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She Comfortably took someone Bigger than Me
By: John

I suppose I have always been a cuck since even with my first two significant relationship, but to stay within the definition of cuckold, my story should begin with my marraige. This story is not a fantasy and completely true down to the the first names.

I married this apparently nice catholic college girl who was a strange mix of complete prim and proper prude on outward appearances but then a complete alley cat to those who knew her well. It took me a good two weeks to get her "in the sack" that was a very inordinate timeline for the date (1970) Unlike some of the other stories, ages at the time and appearance to the best of my observations are included. This "nice college girl" was and is 5'5" and fluctuates from 115 to 125 lb.s, 34 b cup (back then "b" was "b".....cupcake breasts) and a considerable bigger hips 38 and quite plump with big thighs relative to the rest of her anatomy. After the two long weeks it took to "bed her", I found that "down there" was the same color as her head hair. In both cases it was almost coal black. Her pubic bush would embarass many young women and have the urge to shave. The dark hair and hairs were in completely in contrast to her her pale ivory skin. The kind of inner thighs that would make about any guy want to nibble on them.

My size is 5'7", 125 then and 145 now and a seven inch penis (not online inches) which at the time I thought was adequate certainly......until we had sex that night. It was in pure ectasy in that literally it was like not even have to aim or direct with my hand, but more like thrust in the general direction and I went in her with that wonderful kind of slurping sound. I had NEVER had anyting like that before but it was rather a portent of things to come....I realized that she would comfortably be able to take somebody much more endowed than I. I was so entranced with her that she had me measure with by using a candle and then marking the candle with my thumb nail. Nine and half inches! Wow! I had the most wonderful pussy in the world for ME.

Much to my chagrin I found out on the next evening. She started already working on my esteem. She didnt get back to my house until mid morning, saying matter of factly, "I stayed too late at Greg's house and the buses had stopped running" I knew this Greg guy, and he was a larger version of how grizzly Adams is portrayed. What I expected honestly was for her to say "I know what you are thinking John, but NOTHING HAPPENED". That way the guy tries to believe that, but Susi was different and was until our eventual divorce 25 years later.

She told me EVERYTHING that happened in a manner that I KNEW it was true. eight incher and as big around as a V-8 can,demonstrating with her long thumb and forefinger. "REALLY SUSI? "REALLY JOHN", lowering her panties and stepping out of them. "He really comes a lot too, look at my panties and the wet spot on the back of my skirt LOOK JOHN!" Then she sat on the corner of the foot my bed, lowered herself on her back with legs apart like she was going to get a pelvic exam. I just couldnt help it..GOOD GRIEF....redened distended labes and her precious pussy open like some invisible organ was still in her.

Of course I was angry with her and also jealous but also more horny than I had been anytime in my life. I was 20 and I was about as horny as anybody seemed to be in that age group of males. What surprised me too, is that this only made me love her more and hold her in esteem and I was strangely humbled by this experience and I am about as arrogant as anybody I have met.

Two days later a similar thing ocurred. "Ive got to go study at Ira's house (a big black basketball player) well for one thing I knew he didnt study because I knew the professors always left the room for a time during the exams and he opened up some kind of "special note book", and Susi is really not the "brightest bulb in the chandelier" as they say.

Susi was of course late for our afternoon of beer drinking. Intending to "catch her" was a waste of time. Of course, to "catch her". Being my freind Ira opened the door to his apartment with only an open bathrobe on. I couldnt seem to help myself from looking down. Biggest penis I had ever seen all glistening with her and his juices most likely. Susi was sitting and then getting up from the toilet in the bathroom with the door open. wiping herself and showing me the cotents of the toilet paper before flushing it.

I married in spite of perhaps because of that characteristic she had. And YES it went on for 25 years. Sometimes I got to watch, other times she wanted her "privacy" but promised to tell me about it. In fact I even paid for her plane ticket to Alberta, Canada to have a weekend session with oversized "grizly adams". She had at least 20 different lovers I can count and even name. What all the lovers had in common were "well endowed", except for one drummer in a garage band. Shall I say way younger than either on of us and the time and a self professed virgin and I believed him because his observed by me performance. He asked ME to give him permission to take Susi home for the night. Heck she was going to go anyway if she chose to which of course she did. That was a bit of a little twist of the situation on her part, saying to me, "John sometimes if I want I will even be with someone who isnt as big as you and as skillful as you are.

We did get a divorce after 25 years, and not ALL about the cuckold thing; money, chid raising and yes I had the fantasy of finding somebody who loves only me.

I will furnish a photo when I figure out how to do it. Of course, I would like feedback and any comments on this non fiction story. I have had only two women I have been in love with and some readers may like my second story about cuckold afer 50 years of age. It will have Colleen somewher in the the title. Thanks everybody.



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