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Wife and my dad
A couple of years after I married my wife my dad came to live with us after my mother divorced him. He was depressed all the time and my wife and I thought that he shouldn't live alone. Having him around was nice in some ways since he was very handy fixing things around the house. But him being around all the time was affecting our love life since we didn't want him to hear us having sex and become more depressed since mom had divorced him and he wasn't getting any sex.
After several weeks of sending him off to get something at the hardware store, so that we had some time to fuck, we went to bed one night and after kissing my wife goodnight, I started to caress her boobs and spoon with her. She reached back and took my erection in her hand and guided it into her cunt. I tried to fuck her quietly but she started to have an orgasm and as usual moaned loudly. After we were done she asked me if I thought that Dad had heard us. I said that he could have been completely deaf and still would have heard her moaning.
She asked if I thought that there was anything that we could do for him. I said that we needed to find a woman for him to fuck. She said that she could be that woman. I asked her what she meant. She said that she would be willing to fuck my dad if it was okay with me. She told me that he was attracted to her and had looked down her shirt at her boobs. I said that you have great boobs and any guy would want to see them. We then fell asleep without any more discussion on the subject.
The next day my wife called me at work and said that my dad was out for a walk and asked me what I thought about her spicing up my dad's life. I asked her how she would do that. She said that at dinner that night she would wear a button shirt with several buttons undone and no bra and during dinner she would make sure that my dad got a good view of her boobs. I said that would only make him horny and more depressed since he wouldn't be able to touch them or anything. She said that if it would be okay with me, after dinner I should say that I was very tired and was going to go to bed early and she would continue to tease my dad and if he tried to touch her boobs that she would let him. While she was telling me this, I got an erection there at my desk at work and I told her that it would be fine if she teased him and then let him touch her boobs. Then after we hung up, I sat at my desk and pictured my dad feeling my wife's boobs from behind and rubbing his erection on her butt. Then I started picturing my wife on the bed with my dad between her legs fucking her and coming inside her while she moaned while she came. I had walked in on my mom and dad fucking a few times when I was young and he was always on top of my mom so I was seeing the same image only with my dad on top of my wife not on top of my mom. I slipped out of my office and went into a stall in the mensroom and beat off picturing my dad fucking my wife.
At dinner that night, my wife was doing her best to show my dad her boobs by serving him food which she never did before and by dropping the serving spoon on the floor and bending down in front of my dad so that he got a great view of her boobs. After dinner I told them that I was very tired and had to go to bed and get some sleep.
I went into the bedroom with a erection and laid on the bed and tried to read while waiting for my wife to come in. After a while I heard footsteps up the stairway and someone went into my dad's room. Then I heard more footsteps that I knew were my wife's since they sounded lighter. My wife entered our bedroom and came to the bed and kissed me and then took her clothes off and put on a sheer nighty without the panties. I said that she didn't need the nighty since I was going to take it off of her quickly but she said that the nighty was for my dad. She then kissed me again and grabbed my erection and told me that I would have to wait until after she fucked my dad. Then she went to my dad's room and knocked at his door and asked him if she could enter. I heard my dad tell her that he was in bed and could it wait until morning. My wife opened the door and walked into my dad's room and I heard my dad tell her that she looked great in her nighty but that he could see all of her since it was so sheer. He asked her what she wanted and she told him that he could fuck her if he wanted. He asked if I was awake and she told him that I was already asleep.
I listened and heard them talking softly and then the talking stopped and after a few minutes I heard my wife loudly telling my dad to stick in her. Then I heard the bed start to bang against the wall and soon I heard my wife start to moan. I then heard my dad say that he was going to come and she told him to come inside her.
After a few minutes my wife entered our bedroom and told me that my dad had fallen asleep and it was my turn to fuck her. She said that she wanted to get fucked with me on top in the same way my dad had just fucked her. She laid down on her back and spread her legs and showed me my dad's come that was leaking out of her onto the bed sheet. I climbed between her legs and put my dick at her cunt and pushed it all the way in on the first push. She felt really slippery and it felt great to fuck her with my dad's come in her. I quickly came and she told me that I needed to lick her since she didn't come. I licked my come and my dad's come out of her until she came and them I climbed back on and fucked her again. We then fell asleep.
The next morning when I woke up, she was already up and I went in the bathroom looking for her. She wasn't in the bathroom or downstairs so I came back upstairs and heard her talking with my dad in his room. Then I heard the bed start banging the wall and knew that they were fucking again. I went into the bathroom and took a shower. When I was getting out my wife told me to stay in the shower and she got in with me. She told me to wash her since she was sweaty and wondered how that happened. I told her that maybe it was because she had been fucked four times in less than 12 hours.
She said that she had really, really, really enjoyed fucking both of us and would like to be able to contimue fucking my dad whenever he wanted. I told her that as long as I got to fuck her after he had come inside that I was happy that she enjoyed fucking my dad.
My dad lived with us for four years after he first fucked my wife until he found a woman his age that he married. My wife had two children during these years and while we are sure that I am related to both of them they could be my children or could have been fathered by my dad which would make them my stepbrothers.


cuckold wife

Poster: sam