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By: Mike

In the bedroom we had a lot of hot sex after Jan admitted to having affairs with other men. She would give me details of how they met, related and finally had sex.

This led to her agreeing to do a 3way with the right guy. I found two guys. I was looking for a guy from out of town who would come her ( Chicago ) on a regular basis. one was from Ohop and bi. The other from Michigan and straight.

I asked the straight. He came in as arranged. Jan was uptight. I had a lot to drink and told her she had to do it or I would find another girl to do a 3way with. She agreed and we met him in the lobby of his hotel. I went back to the car and left them chating.

When I returned Jan and he were like old friends. I suggested we go to his room and they agreed. Once inside Jan and I kissed and she held me like she feared the next step. I felt her getting more relaxed and asked Paul to try kissing her. I turned her holding her from behind as he moved in. They began to deep kiss as I played and teased her brests. I moved his hand to one adn thenone to her ass. I stepped back and watched as Jan began to give in to Paul. I moved back and began to remove her top. then her skirt.

She contnues to kiss as I bemoved he bra and encourage him to suck her nipples. I tried to tell him what she likes - Jan told me to shut up, he is doing fine. I went to pull down her panties and he told me to sit down she was his and he wanted to remove them at the right time. Jan responed with an OOOH Yesss. I removed my cloths and told Paul to get coffy. As he was undressing I led Jan to one of the two beds. we laid and made oout as Paul watched in his boxers. He bend over to tell her he wanted her to take them off. I was teasing her clit and she playing with me. She then whispered that she wanted to suck him.

Without waiting for a reply she left me to go to him. He pulled sme pillows up so he could look down at her ssucking him. she slid her hand into his boxers and smiled at him. "Tell me if I doing it right. I want to give you pleasure." He smiled down at her and smirked at me. SHe pulled out his simihard 8'' cock and went to work. I got up to join them and he got mad. He told me that they were going to make love and I was to watch or go. I asked Jan to leave with me and told me that I could stay and we would go home after or I could go home and she would take a taxi in the morning. She reminded me that this was my idea.

She continued with her oral sex and he was no match. He was excited, being watched, a wife sucking on him---it was too much and he blew his load. He pulled out and Jan cought it on her face, hair and some in her mouth.

Paul is one of those guys that is a once a night cunner. He appollogized a lot. Jan said she understood and there will be other times. She told him she understood and that next time she would leave me downstairs. She then told him she was sorry that I had fucked up his night. She turned to me at said that the least I could do was to appoligise. I did. She went to the bathroom to clean up. Paul told me that he knew a cuckold when he saw one and welcomed me to be there each and every time. He admitted that his main problem was premature cum and not being able to recover. He suggested that I make it with Jan now so he could watch and maybe get hard.

When jan came out I tried to get her in bed. She refused saying how I had welcomed Paul and then fucked up his night. Paul then told her he wanted to watch my style and have her suck him if he gets hard. Then he would push me off and fuck his new slut. She liked that idea and laid down spead eagle for me. He wanted me to play with her first and she want him to.. Paul just could not til he got excited again. So there I was with Jan and Paul urging me to fuck her me standing there with a soft, soft cock.

We got dressed. I was holding the door for Jan and she told me to wait in the hall A short time later she came out with a piece of papper. She had his cell number and his email. She told me next time he would stay at our home.



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