No Sperm Count 3



3rd story:

Hot Wife Constance

I woke up Friday morning hot and horny for Black cock. All I could think about was finding a Real man and being treated like the cum slut whore I am. As I drove downtown in my mini skirt, fuck me heels and skimpy top, I realized that I was so hungry that it didnít matter if I knew the man or not. I just needed Black cock; to suck it and to be fucked royally.

As I drove around. an interested looking man caught my eye as he entered a bar. Whatís a horny woman to do? I parked the car and followed him in. Of course! As I walked up to the bar I could feel my juices start dripping down my thighs. Over a drink and small talk, he noticed my wedding ring and asked about whether my husband would be a problem. I told him that since my hubby is a cuck, it didnít matter. I do whatever I want, whenever I want and besides he was at work. Hearing that, put him at ease and said he was game for some afternoon fun. He walked me to my car and gave me a deep, passionate kiss and told me he hoped it wouldnít take to long to get to the house. It truly was my lucky day as he followed me home.

The moment we closed the door behind us, we were in each others arms kissing, tasting and teasing each other. We made our way to the bedroom, leaving a trail of our clothes behind us. I just wanted that beautiful cock in my mouth but he had other ideas. He laid me on the bed and began eating my dripping pussy. It didnít take long for me to be moaning in pleasure and release. The next moment, he was over me and rammed his tool into me. He showed no mercy as he pounded away at me. The more he pounded me, the more I begged him to fill me with his cum. He told me that the only way he would fill me was to let him use my cuck as his toy. He said that he loves making married white boys serve him and make them suck his cock before he fucks their wife.

Hearing this had me begging and agreeing to have him there the next time we played since watching my cuck being forced to serve is such a big turn on for me. I could feel his cock get harder as he pumped his load into me. He took these pics and ordered me to show them to my cuck with instructions to be here the next time he came over to fuck me. I can hardly wait!


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