guys I didn't recognize boss who's a tall athletic black man!

"Is Wendy here?' asked Roger tentatively. His question snapped me out of my surprised stupor at seeing my boss at my door. It never occurred to me that Roger being a division head would be friends with my boss who heads the division I work in.

"Yes please come in, I'm Peter, Wendy's fiance'. Wendy will be out shortly.

Roger introduced me to the men. 'Peter this is Jim Cummings who heads the Electronics Division, Ben Hofner our companies client relations coordinator and of coarse you know Richard Wilson your division head." Ben had a nice 35 mm camera hanging from his shoulder along with a tripod.

As a good host I offered them some beers as the sat down in the living room. After I got them their drinks I excused myself to go check on Wendy.

"Peter, I want you to escort me out and introduce me to the guys." She was wearing only the new teddy and panties. All her jewelry was stuff I had given her and she wore my favorite perfume. The look was completed with a pair of white high heels. We slowly walked out into the living room with Wendy holding my hand. My stomach was fluttering as I lead my beautiful fiancee' into the view of four very expectant men.

"G..G.G..Guys this is my fiancee Wendy." I stammered.

"Wow you weren't kidding Roger!" exclaimed Jim.

"Wooee" said Ben

"Holly Cow, man she's hot." Added my boss.

"Wendy you know Roger, this is Jim Cummings, Ben Boffher and my boss Richard Wilson. " I was still all choked up and fluttery as I introduced my fiancee to the men who shortly would fill all her holes with their big hard cum filled cocks giving Wendy the pleasure she deserves and I can't give her.

"So Peter, Wendy tells me you get off letting other men fucking her?"asked Roger.

"Better endowed men." Added Wendy.

"She says you like to clean out her sloppy cum filled pussy with your tongue?" continued Roger.

"Yes..It's true." I answered. I know I don't have what it takes to fully please her. Wendy says I'm not big enough to fill her up properly.

"You mean like this..." Said Roger drawing my attention from my lowered eyes to the guys who had now pulled out their hardening cocks. Each man's penis was long, some thicker than others. My bosses was a good nine or ten inches and very thick. The tall men stood around Wendy who at 5'5" looked like a doll next to them. "Big Men preparing to fuck my little girl" I thought.

"Tell your boss what you want him to do with me Peter." Chided Wendy. 'I want you to fuck my fiancee in her pussy, ass and mouth till she's full of all your spunk. I want you to give her back to me totally satisfied and dripping your potent seed so I can lick it up." I confessed.

"There you go Roger. Are you convinced now?" Asked Wendy.

"I sure am! What a wimp, letting 4 guys fuck his fiancee so he can get a mouth full." Teased Roger.

After that Wendy came over to me and we embraced. "Mmm is my poor Peter gonna miss me?" Teased Wendy as she ran her nails over my pants where they covered my hard on. "Remember I love only you but I need them, OK?" She murmured to me. Then She gave me a deep passionate kiss. Her body was on fire in anticipation of her sexing. "You should go now." She finished.

I drove away feeling more in love than ever. I was going to marry the hottest woman in the city. My stomach still had that ache bigger than ever. My mind was unable to get those huge cocks out of focus. Finally It was 2 AM so I called home...

"Hello" It was Ben, I think.

"Can I come back now?" I asked.

"Wendy is too busy to take your call, maybe you should call back later." He said.

"UHHHHH Fuck me harder!" It was Wendy's voice in the background. "I'mmmmm cummming....ahhhhhhhh." She wailed.

"Peter, we should be taking a break soon so I guess its all right.?" finished Ben.

"OK" I hung up. I drove home. Only Roger's car was still there. I opened the front door. The smell of sex was incredible. The living room was disheveled, the furniture was pushed aside. On of our king size bed sheets was spread on the floor. It had several large wet spots on it as well. I went to our master bedroom and knocked. Wendy answered. She was naked except for her jewelry. She must have washed up a bit because only her hair looked mussed.

As she embraced she said "Thank you Peter." I reached down to her crotch and my fingers were greeted with a very slick pussy.

On the bed I saw Roger laying naked his taught muscular body showed off a well maintained tan. His flaccid cock was equal to mine when it is fully erect. He was definitely a superior male specimen.

"Peter, Wendy was fabulous, you should have seen her." Said Roger. I was jealous because Wendy wouldn't let me see it. "I'm sorry how thoughtless of me, Wendy told me you asked to watch but she said no. Ohh soo sorry." He teased. "Wendy tells me your gonna eat our spunk right out of her. This I gotta see!"

Wendy took my hands walked backward to the bed leading me with her. She sat on the beds edge pulling her knees up as she leaned back. Wendy's pussy was swollen and puffed out. A pool of white formed at the opening, oozing out till it finally dripped down toward her ass where it met up with the semen oozing from her bright red ass hole. Roger got up came around behind me and pushed down on my shoulders.

