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My wife Eileen and I were traveling and had just stopped for dinner. I had a glass of merlot with my dinner and since she wasn’t driving she had three and finished the bottle. When we finished dinner we got back on the highway heading toward home. We just bought the car, it’s a white 2009 Lincoln MKS, a nice car and a pleasure to drive down the highway. Eileen was feeling pretty frisky from the wine and rubbing my leg. She had on a short skirt and a low cut top that showed a lot of cleavage. As I was driving along side a big rig, my wife hiked her dress up pretty high flashing her legs and panties to him. He started blowing his air horn. I laughed and told her if she was going to excite him she would have to remove her panties and give him a beaver shot. These guys are use to seeing nice legs. We drove beside him for a ways before he turned off. I pulled into a rest area and said; pit stop, I have to take a leak. She said; maybe I better go to. I beat her back to the car and when she returned we continued traveling down the highway. I pulled along another big rig and said; go ahead hon, flash him. This time when she pulled her skirt up she didn’t have any panties on. She unbuttoned her top and she didn’t have a bra on exposing her titties to him. My wife is 59 years old, very sexy and has the body of a 30 year old woman. The truck driver started to lay on his air horn and my wife blew him a kiss. She said; he’s a cute black man dear and he’s flicking his tongue at me. I could not see the expression on his face but this excited the hell out of me, my wife exposing herself to another man. I could not believe it. We stayed along side the big rig and soon there was one behind us. I pulled into the right lane and let him pass then pulled into the left lane along side the big rig again and my wife was having a good time flashing the driver. Soon another big rig came up behind us and I got into the right lane between the two rigs. Then it pulled along side of us and stayed there. I did not think anything of it at first until they started to slow down. They had us boxed in and we didn’t have any choice but slow down with them. There was a rest area ahead and we were forced to follow them into the truck parking area way in the back. There were four big rigs now, I don’t know where the other one came from, but they blocked our car from anyone’s view from the visitor’s center. As they approached the car I shut the engine off. They must have been communicating to each other on their CB radio’s and orchestrated this. They had my car blocked in so tight I couldn’t get it between them to get away. There were four of them and three of them were black. I was scared at first thinking what might happen next. I didn’t know what to expect. I don’t mind taking a punch or two but I didn’t want Eileen to get hurt. She appeared to be a little upset and I told her everything will be okay. We’ll see what they want. The white one was on my side of the car and the black men were on my wife side. I got out stood beside the car and my wife opened her door. I said to the one on my side; what do you want from us. He said; we heard your lady was giving our friend a show and he just wanted us to see it to. I heard the black man she was flashing, to show her friends what she was showing him. I looked over and she turned so her legs were outside the car and slowly pulled her skirt back up and exposed her soft furry patch between her legs. He then spoke sternly and said; SPREAD THEM LEGS BITCH! Show us that pussy. She obeyed him and did what he asked and he said to his friends, there you go, isn’t that pussy purdy fellas. They all laughed and said; it sho is Willie, it sho is. By this time all four were gazing at my wife’s pussy and their pants were starting to bulge. Then he said; show them yo titties to bitch. She opened her top and one of then fondled one of her titties and said; you was right Willie, they sho is nice titties. Suddenly my fear was turning to excitement. I was really enjoying this. The others started to fondle her titties and rub her pussy. I could see their pants were starting to bulge more. Then one of the black men said; I think we should show her ours now, it’s only fair, she was nice enough to show us hers. They all pulled their zippers down and pulled out their dicks and they weren’t fully hard yet. The black men’s dicks were huge with big bulbous heads that looked like big black mushrooms and the white man’s dick was much smaller. One of them stepped up close to her and said; go ahead we felt yo titties, you can feel our dicks. At first she just touched it in disbelief of its size and it started to rise even more. Damn it was getting bigger and bigger. Soon it was fully erect and she had both her hands around it and stroked it gently. Her eyes were glued to it as if hypnotized. Precum started flowing and her hands were making a squishing noise as she