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The Denial was Quite Strong
By: L.H.

My wife and I have been together for 2.5 years now and we are both very open minded and like the alternative marriage life style. At the beginning of our relationship we knew we were a perfect match for each other Because I wanted a cuckold relationship and someone to dominate me and she was looking for some one that she could be with but also have a free pass to have fun with other men as she pleased and she was dominant by nature but never had the opportunity to have some one to test her skills on, so from then on we knew we were brought together for a good reason.

After a year and half we got married and she had played with others on occasion and she enjoyed how much it turned me on to know she was having fun with other men. Then one day she was on line at her bondage.com web site that she is on and she met Tyson, he was very pleasing to her eye's and he liked most of the things that she liked and being dominated so they both agreed to meet at a public place one day to meet and greet each other and see if the chemistry was right.

Everything went very well and they felt comfortable with each other and so they set a date to meet at his house one day during the week to have some fun and see how it goes. The day came to go to Tyson's house and we were in the bedroom talking as she was getting dressed to go over and she told me she was very nervous but also excited at the same time because it would be there second time together and he was very good looking and charming and didn't know what was going to happen, so she put on a very nice and revealing top, a short mini skirt and knee high black leather boots.

She finished fixing her hair and spraying on some of her expensive perfume that she had kept for special occasions. I was watching her as She Looked so hot as she was checking her self in the mirror. She turned around and looked at me and kissed me good bye and told me that she would call if she needed anything but not to call her and disturb there meeting because Tyson was not aware of her being married.

8 hours later she calls me, "Hey babe I just wanted to let you know that I am on my way back home." How was your visit with Tyson? "It went very well, we watched a little bit of a game that was on TV. while we talked and got comfortable with each other and then we laid on the couch together and watched a movie together" Nice, did you cuddle with each other while laying on the couch and watching the movie?

"Yes we did, he was on the inside of the couch as I was on the outside. His right leg was between my legs as he lay partially on the side of me. He started caressing and rubbing my legs as he slowly progressed up my skirt. Periodically through out the movie we would kiss and with each kiss becoming more and more passionate. He started making me very wet and throbbing for him so I started caressing his chest under his shirt and worked my way down to un buttoning and zipping his pants so I could slide my hand in and feel his cock.

I liked very much what I was feeling in my hand as He was running his hands through my hair and he pulled me toward his lips and kissing me ever so passionately" nice I am glad to hear that. So what happened next? "I wanted to take him into my mouth so I proceeded to pull his pants down and started licking on the underside of his shaft and tasting him, then I opened my mouth and slid his cock into my mouth and gave him a wonderful blow job for a very long time."

Wow you haven't done that to any body except me? " ya well get over it….so any way by that time I was throbbing and so wet that I could not wait any more, so I asked him to take me to his room so I could feel him inside me" Awesome! How many times did you guys make out? "3 times actually" very nice! " when we got to the bedroom he undressed him self then me and then gave me a wonderful and relaxing body massage, then as he was on all fours on top of me and looking at each other eye to eye he gives me a soft romantic kiss. Then he moves down between my legs and starts licking and sucking on me.

Tyson told me he likes to be smothered so I grab his head and forcefully press his face into my pussy and momentarily smother him with my pussy then he started licking and sucking on me and it felt so good, After my first orgasm I get on top of him and start ridding him. He suddenly tells me to stop as he is trying to not explode in his condom and says "didn't know you were this good" I said don't worry we have all day, so go ahead and cum" "we passed the time by kissing and me biting on his nipples and telling him what I am going to do to him next visit. Then we had sex again but this time he was fully ready to go and fucked me good and hard like I like it.

He fucked me missionary and doggy style so well for a long time until we both came together, which I liked very much. Then we laid there resting and we both played together, me dominating him by smothering him in my breasts and me biting on him, we did that back and forth for a few hours.

Then he proceeded to make out with me again, he fucked me very hard at the beginning and then he slowed down and started being more passionate toward one another in a making love kind of way and that was pretty much the day right there" Wow I am so glad that you had such a great time and I hope that you have found a consistent lover for you and that you both become very close and can go out on dates and everything, do you think I can get some tonight? "Hell no" "Tyson and I just made out three time's today.

Which I have never done with you, Ever!...he was that good…do you hear me! I am in a lot of pain and will be for a while because of him fucking me like he did, and I hope I do see Tyson more too because he is bigger than you are and he is much, much better in bed and knows how to fuck me far better than you do and I liked very much how his dick felt and tasted in my mouth rather than yours" Yes baby I understand.

By that time she was driving up into the drive way so we hung up the phone. She walked through the door. She looks me straight in the eye and says "I was thinking and wanting to know how much you want to be my cuckold Husband?" I said Baby as long as you promise me that you keep me and we stay together then yes I am all yours on what you want to do with me. No matter what role you put me in, I will be ok with it.

" That's what I wanted to hear Because I love you and I am going to keep our promise to you on being together permanently but things are going to change around here now that me and Tyson are going to start seeing each other on a regular basis, do you understand?! Here is what is going to change for right now and then later more will be added to this list.

Me you and Tyson…all three of us have kids so what we need to do is keep everything we do out of sight as much as possible, so now with that being said #1 I have finally found someone that knows how to fuck me the way that I need it and so afterwards My pussy will be hurting, ok. So with that being said I can not handle getting it from him and you, so you have just been replaced as far as being able to feel my wet, and warmth of me around the shaft of your cock.

