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She was Full of his Cum
By: Newman

Last Saturday we organized a new meeting with our bull, and now I tell you how it went.

We ordered some food and we organized a dinner at our home. This time I didn't help Alice dressing up, because I still had the rule of not being able to see her naked or in underwear, so I only sow her when she come back from the room. Of course like the other times Pietro chose her outfit.

She wore a pretty red minidress, with no bra and a thong I think, but I don't know it certainly. ( I'm sure Pietro knew perfectly Alice underwear. She sent him a lot of naughty pics during the week! ). When Pietro entered in our house, he greeted Alice with a deep kiss and a grope on her ass under her dress!

The dinner went pretty normal I can say. Nothing too explicit or wired, we had some good and nice conversations between the 3 of us. When we finished Pietro asked me to tidy up the kitchen and to reach them on the living room when I finished.

After my jobs I went into the living room and I found Alice on her knees licking Pietro's feet! They went on like this like I was invisible, surely more than 15 minutes! Alice never licked my feet in all our relationship, and I never seen her doing that before!

After that Pietro asked Alice to show him our bedroom, and he immediately told me to stay downstair because Alice would probably take off her clothes, and I wasn't allowed to see her in that way. I was shocked as I sow them walking up the stairs hand in hand! Were they going to have sex alone without me watching?! Those were the longest 10 minutes of my entire life!

Finally I heard Pietro telling me to go up stairs in our bedroom, and When I entered I sow him lying down naked on our bed, and Alice completely naked licking his balls and sucking his cock. It was a super erotic scene to see for me! They were naked on our bed and that was the first time I sow Alice naked for 1 week! Pietro told me to sit on a chair and enjoy Alice's body finally.

Well, she sucked his cock for a while, then he put her on doggy and he started fucking her really hard! I was enjoying the scene, completely dressed and without knowing exactly what to do, so I just watched them, heard her sounds of pleasure, and his pushes causing the bed to hit the wall! After some time they changed position, Alice was lying on her back and Pietro was over her, and he started fucking her in that way.

First again really hard and rough, after he calmed down and they started fucking more passionately and kissing each other very deep, with a lot of tongue also outside of their mouth. After a few minutes in that way, he started fucking Alice again really hard and it was clear he was going to finish. But this time he didn't remove his cock from her, and with 3/4 deep and long pushes he cum all inside her pussy, giving her first crampie from a man different than me! I don't know if they agreed before about that, but Alice held him inside her until his last pushes. He nutted all inside Alice's pussy till last drop!

After that he ordered me to get naked, and I thought it was my turn with Alice, but he had different plan for us that night. He said: " Now you have to go to bed together completely naked. You Alice have to keep my cum in you for all the night and you can wash tomorrow morning. And you can't touch your girlfriend until next morning when you will help her washing and dressing."

After that you can't see her naked or have any sexual activities with her until next Wednesday. Then you have 2 free days Thursday and Friday, you can do what you want with only 2 rules; no blowjobs and sex only with a condom on . After these words he went out and we remain only the 2 of us.

After some times we went to bed naked without the possibility of touching or doing nothing between us. I didn't sleep a single minute thinking about what happened and knowing Alice was naked next to me full of Pietro's cum!! The next morning I helped her a bit washing, and dressing before starting my days without any contact with Alice's body! On that Sunday I jerked me off 2 times sniffing her used thong of that night!

I can't wait Thursday for having finally sex with my girlfriend! I love her and I love this lifestyle!



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