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We went home so Horny
By: Lil Siss

I've had a cuckold kink for years and my wife finally shown willingness to at least explore it late last year.

She hooked up with a few different guys from our online ad and I lived out my fantasy of watching her get fucked. Seeing her legs wrapped around someone as their cock slid in and out of her drove me wild and she admitted to really enjoying it. We went from a stagnating sex life to all of a sudden a huge rush of excitement in that area of our life.

I loved more than anything how much confidence it gave my wife and how she was finally seeing herself as sexy as I've always done. We never really managed to secure a long term bull that we could build something with as a lot of guys on tinder either wanted a quick fuck or a relationship however our whole dynamic changed earlier this year.

We started our journey strictly seeing guys outside of our area to keep it as secretive as possible however a guy at my wife's work had been flirting with her for ages and we had a discussion over him one night. She admitted he's attractive and his flirting makes her smile so I asked if she wanted to pursue anything with him. The conversation somehow led us both into giddy excitement over role playing a work affair in which I'll not be in the room to watch and as far as that guy is concerned I don't know what is happening.

The idea although a bit daunting really fed into my humiliation kink and I couldn't get the thought out of my head how humiliating it would be for a guy to think he's an alpha over me fucking my wife behind my back.

So my wife went to work slowly flirting back with this guy over a few weeks until he asked her if she wanted to grab a drink after work. She obviously agreed while playing the innocent girl not reading his advances.

She messaged me to say she would be home a bit late and I replied encouraging her to at least kiss him. She spent hours with him that evening and when she came home I was like an excited dog bounding around wanting to know everything.

She said it went perfectly. She subtly touched his hand, leg and flirted all evening and he walked her to her car holding hands before a cheeky French kiss to seal the night. Not being there somehow elevated all the emotions maybe because she is doing her thing without any set rules or expectation?

Fast forward to the present and she's fucked him multiple times after work and rings me in front of him to say work is busy etc she will be home late. She told him that she isn't interested in a relationship with him as she is happy with me but needs someone who can last in bed to satisfy her sexually.

He loves the idea of being a friend with benefits and she says he always asks her to tell him how much bigger he is when he's inside her. The humiliation and not witnessing it so having to just use my imagination of what it's like with him fucking my wife is so addictive. I feel super lucky and she's also loving this kinky dynamic so hopefully it can go on for a good while longer!!

Overall though my favourite part of all this was meeting him in person at my wife's work summer barbecue looking him in the eyes knowing he's been fucking my wife but pretending I know nothing. He carried a confidence that comes with knowing that the guy in front of you not only is smaller than you, his wife regularly tells youhow much more she likes your cock.

We went home so horny that night and had some of the best sex I we've had in years. I hope it can go on long enough to eventually give an update here :)



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