"Show me how you clean up your fiancee." said Roger. Wendy pulled my head toward her with both her hands on my head. I then cleaned her out with my tongue. The taste was incredibly pungent. FLASH. ...FLASH! Roger was taking pictures. Then mounting the camera on the tripod he set it for auto and got into the shot. Draping his semi hard cock over Wendy's lips. FLASH! Wendy had several orgasms on my tongue before finally asking me to go to the guest bedroom so she could be alone with Roger, who now sported a very hard ten inches.

I went to guest bedroom only to discover the pillows were missing. A brief search found them bunched in livingroom. They were damp from sex. I changed the cases but the smell remained. I attempted to sleep but often could hear the moans and squeals of passionate sex coming from the bedroom down the hall. In the morning Roger left and Wendy I spent the rest of the weekend screwing like rabbits.

For the next several weeks Wendy would go out regularly with Roger. Wendy and I had a very long discussion about her being more careful about whom she sees. We agreed that the health risks along meant she should limit her lovers to just a few well chosen men. For now Roger was all she needed. At work Wendy was transferred to my division for a special project. It meant she would be reporting directly to my boss. I knew that she would not be able to resist his long black cum filled cock.


During the next few months leading up to our wedding day Wendy seemed to have allot of "extra" work to do at the office when she wasn't dating Roger. I was lucky to get a once a week screw if she wasn't too worn out. Wendy did however insist on her after date "clean-ups" and morning "tongue tickles" from me to give her a good mood. I was only too happy to give my love what she needed.

One evening, Wendy told me that she was going on a 3 day business trip with Ben and Richard to try to close a big contract for the company. She said if they were successful she would get a big bonus. That evening I helped her pack for the trip. In addition to several very nice ladies business suits with skirts she packed several very revealing evening dresses, naughty frilly panties and of coarse several stocking and garter sets. Wendy's selections gave me every indication she intended to get sexed by Ben and Richard. Her innuendoes regarding closing the deal made me believe she might be part of the deal!.

"So Wendy who is the big client you guys are trying to close?" I asked.

"You know that ATF sensor system we've been trying to sell the Nigerian government for the past three years?" She asked back. "Their government finally settle on either ours or the French system. The French are offering a better price but they like our system better. This meeting will be our last chance to close the deal. Ben said it was time to pull out the big guns. I guess you figured I might be part of the deal.?"

"Yea..." I responded.

"It turns out that Ben found out the delegation head has never been intimate with a white woman and told Ben that if he could arrange for a real classy woman to escort him. He could sway the other delegates in out favor. Ben said those guys are so corrupt that he just out right made the demand. He added he didn't want a hooker either. So, I'm the classy white woman! Wish me luck dear."

I kissed her good bye with a big ache in my stomach and a stiff hard on knowing that my beloved fiancée would soon be enjoying a new black cock, maybe several.

When I cam home that night the house seemed empty with out Wendy. Bringing her date home was one thing but being away for several days was driving me nuts. I decided to watch a few dirty videos and jerk off before bed. Oh well...

When I went to the shelf with the videos I saw a note Wendy had left me.

"Dear Peter I know you must really miss me, I know I miss you! I left you a special present. Look in the attached envelope and enjoy." signed "Your slut Fiancee!"

It was a packet of several dozen 35mm pictures from the night Roger, Ben, Jim and Richard came by. I was shaking with anticipation as I flipped through the pictures. Jim must be an accomplished amateur photographer because they were well shot and very clear. They were also VERY graphic! I whacked off several times thinking about what I had missed when I had been sent away that night. Finally I settled on four photos which seemed to tell the whole story.

1. Wendy on all fours with Roger underneath, Ben in her ass and her lips incredibly stretched around Richard's black organ. She only had the head in her mouth as he leaned back in orgasm. Cum and spit drooling from her mouth and chin.

2. Wendy facing the camera with Richard's hard cock all the way up her ass. Her pussy pouting open and red while Wendy smiled. Standing to either side was Jim and Roger as she stroked each huge cock near her face.

3. Wendy laying on her back mounted by Roger. Her legs were up over his shoulders with her ass lifted of the ground. Roger with his legs spread back and on his toes as his slimy cock glided into her shaved pussy. They were kissing a very passionate kiss as he held her head in his hands.

4. Obviously a timer shot. It featured Wendy facing the camera while upright but kneeling . Behind her stood all four guys with big smiles and their limp dripping cocks draped over her shoulders, two on each side. Her coy smiling face was coated with the cum from all four guys.

Wendy must have had several dozen orgasms with that type of action. I only wish she would let me participate or at least watch. I've asked her at least half a dozen times but the answers still "No"!


cuckold wife


Poster: Fiancee