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Wife on deck
A year after my wife Ruth moved into our house a new house was built about a hundred feet away and it was further up the hill so that it was also about 20 feet higher that ours. When it was nearly complete my wife and I went up and checked it out. When I went on the deck, I noticed that anyone on it had a great view of our deck. I called my wife out on the deck and pointed toward our deck. I told her that when people moved in she would have to be careful about her nude sunbathing since she would right in view if anyone looked toward our deck. She smiled at me and said that it would depend what the new neighbors looked like and if she was attracted to him.
About a month later we noticed a moving truck at the new house and then a couple of cars pulled up. My wife said we should go and meet the new neighbors. And check the guy out you mean. Of course she said.
When we knocked on the door, we didn't get an answer so my wife said lets try the back door. We walked through the gate and went up the stairs to the deck. As soon as we got on the deck we heard a woman, the wife, telling someone, her husband, to fuck her faster. My wife looked at me and whispered for me to be quiet and we peaked into the livingroom and saw that the husband was fucking the wife with her bent over the back of the couch. We watched as the wife came and then the husband grunted when he came and then he pulled out and his wife lapped the cum off his dick. While, my wife and I both looked, we noticed that the guys dick was really big. It had to be at least nine inches long and as big around as a soda can. My wife grabbed my hand and we went down the stairs and out to the front of the house and then back to our house. As soon as we got in the door my wife pulled off her clothes and went into the livingroom and bent over the back of the couch and told me to fuck her. I finished taking off my clothes and stuck my seven inches all the way into her on the first push since she was so wet. As soon as I started fucking her she started to orgasm and I quickly came too. My wife asked if I had ever seen a cock that big. I told her that a few of the guys on the softball team had big ones like that. She told me that mine had been the biggest that she had ever seen before today and that she thought mine was big. I told her that mine was on the big side of average but definitely was not big.
The next afternoon when I came home from work I called out Ruth's name to find out where she was and she said that she was on the deck. I walked out on the deck and she was lying there on her back with her legs spread playing with her cunt. I asked her if she was showing off to the new neighbor but she told me that they were not home but that she had come while thinking that he was watching her. I told her to get on her hands and knees and I got behind her and fucked her. When I got done fucking her I noticed movement on the neighbors deck. I looked directly at the deck and saw that both of them had watched as I had fucked my wife. They waved at me and I waved back. My wife asked who I was waving at and I told her that the new neighbors had watched us fuck. She stood up so that she could look and waved too.
We then went inside and my wife was looking embarrassed. The doorbell rang and I looked out and saw the new neighbors standing on our front porch. I told my wife that they were there and that she should open the door. She said that she couldn't answer the door naked and I said that they had already seen us naked and watch us fuck so why not. She grinned at me and openned the door and stood there completely naked talking for several minutes before she asked them in. Once they came inside and noticed that I was also still naked, the guy laughed while saying that they were obviously overdressed and looked at his wife and said that they should take off their clothes. He smiled at her and without saying a word took off his clothes and then his wife took off her clothes. I said that we should all go out on our deck. His wife asked if it was private. I told her that it was only visible to their house. We went out on the deck and sat around and had a few beers. My wife suggested that I should go and get a couple of pizzas. I called the pizza place and ordered. I then asked if anyone wanted to go with me and get the pizzas thinking that the husband would but the wife said sure I'll go. I winked at my wife saying that we would be back in about an half hour.
As we were driving to the pizza place, the wife, Sue, said that you know leaving your wife with Tom wasn't a good idea. I asked why not. She told me that Tom would probably fuck my wife before we got back. I told her that Ruth wanted to fuck his big dick. She said so you're fine with him fucking your wife. I told her that while we had never traded parters, we had talked about it. She told me that while Tom fucked other women he did not allow other men to fuck her. I said so you are ok with him fucking other women and him not allowing you to fuck other men. She said that she had agreed to that arrangement since she loved being fucked by his big dick and that my wife would love being fucked by it too.
I let my wife get fucked by Tom's big dick anytime that she wanted. In fact, Sue kidded me that Tom fucked Ruth almost as much as he fucked her. I usually fucked Ruth after Tom was done with her while Tom fucked Sue. Ruth was happy and I was happy that she was happy and I never that I was a cuckold until many years later.


cuckold wife

Poster: Paul