stoked him. He said; go ahead kiss it and when she did, he held her head as he rubbed the precum on her lips and face. Then he told her to get out of the car and when she stood up beside the car he placed his hand on her head and forced her to bend over. He said; it’s not nice to tease us truckers, we get pretty horny out on the road for days at a time. NOW START SUCKING BITCH! He didn’t have to hold her head and force her anymore. She was doing it willingly now and enjoying it. She loves to fuck and she loves to suck dick more than fuck. I watched as she took his big black bulbous head into her mouth, rotating her lips on it at first enjoying the silky smooth feel and taste of precum on her lips. I know she enjoys this when she does it with me. She continued doing this and running her tongue in circles around the head and up and down the shaft as one of the other black men positioned himself behind her, pulled her skirt up over her waist and started to rub his big black dick on her pussy. Their dick’s were black as coal, and appeared to be as big around as a soda can. The big bulbous head disappeared slowly into her mouth and it was all she could do to take it in. The other was working his dick into her pussy slowly now and it looked like her pussy was wrapped tightly around it. I walked around the car to get a closer and better view. It was a wonderful sight, watching these strange men fucking my wife. Their dicks were glistening with her saliva and pussy juice on them. About half of the one’s dick was in her pussy as he worked it in and out and he said; you been a bad girl. Then he thrusted the rest in until his balls were against her legs. She tried to scream and it was muffled by the other big black dick in her mouth. He would pull it out of her pussy until you could see a little of the head and thrust it back in. Her pussy was stretched so much; it looked as if her insides were being pulled out and occasionally she would gag on the other dick in her mouth. Soon she started to move her hips wildly and had a very intense orgasm. I never saw her fuck with this much passion before. These guys were hung like stallions and she was enjoying every inch of it. I was so damn excited at this point my dick was hard as a rock. Almost simultaneously they both yelled and released a load of cum in her mouth and pussy. It was running down her legs and chin. She swallowed most of the cum in her mouth to keep from choking. Then the other two stepped up for their turn. The white man said; I don’t want to fuck her now, you guys stretched her pussy so much I won’t even feel it. His dick was only about six inches but girthy. So he fed his dick into her mouth and she started sucking it. The other black man whose dick was even bigger than first two slowly forced it into her pussy. Soon she was moving her hips to meet his and sucking with great passion. It wasn’t long and she had another orgasm and soon after these two men exploded in her releasing another load of cum in her pussy and mouth. My dick was still hard as I watched and one of them said; go ahead white boy, it’s yo turn now. She smiled at me and unzipped my zipper and pulled out my dick. They started to laugh and one of them said; look at that tiny little thing, she won’t even feel you now. I only have about four inches hard. Eileen told them it might be small but she loved me and then started to suck mine. I exploded in her mouth almost immediately and then my dick went limp. As I helped her up they said; you drive safe now and climbed back in their big rigs and soon drove away. After she cleaned up and changed her clothes in the rest area we continued our trip home to Erie, Pennsylvania.
As I drove Eileen said; I never had sex with a black man before and it was wonderful. The white man was okay but the black men were fantastic. I hope you didn’t mind dear. I said; hell no hon, I loved watching you sucking their dicks and getting fucked by them. I would like to see it again sometime soon whenever you’re up to it. She leaned her head against my shoulder, squeezed my arm and said; I love you more than you know.
We don’t flash as we are driving down the highway anymore because it’s too dangerous. Now we go for rides in the evenings, pull into rest areas, scoping it out looking for black truck drivers. When we spot one we pull up next to his rig, I park the car and go inside the welcome center and watch while she flashes him. When the drivers climb down from their rigs, I come out to watch. Most of the time; when I return to the car, she has a black dick in her mouth and sometimes cum all over her face and hair already and I love to watch. Sometimes they ask me what the hell I’m lookin at while I watch and I tell them it’s my wife, take your time and enjoy it. Maybe some might think I have a sick fetish, wanting to watch her with other men but, I love her very much and am proud and happy to have her as my wife.




cuckold wife

Poster: John & Eileen