You are no longer able to penetrate me any more, do you understand? #2 You can lightly kiss me and hug on me, However I prefer that Tyson be the only one able to romantically kiss, caress me and be romantic with me. He will be the only one to French kiss me and rub his hands all over my ass. #3 Romantic dates and trips are only with him now and you are to pay for them with your extra money that you get, If we invite you then understand that when you are invited you are the chuffer and the servant for us at all times, He can not know that we are married yet. When you are asked to drive us around town and we end up making out in the back seat behind you, you better keep your eyes on the road. #4 I want to let you know that I am going to get on birth control and he is going to get tested so that he doesn't have to use a condom any more. I want to feel his cum inside me.

#5 He is not aware of me being married to you yet so all pictures, clothes and anything else that has to do with you in it have to come down and hidden or put away, until I can warm him up to me and know that I can sit down with him and tell him what our type of situation is and what role I have put you in, in this house and he wont over react to the fact of me being married to you. As you can see, yes we are legally married but I have chosen and which you have agreed to being now my servant and cuckold full time and for life!!!…do you understand?!

Now for #6 For right now, until further notice you are permitted to lay with me in the bed but as you already know there will be no love making. Tyson now owns what you used to have and that also goes for going down on you, I prefer the taste and his size of cock being inside my mouth only. The only thing you can do to me down there is to lick and suck the sweat and cum that's oozing and dripping from my pussy after me and Tyson have been making love all night. If he wants to come over here after the kids have gone to bed and make love to me, then guess where I am putting you? I want your ass under the bed! I want you to not be seen by him and he can not know that you exist yet so you better not make a sound. I want you to listen to what we are doing and listen to how he makes me moan with pleasure. I want you to see and feel the mattress press up against your face as he is thrusting his cock in and out of me and you are to be there until Tyson decides he is done and what he wants to do. If we make love over and over again all night then you just lie under there, keep quiet and enjoy me and Tyson fuck all night long right on top of you.

If Tyson is at work and I am ultimately craving for his dick to be inside me, then I will permit you to use the vibrating dildo on me. You can slide it in and out of my pussy and fuck me with my dildo in your hand until I cum. After I have cum all over the dildo and I tell you know that I am done then you are to take it out and hand it over to me so I can make you sniff my wet pussy juices all over it and then have you suck on my dildo to clean it off.

Then I might let you suck on my pussy and clean me. #7 Me being a dominating wife and a sadist that loves to give pain and watch as you twist and turn in pain "hummm makes me so wet" I am now making you my punching and kicking bag for when ever I feel like it and after wards you will worship my feet and tell me how much you enjoyed my foot in your side, knocking you out of breath. #8 I know how much you like me peeing on you so you are now my permanent human toilet anytime I need to pee.

When we are at the house I will tell you when it is time for you to go up stairs and get into position to accept my pee. I am growing a likening to using you as my toilet and reliving my self inside your mouth so it will eventually start happening everyday and if you get sick…so what! I don't care!!..Its part of me being a sadist and enjoying you being in pain and uncomfortable so you will keep drinking it and loving it! That is all that I can think of for right now. So how does it feel to finally be a real life style cuckold and servant husband? Excellent and thank you so much! I love you even more now that when we first met. You are so perfect for me and I love you and thank you.

A year later and my cuckold life is the best it's ever been. My wife and Tyson have become very close and inseparable. They see each other twice a week for dinner and talking and sometimes if there is time they will go to his house or here and make love to one another and one day each weekend she will spend the night over there and come home on Sunday sometime.

She has gotten to a point to where she loves to taunt me about Tyson being able to have her anytime he wants and cum inside her and how his cock is able to feel the warmth of her pussy wrapped around him as he makes love to her all night long, while my only sex that I will ever have is masturbation into the toilet or in the shower under warm water. Sometimes she will finger her self when she gets home from seeing Tyson and force me to smell and lick her fingers " do you like it" " Its me and Tyson's cum" as she walks away laughing.

She has molded the perfect life for her self. She has the servant cuckold husband that will cook, clean, and take care of the kids so she can be with Tyson and I bring home a good paycheck to add to the family income and fund her and Tyson's dates, trips and sexy lingerie and over night clothes at his house for her to wear for him. The following Sunday,

I get a phone call from my wife. Hello? "Hey just wanted to let you know that I am on my way home and I wanted to make sure the kids are ok and the house is in order?" Yes every one is good and the yard and house have been cleaned. " Great, Great…well I told Tyson about me being married and what type of husband you are and what your role is in life and he was perfectly fine with everything because of how close me and him have gotten" well that's great and I am happy for both of you. "Well there is more" what? "I asked him to move in with me so he can be with me full time." Where am I going to sleep? All the rooms are taken by the kids? "I figured that out already my little cuck, and I want you to rebuild the king size sleigh bed in the master room where we are.

Here is what you are going to do. You are going to rebuild the frame to where the box springs are removed and I want you to make a ply wood platform for the mattress to lie on. Creating a box that's the full dimensions of the king size bed but only 18" tall. That Is where you will sleep at all times, a compartment under the bed and lying on the carpet, right under me and Tyson. This way if we need anything you can get it for us and you will always be able to hear us fuck and playing together, right above you and you can clean us up afterward. Also we can both use you as our toilet so we don't have to get out of bed.

Also I can't have you taking up much space in the room with anything else because I want to make room for Tyson's things, so I need for you to put all your shit under the bed where you will be staying. You will be able to come in the room at anytime because it is still your rooms as well just don't bother us if we are having sex or watching a movie together. Oh and before I forget, I need for you to change the lock on the door to a key one so the kids don't pick it and get in and see where I have now put you, Just to save in your own embarrassment.

Also sense you are now the cuckold servant I need for you to be the first one up and getting the kids ready so we can sleep in and the kids don't realize where you sleep now." Wow honey sounds great and I am so glad you and him are together. I will get started right away for you.



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