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After the bachelor party
During the week after the bachelor party, my girlfriend and I didn't get any time to talk since I was working during the day and she worked as a waitress until late at night. Finally on Saturday we had some time to talk about her fucking all fifteen guys including by brother at his bachelor's party. She told me that she was sorry that she fucked all the guys but she said that she was mad at me for asking her to be the stripper at the party. She said that she only planned to suck off my brother. Then she said that she had gotten annoyed away after she sucked him off and I just stood there. She said that she thought that I would grab her, take her into the bedroom, lock the door, fuck her and then we would leave and nothing else would happen. But when I didn't do anything except stand there with an erect dick, she decided that I didn't care enough about her to be first one to fuck her. Since she was naked and I wasn't doing what she thought I would do if I really cared about her, she decided that she might as well get fucked by someone and then she sat down on my brother's dick. I told her that I really did care about her but didn't think that she would fuck my brother and when she sat on his dick I thought that she was only teasing him and would not let him stick it in all the way in and take her virginity. Then when she told him to pull her down on him I couldn't move and could only watch as he fucked her and came inside her. She told me that she then decided that she was going to fuck all the guys since I hadn't done anything to stop her and I must want her to fuck all of them. I told her that she looked like she enjoyed fucking my brother and I didn't want to stop her from fucking all of the guys if that was what she wanted to do. She told me that she would have stopped anytime if I had asked her.
She asked me if I was sure that I wanted her to be my girlfriend since she had fucked fifteen guys before me. I told her that I had decided that I loved her while watching her fucking and could only think about how much I enjoyed fucking her sloppy cunt. She said so you want to fuck me again. I told her that I did but I thought that she needed a new pair of shoes first. She smiled and said so you want to go back to the shoestore and see if the same clerk is there. I said that if he is then we will strike a deal and if he wasn't there maybe we could get the same deal with whoever was there.
When we got to the shoestore we saw that the same clerk was there but there was also another clerk who was an older, fat guy. The first clerk came over and I told him that my girlfriend needed a new pair of shoes and we didn't have any money. He said that he thought that he could make a deal with us but this time the deal would have to be that he fucked my girlfriend. He then told her that she should choose the shoes that she wanted and he could make sure that they fit. While my girlfriend looked around another customer came into the store and the other clerk started to help her. My girlfriend said that she wanted a pair of black highheels just like the red ones she got last week. The clerk got a pair in the same size and told her to put her feet on the stool and he put the shoes on her feet. He looked right up to her cunt while putting on the shoes and said that he had hoped that she wouldn't be wearing panties. Then the other clerk called over and said that he needed help with the other customer. He went over to the other side of the store and told the older clerk to help my girlfriend and told him that he should get a different pair of shoes from the back that she would like and put them on her. The older clerk came over with another pair of shoes and sat down in front of my girlfriend. He quickly noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties and he spent a couple of minutes looking at her while he put on the second pair of shoes. He looked at me and said that the first clerk told him that she would probably fuck him if he gave her the shoes for free. I said it depended whether she liked the shoes. He left and my girlfriend asked me what I thought. I asked her if she liked the second pair of shoes and she said she did but didn't know if she wanted to fuck a guy who was at least as old as her father and fat. I told her that I thought that she would look great in both pairs of shoes. She said so you want to watch me fuck both of them. I told her that I wanted to watch her fuck both of them and then I wanted to fuck her sloppy cunt. She said okay after the other customer left tell them that she would fuck both of them for the two pairs of shoes.
After the other customer left, I walked over to the two clerks and said that she wanted both pairs of shoes. The first clerk told the older one to put the "gone to lunch" sign in the front window and the four of us went into the backroom. As soon as we went in my girlfriend took off her clothes and bent over the arm of the couch. Both of the clerks took off their clothes and I asked my girlfriend which one she wanted to fuck first. She smiled at me and pointed to the younger clerk. He got behind her and stuck his dick right all the way in with the first push. He looked at me and said I thought that she would be tighter since she was a virgin last week. I told him that I had fucked her and that must have loosened her up. He looked at me and said so I'm the only second guy that she has fucked. I didn't answer him and tell him that he was actually the 17th guy to fuck her. He started to fuck her faster and he asked if he needed to pull out or if he could come in her since he didn't want to get her pregnant if she wasn't on birth control. My girlfriend told him to come inside her which he did. As soon as he pulled out the old guy got behind her. I looked down because I wanted to watch his dick enter my girlfriend and saw that he had a huge cock. It must have been at least nine inches long and as big around as a coke can. He looked at me and said that she was going to enjoy this. I watched as he stuck his big cock in her. At first he could only get about half of it in even after she had already been fucked and was full of the first clerk's cum. He pulled out and pushed back in about ten times before he was all the way in her. Then he started to fuck her. I was amazed as he fucked her for nearly 20 minutes before he came in her. My girlfriend had at least two orgasms while he was fucking her. After he pulled out I got behind my girlfriend and stuck my dick in her. I slipped in all the way and started to fuck her. I looked at the older clerk and told him that he had really loosened her up. He said that she would never be tight again and hoped that I liked a loose cunt. Right when he said that she would always have a loose cunt, I added my cum inside her.
The first clerk said that he had to open up the store again and told us to take whatever time we needed to get dressed and that her shoes would be in a bag ready when we left. My girlfriend had rolled over and was now lying on the couch with her legs spread out wide with cum pouring out of her cunt. The older clerk told me that he would give her a raincheck for another pair of shoes if she would fuck him again. I looked at my girlfriend and she said that she would like to be fucked by that big dick again if I wanted to watch her. She said for me to come over and kiss her while he fucked her. I told her that I would after I watched him work his big dick all the way into her. She called me a pervert and I told her that she was a slut for wanting to be fucked by his big dick again. I moved up to kiss her and looked into her eyes and told her that I loved her and then kissed her while the old guy started fucking her. I moved back a little and held her hand while the old guy fucked her for more than 30 minutes before he came inside her again. He laid on top of her for nearly five minutes breathing hard before he got up and pointed to my erect dick and said since I liked watching her get fucked by his big dick that I really was a pervert. I climbed on the couch and stuck my dick into my girlfriend. My girlfriend looked at the old guy and said is he in yet I can't feel a thing. When she said that I started to come inside her and had the most intense orgasm yet.


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Poster: James