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My wife and a black friend of mine
I had just made friends with a new guy at work, I had invited him to the house a couple of times to watch some football and have a few beers, he had made a few remarks that he thought my wife had a hot ass and a fat cameltoe pussy and how lucky I was to have her.
When my wife gets a couple of mixed drinks in her she gets super horny and will do things that normally she might have second thoughts about, so one evening my buddy was over and we were watching some interacial vids that he had brought over which didn't surprise me since he was black and I was sure he had the hots for my wife, I think it was his way of saying that he wanted to get in my wifes panties. About half way thru the movie I noticed that every now and then my wife would peek around the corner watching the movie on the tv screen then glance over at my buddy and look at his crotch, it was pretty clear that the movie had him turned on since his hard cock was real visible showing thru his sweat pants and looked to be at 10 or 12 inches long and as thick as my forarm, and I was sure that between the movie and his hard cock that my wife was getting turned on to.
I decided that I was going to loosen up the wife and see if she would let him fuck her so I went into the kitchen and made some drinks I gave my buddy his and took my wife hers in the den she didn't want it at first but after a little coaxing she took it, I knew if I could get a couple of drinks in her that she would turn into the neighborhood slut, I kept popping into the den to keep her drinking her drink she finally had it gone about 20 min later so I made her a second one this time it didn't take her long to have it gone so I got her a third one, I knew the second one had done the job because she came into the living room with her third one and sat down on the love seat by herself while she drank her third drink and watched the movie, she never said a word she just sipped her drink and stared at the movie and when she thought no one was watching her she would look at my buddy and his hardon that he was sporting, I noticed out the corner of my eye that she would rub her pussy when she thought no one was looking and I could see she was having a hard time controlling her breathing, I got up to go to the kitchen and I motioned for my buddy to come with me, as he got up his hardon was really showing and he had a pretty good size cock, I noticed that my wife was staring at his cock as he walked past her, when we got into the kitchen my buddy asked what was up so I asked him if he would be interested in having my wife suck him off, his face lit up and he said are you sure you wouldn't mind, I asured him that it was perfectly alright by me as I liked to watch her service other men but if she said no then that would be the end of it, then he asked if I thought she would, I filled him on things about how horny she got whenever she drank mixed drinks and that just about anyone could take advantage of her and have in the past. I told him if he played his cards right he could more than likely get in her panties to and maybe give her a good fucking, he was excited at the thought cause his cock was jumping around in his sweat pants like it had a mind of it's own, I told him that she was so hot right now between the movie and the drinks that if he went in and walked right up to her face and pulled down his sweats and grabbed her by the head while he rubbed his cock against her lips that she would definately take it in her mouth and suck him, I told him to that if he could get the chance to get his hand down to her pussy to pull the leg of her knit shorts to the side and get to her bare pussy that she would melt and he could do anything he wanted as long as he didn't make her cum yet, I told him that if he made her cum right away she might not want to go any further and when he got her worked up real good and she was wet and hot to stop playing with her pussy and she would more than likely let him lay her down on the love seat and take off her shorts and panties and if he got that far to go ahead and mount her and once he got his cock in her she would probably let him fuck her the rest of the night, he asked me if he should wear a condom and if she was on the pill, I told him that she wasn't on any birth control and not to take time messing with a condom, he said he was pretty potent in the baby department and he might knock her up I told him not worry if he knocked her up, I told him that none of our 4 children were mine, they all were fathered by someone else in fact 2 of them by complete strangers. Well it went pretty much as I thought it would, I stood off to the side where she couldn't see me and watched as he walked up to her, he was less than a foot away from her face and she never even looked up at him she just stared at his hardon thru his sweats, he looked over at me and I nodded for him to go ahead, he grabbed his sweats and pulled them down past his ass and then grabbed her by the head, he then grabbed his cock and slowly put it to her lips and slid it back and forth and she was breathing really heavy now, he said open your mouth girl I got a big black cock here that needs that hot mouth of yours, I know you want to suck it, she never looked up she just stared at his cock then she made me proud and done what she was told, she tried to take as much as she could but she couldn't get even half of his cock in her mouth he was so big. She played with his balls