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Breed her?
For some time now one buddy of mine has been using my wife every Friday and saturday night, while I get to watch. He always barebacks her, but lately I've noticed little things that make me wonder if he's trying to BREED her. Just before he cums in her he has taken to lifting her legs high and pushing them as far toward her shoulders as they will go , folding her belly upward, tilting her cunt to keep his big load of cum in her. For some reason while he's pumping his load deep in her , she turns her head and locks her eyes on mine as she begs for him to pull on her big tits. I also know that she's been watching a movie my sister loaned her of a woman actually being fucked, with the guy's cock entering her cervix. Due to years of double cunt penetration and fisting, she can push her cervix out far enough to play around until she works a finger two knuckles deep into it. Recently she let two of our friends use her in our camper for an entire day . She made me sit in a lawn chair outside the door under the awning, where I could hear every thing, but not see. Still , I could tell what they were doing to her for the most part though, by the sounds coming from inside. Then as late after noon rolled around, my buddy who I think is trying to breed her pulled up in his car all smiles and sat down beside me. He is still my best friend, and I must admit, fucks me whenever he feels like it. He asked me how long they'd been working on her, and I told him about four hours streight, but I havent heard much. He just chuckeld and went inside. I heard the two guys talking to him and one guy said if she was any more ready that her guts would fall out. They all laughed, and then I heard my wife's voice asking if I could come in and see what they were doing to her, that I could suck them clean, and keep them hard. My buddy told her no, not the first time , it might be too over the top for me. Then I heard an "OOOOHHHHHFFFFFFFFF", which I knew was my wife taking a belly punch. That was my buddy's trademark start with my wife. Before he even touched a tit or kissed her she had to look in his eyes as he probed then punched her belly. I knew they had started on her. The sounds she was making were uterly so fantastic I was constantly cumming in my pants. There were two hooks in the celing about four feet apart and I could tell that her ankles were hooked to them, spreading her legs wide as she lay on her back. After about an hour or so, my buddy and the two guys came out and thanked me and left, telling me from now on that Friday and Saturday nights would be three musketeers night. I went inside, and my wife's legs were still strung up, spread wide. She watched me as I stared at her gaping cunt. "Do you know what they did to me? Take a good look Honey , and remember, you were the one who made me a whore, and nothing was too far out for them to do to me so you could get your rocks off watching. Remember?",she said softly. She was right. I crave watching ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING being done to her hot whore wife body. I think about it twentyfour seven. As I stared at her gaping cunt I saw that her cervix was dialated! I threw my face down into her huge gaping cunt and like a crazy man shoved MY TOUNG INTO HER CERVIX!!!!!!!!!!!!! She went wild thrashing and trying to pull my wiggle ing toung deeper !!! I have NEVER had anything like that! When it was all over I took her legs down and got her showered and laid her naked on the bed. She rode home that way in the camper because she couldn't get up. As I backed the rig into the yard, my sister pulled in right infront of us. She got out and was grinning as she said, "Where is that whore wife of yours"? She was still laughing as she pulled the camper door open and let out a "WOW BABY" as she looked at my wife, laying there spread eagle. She was gwaking at my wife's swollen, still gaping cunt with her cervix still visible. My sister turned to look at me. "Did you watch", she said quietly. "She asked if I could, but they said not the first time." Sis was pissed. "You were supposed to let him watch", she hollered at my wife. You were supposed to look into his eyes while you let them BREED you infront of him"! Sis told me to go in the house, but her and my wife stayed out in the camper till after mid nite. I heard my sister say"BREED" when she hollered at my wife, and it made an impact. I just know they're gonna breed her. I had my suspisson for some time because of the way my buddy started holding her legs up high when he was pumping his cum as deep in her as he can get it, but now after this weekend , and what my sister said , I'm pretty sure Sis is even in on it. I know my wife makes it with my sister so my brother in law can watch Sis with another chick, and I know he fucks my wife now and then, but why is my sister in on the guys fucking my wife in her cervix. My wife told me that it took them two howers to get a cock into her cervix and that one of them pushed on into her womb! Now she says nothing else will ever be enough. She says my sister has also been fucked like this and they will take care of each others "needs". I asked her if she was going to let them breed her. She looked at me with a gentle smile." After your sister told me what her husband was doing to her, I had to feel a cock through my cervix and into my womb. She has been working on me with her hand and toung every other day for two months. That movie you've been jacking off to is your sister and your best buddy , and your brother in law ran the camera!", she said. "Now, sweet heart, from now on ,when I let a man push into my cervix and on into my womb, you can watch, but you'll have to wonder if he's breeding me! My sister and brother in law are going camping with us and our mutual buddy for two weeks. I wonder whats next.


cuckold wife

Poster: Cass