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College roommate helps out
When I was in college I was not having any success getting to fuck any of the girls that I dated. I was a virgin and it seemed that I wasn't able to get any of the girls hot enough to want to fuck. My roommate on the otherhand didn't have any problem getting any girl in bed by the third date as I often had to sleep in the lounge when I got back to the dorm since I could hear them fucking in the room.
After striking out with the fourth girl I dated, I got an idea. I asked my roommate if he would date my girlfriend and see if he could fuck her. I figured that if he was able to fuck her that I could probably fuck her after. He asked what was in it for him. I told him that I thought that she was a virgin and that he would probably be the first to fuck her and that they could date for one month and he could fuck her as many times as he could and after a month he would break up with her and then I would ask her out and see if I could fuck her. He called her right then and asked her out while I listened. She agreed to go out with him without even mentioning that she had gone out with me.
They went out Friday night and when I came back to the room at about 11, I heard the bed banging against the wall in the room. I listened at the door for a few minutes and heard her start to moan and then heard her tell my roommate that she wanted him to cum inside her and it was ok since she was on the pill. A couple of guys were walking up the hall and I didn't want them to wonder what I was doing standing outside my door so I walked toward them and said hello. After they when into their room I went into the bathroom and went into a stall and sat down and beat off thinking about my roommate fucking the girl that I liked on their first date. I pictured that it was me that was fucking her and cuming inside her instead of my roommate while I beat off.
After a while I went to the lounge and shortly after the girl walked by. She came into the lounge and when I looked at her all I could picture was her lying on my roommate's bed with him between her legs fucking her. I looked at her and asked her what she had done that evening. She said that she had been on a date and went to a movie and after that she had gone into his room and they had talked. She didn't tell me that she had also been fucked and I didn't let on that I knew.
I went to my room and my roommate was still lying in bed. As soon as I walked in he told me that I was right. I asked right about what. He told me that she had been a virgin and he had fucked the shit out of her and had cum inside her. He looked at me with a grin on his face and told me that he was going to fuck her every day for the next month. I told him that I had agreed to that deal before and that he should enjoy himself and reminded him that he was to break up with her in a month.
So for the next month, my roommate fucked the girl that I liked every evening while I spent my time listening at the door and going into the bathroom and beating off. She would often stop and talk to me in the lounge when she was leaving. She never let on that she was fucking my roommate and I never told her that I knew.
On the last day of the month, my roommate said that I could hide in the closet and watch them fuck. After dinner I came back to the room and hid in the closet and arranged the door so that it was open enough that I could see out but it was not obvious that it was open. My roommate and the girl came in and pretty quickly they were on the bed and he started to take her clothes off. After she was naked he stood up and took his clothes off. He then turned to the closet and made sure I got a good look at his erect dick before getting on the bed. I watched him kiss her and suck on her breasts and then she grabbed his dick and told him to stick it in her. He teased her by only putting the head of his dick in her and she begged him to stick it all the way in. I had a great view of the bed from the closet and watched as he stuck his dick all the way into her and started to really fuck her while the bed banged into the wall. She started moaning and told him that she wanted him to come in her. I watched as his buttocks clenched together and he grunted as he came inside her. He rolled off her and laid beside her. I couldn't believe how much cum started to pour out of her onto the sheet. After about 10 minutes, she said that she was going to go back to her dorm since she had homework to do. She got up and dressed and left. I openned the closet door and climbed out. My roommate grinned at me while still lying there naked on his bed. He got up and said that he was going to take a shower. After he left the room I went over to his bed and beat off adding my cum to the puddle on the sheet that had poured out of the girl while thinking about watching her being fucked by my roommate. When my roommate came back I reminded him that the month was up and he was to break up with her. He said no problem since he had met another girl that he wanted to ask out.
My roommate started to date the new girl and when my girl saw him with the new girl she ran off in the other direction. I followed her and saw her sitting on a bench and I walked up and sat beside her. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she had been dumped by my roommate. I consoled her and walked her back to my room. Once inside the room she started to kiss me and soon we were on the bed and we took our clothes off. Soon I was sucking on her breasts and then she told me to fuck her. I got between her legs and stuck my dick into her and fucked her until she came and then I came inside her. I was so happy that I had finally got to fuck her after knowing that she and my roommate had been fucking for a whole month.
While we were lying there snuggling she said that she had something that she thought that she should tell me. I asked what and she told me that she had been fucking my roommate. I said that I knew since he had told me. She asked me if it mattered that she had been fucked by someone else before me and I told her that I didn't care and I was happy that I was now the guy that she wanted to fuck. She rolled me onto my back and climbed on top of me and sat on my dick and I went right up into her and we fucked with her on top of me and both came again.
We fell asleep and woke up when my roommate walked into the room. She didn't even try to cover up when he sat down on the edge of my bed and he asked if she would fuck him. He looked at me and started to say something about how I had asked him to fuck her and I said to her that if she wanted to fuck him it was ok with me since I knew that they had already fucked. She looked at me and asked if I was sure that it was ok. I told her that I wanted her to do what she wanted and be happy and that she should fuck him and that I would watch. I laid beside her as my roommate climbed between her legs and fucked her until he came inside her. As soon as he rolled off her I stuck my dick inside her and she started cuming and then I came inside her.


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Poster: Brian