as she jerked his cock up and down with her hand and bobbed her head up and down on his cock, I knew he wasn't going to last to long the way she was going at his cock like some sex starved slut, he let out a groan and said get ready baby for nice hot big load, you better not waste it, I want you to swallow every drop of my cum, I never saw any of it leak out of her mouth but I could see she was having a hard time keeping up with his ejaculation and was swallowing fast and hard. He had figured out how to get in her panties already. he had her lay down on the love seat while she was draining the rest of his cum out of his cock, this allowed him access to her tits , he had them bare and playing with them in no time flat, she was breathing harder now and he was telling her not to stop sucking his cock, now he was in a position that he could also slide his hand down to her pussy, he was rubbing her crotch thru her shorts and she was responding, she drew her feet up closer to her ass and spread her knees open to give him better access to her horny pussy as she humped her pussy up and down against his hand, he slid his hand inside her shorts and panties, she was starting to move her hips even more against his hand and was moaning now, the feel of her bare pussy must have got to him because I noticed his cock had sprung back to life harder than ever, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and that made her moan, he knelt down and started sucking on her tits as he played with her pussy, she was moaning really loud now and moving her ass and pussy all over the place, she was hot and getting hotter, I knew she wouldn't last much longer so I finally spoke and told him to take her shorts and panties off, he stood up and moved down towards her legs then grabbed her shorts and panties by the waist band and started pulling them off she raised her ass up so he could get them off her, when I seen her do that I told my buddy I think shes all yours now, he said damn baby you have a sweet looking pussy, damn girl you must be in heat as wet as your pussy is it's dripping wet, and he started kissing and licking her pussy and it was driving her crazy, she was getting close to cumming so I reminded him that he needed to get that monster black cock in her befor she could cum, when he stopped licking her pussy she moaned in disappointment, he said baby I got a nice big black cock thats hard as steel do you want it, she moaned but didn't say anything, he slid up her body and started kissing her neck and face, when the head of his cock brushed against her pussy she moaned real loud, he reached down and grabbed his cock and started rubbing the head of it against her pussy making her moan some more, then he said baby I asked you if want my big black cock in your little white pussy, then he pushed the huge head of his cock into her cunt then pulled it out, she moaned some more and tried to raise her pussy up to force his cock back in but he wouldn't let her, I think he was having fun now, then he said if you want this big black cock baby you have to tell me, beg me to fuck you with it or you aint gettin it, between gasp she managed to say yes please give it to me please, he said what is it you want baby, she managed to say I want your big black cock in my pussy, please fuck me, I need you to fuck me, thats when she finally looked at me thru half opened eyes and said please honey make him fuck me, I told her if she wanted him to fuck her she needed to do what he said, she begged him to fuck her and that he did, I watched as he eased the head of his huge cock into her tight little pussy, he slowly worked his cock in and out of her cunt, I watched as her cunt stretched open to acomadate his huge black cock until he was finally buried all the way up to his huge balls that hung down like a bulls and she was moaning and saying yes , yes, don't stop, I want all of it in me, please fuck me, after about ten minutes of fucking her slow and steady he said get ready baby cause I'm going to fuck the shit out of that tight little pussy of yours, are you ready for some real fucking cause I'm gonna stretch that pussy out real good, she starts begging him again, please fuck me hard, fuck me, fuck me, give it to me, stretch my pussy out, yes baby fuck me hard, I need your black cock, by now he has her legs in the air and fucking her for all he is worth, his balls are slapping against her ass really loud as he hammers her pussy hard and I can see her pussy is stretching out to acomadate his huge cock. I don't know how many times the wife has cum, I'm not sure she ever stopped cumming and I can tell that he is about ready to cum because his balls are drawing up and he's pounding her pussy harder and harder, he's got his face down by hers and kissing on her kneck and I hear him saying you like this big black fat cock don't you baby and she moans a yes, do you like me stretching out that tight little pussy of yours and she moans another yes, are you on the pill baby and she moans a no, are you using any birth control baby and she moans a no, you know baby that I don't have a condom on and I'm fucking you bareback don't you and she moans a yes. you know baby that I aint gonna pull out when I cum, she moans another yes, do you want to feel my big black cock shoot it's seed into your pussy, she says yes, yes I want to feel your big black cock cum in my pussy, he tells her did you know your hubby said I could fuck you all night, she moans a no, well he did and thats what I'm going to do, you know every