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Black Bred
About a year after we were married, Janet (wife) visited her sister in hospital after giving birth, on discovering it to be of mixed race Janet got very angry and called Connie a dirty whore and any other derogatory names she could think of and swore she’d have nothing more to with her again. After hearing all this I had an idea how to fix things and reunite the sisters, as Janet had heard rumours about my ex-wife and already started wanting to know all about my previous marriage I had started to write it all down. When we got home from the hospital I finished the letter and handed it to Janet to read (Posted as Bred at Stud) as she read I could see that Janet was getting more and more turned on, first her nipples erected then she started to stroke her crutch (unaware) as she read until she had an orgasm. When Janet had recovered I asked her what had got her so turned on; she said it was the though of other men seeing her privates in public and them thinking I didn’t know. I Got really hot at the thought of having unprotected sex but I don’t want to get pregnant, then hoping he pulls out on time got me very wet. But I don’t want somebody else, I just like the fantasy so you can forget about it, so for the next few weeks before we went out she would removed her underwear. I just couldn’t understand how turned on she got, unlike Shauna (my ex) who wore minis the longest hem length was 4inch below her cunt but Janet wore calf length skirts or knee length dresses and dam near fucked me to death, I started to take Bromide so no matter much making out we did I was unable to perform. After a couple of weeks without sex Janet was desperate that’s when I kept dropping hints that she needed a stud to help me to keep her satisfied. Then one night after another argument she agreed but on three condition’s; (1) that I make love to her then at the appropriate time I fuck her doggie style using his cock, but I don’t want see him. (2) If you let him ride me bareback make sure he’s safe, at this point she was still on the pill (3) no Black men. On our next regular shopping trip I got a large box of condoms and a couple of packets of wet wipes, I was all set to put my plan into action. The first time I arranged it! It was with Bob a mate from work I had told him on the night to be arranged to follow us home from the pub then wait 10 minutes after the bedroom light came on he was to sneak in, undress and wait on the upstairs landing. On the night in question Janet and I went to our local and I made sure she had more drink than usual, as we left I gave my mate the nod. On the way home I run my hand under her short skirt and onto her wet hairy pussy which she immediately opened her legs and pulled my hand into tighter contact. As we approached the traffic light and stopped I removed my hand just as a bloke stuck his head through the passenger window saying, “By that’s some cunt do you want help” the lights changed and I drove off with Janet laughing fit to bust. We got home and up stairs where we started making out, as I said she was already wet and after 10 minutes she was gagging for it. I turned her over onto her knees and told her to wait I needed to fetch something from downstairs. Now the reason I chose Bob is that we are the same build and size even our cocks looked the same size and thickness (in the showers), when I met him on the landing I got one hell of a shock. When fully erect his cock dwarfed my 4½-inch not only was he longer but also thicker? It was to late to back out now I gave him a condom and told him not to make a sound or touch Janet he was just to walk in line his cock up, thrust straight in do the deed pullout and leave and you might be invited back. I preceded him into the bedroom and made sure Janet hadn’t cooled off when I thought she was ready I indicated that Bob should do his part. Bob stepped up lined up and with a vicious thrust he went balls deep into Janet’s cunt, she let out an orgasmic scream, leaving her body twitching for about three minutes while Bob kept his cock still, When Janet had calmed he started to saw back and forth slowly at first then picking up speed which had Janet gasping and moaning. As I watched his cock withdrew he fitted so tight that the walls of her cunt came out as if her cunt was being turned inside out. He kept this up for a few more minutes until she had another orgasm, as he speeded up I noticed Janet cunt was producing a lot of froth which allowed Bob to increase speed until they had a joint orgasm. Bob pulled out and left, I tucked Janet in bed and cuddled her until she fell asleep. Next Morning Janet was quiet so I asked her if I had done the wrong thing, almost shyly she admitted no and she was afraid that it would ruin our relationship because she needed more of the same. I told her the more she had the more I would love her, what ever kept her happy the happier I would be. Over the next six months she had about twenty different men, some like Bob had repeat visits as all men were happy to use condoms I convinced Janet to stop taking the pill, she did. I was now ready to set the seconded part of my plan into action as of yet I had stuck to the third condition no Black men. Bob as a mate was a regular visitor to our house (Janet had no idea that it was his cock that gave her so much pleasure) and he never let slip that their relationship was anything other than his mate’s wife. Janet had been off the pill about three months when I told her that a couple of her regulars that had vasectomies had asked if they could ride her bareback. Janet said yes only if you trust them! It would be nice to have a bare cock inside again. Until she had had two more periods I only let four men that had vasectomies including two black ride her bareback. After her seconded period I introduced two more Black men with big cocks and rumour has it they only have to kiss a girl and she is pregnant. I gave them the same instructions as all the men before (only no condom). On the night that the seconded fertile black man (whose cock was the biggest I had seen) Fucked Janet after two orgasm’s she asked if she could turn over so he could have her missionary I’m sorry but I want to make love to him. Before I interpreted her words she’d turned over and he was re-entering her as Janet wrapped her arms and legs round him she looked at me and said he’s here to get me pregnant. Baz replied too right baby and started thrusting once more, as I watched (in that position I had a better view) his big black cock flash back and forth the amount of mucus that frothed and bubbled out of her over stretched cunt. Baz must have been spunking inside Janet continually; I came twice in my shorts just watching. Baz seamed to increase speed as Janet started to wail as she increased in volume Baz let out a roar and rammed in as hard as he could Janet’s body started to shake as she screamed, her whole body went ridged then she passed out cold. When Baz slipped out a large volume of blood streaked spunk ran out of Janet’s open cunt, as I held her, Janet revived and started to cry. After a few minutes I asked, “What’s wrong” “I don’t know I can’t help it; just happy I guess” I climbed into bed, cuddled up and slept. Next morning Janet had a very sore cunt and bad belly ache I took her to see a gynaecologist (in case Baz’s big cock had done any damage) she (gyna) told us to be less rough with our sex play her womb had been penetrated, and Janet would fine in a couple of days. The doctor was right but when the weekend came round Janet said that she didn’t want to play, and after three weeks and no play she started feeling nauseous in the morning after another week of morning sickness she had a pregnancy test that returned positive. After four months she got the itch between her legs and asked me to provide her with some (her words) Black stud’s, which kept a smile on her face for the next five months. Even after the baby (girl) was born Janet was still too ashamed to reconcile with her sister. I’ll write and tell you about that later


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Poster: morgan R jones