time I mount you it's going to be bareback and I'm going to cum inside your little white sweet pussy right, she says yes again, you know that I'm gonna plant my black seed in your womb tonight and knock you up don't you, and she responds with a yes and moans even harder, are you going to be my little white breeding bitch in heat tonight and she moans a yes, he says yes what, tell me what you are, she says I'm your white breeding bitch and I'm in heat, please give me your baby, put a baby in me. I'm going to cum baby are you ready for my black seed, you ready for me to knock my little bitch up, here it cums baby, I'm cumming, she locks her arms aound his kneck and her legs around his back trying to pull him even closer to get his cock buried even further in her fertile pussy and she starts moaning louder and says OHHH YSSSS I feel you cumming OHHHH GODDDDD YESSSSSSS cum in me, give me your baby, I could see his ass cheeks tighten as he shot his load inside my wifes pussy there was cum leaking every where , when he finally pulled his soft cock out of her pussy it was still huge and covered with their cum, he pulled her up to a sitting position on the couch and made her lick his cock clean and I could tell by the look on her face that she loved doing it for him. He sat on the couch and had her play with his cock licking and sucking on it while the 3 of us finished watching the movies. When the movies were over he asked her if she was ready to go to the bedroom and get bred, she stood there looking him in the eyes while she played with his cock and balls, then she said please take me to bed and put a baby in me, please fill me with all that thick wonderful black seed in those huge beutiful black balls, please knock me up with your big black cock,I want everybody to know I am a black mans breeding bitch, take me to bed and stretch my white married pussy out and make my belly swell with a black baby, make my breast fill with milk so everyone can see me feed my black baby, I want everyone to know that I spread my legs for black men and let them cum in my white married pussy, my buddy looked at me then took her by her hand and led her off to the spare bedroom. My buddy fucked my wife at least a half dozen more times that night. The next morning my wife slept inand my buddy and I had coffee out on the patio, he thanked me for letting him have my wife for the night, I said I was happy to do so since it looked like the two of them were enjoying each other, he was telling me that every time he tried to doze off that my wife would wake him up either by sucking on his cock or she already had him hard and was on top of him with his cock in her pussy, he said she got a little wild at times and would beg him to cum in her white pussy and knock her up, he said he was pretty sure that she was pregnant at least he hoped she was, he said he finally got her pussy stretched out and was able to last longer, he asked me if she wasn't knocked up if he could come back and try again, I told him that he could have her any time he wanted as long as she wanted it to.He finally left saying that he had some other things to do, I had a raging hard on by the time he left, I went in to check on my wife and she was still sleeping totally naked with her legs spread wide, her pussy was red and swollen and still leaking his cum there was cum every where I didn't know anyone could shoot so much cum in one night, I slid my clothes off and eased my way up on the bed between her legs and softly kissed her pussy it smelled good and looked used and abused, then I started licking the cum off and out of her used pussy and I was in heaven, it made her start moaning and she spread her legs out wide to acomodate me, she asked me if she tasted good and I told her she never tasted better she said she loved me more than I would ever know and begged me to lick her pussy clean, I licked and sucked her wet cum soaked pussy until she was clean and she had huge orgasm then she told me to fuck her, I figured she was probably already pregnant so I didn't bother with a condom and I slid up between her legs and my cock slid in pretty easy since she was so wet and stretched out, the more I fucked her the harder and faster she wanted me to fuck her, I shot my load in about 10 miniutes while I was laying there on top of her catching my breath she looked me in the eyes and told me that she wanted me to go back down and lick my own cum out of her pussy she said that it turned her on to watch me lick her used pussy clean, what the wife wants she gets. Did she get pregnant, yes he managed to get her knocked up and now we have a son. My buddy fucked her off and on through out her pregnancy and right after she had the baby he told us that he was moving out of state, we never saw him again, we moved shortly afterwards ourselves so I don't know if he tried to contact us again. I am pretty sure if we had ever made contact again that my wife would have let him knock her up again. I love the idea that all I have to do is give her a couple of drinks and I can get her to do just about anything I want her to. I have had other friends and some nieghbors find out her little secret about not being able to say no after a couple of drinks, the only problem is that they tell their friends and the next thing I know they are showing up at my house while I am gone at work and take advantage of her, at least some of them are considerate enought to make a video and leave it where I can find it. And yes this is all true.


cuckold wife

Poster: mike