Calling Out Another Man's Name During Sex

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She Groaned his name over and Over
By: Jiim

After a long summer my wife and I needed a vacation but couldn't find enough time. This led us to borrow a friends motorhome for a few days. He is cuckold as am I , and the inside of the motorhome shure looked it.

You might say it was fully equiped. His wife , like mine has big tits and will do almost anything when being used by a bull including BDSM. The pictures on the walls clearly erased any doubt. One picture showed my wife laying on her back on a kitchen table.

Her big tits were tied with chord wraped around the base of each one causing them to buldge streight up like big dark blue grape fruits. Her head was tilted back over the table edge and a huge cock was shoved so far in her mouth you could actualy see it spreading her throat and neck! Between her leggs, my buddys wife had a giant strapon shoved in my wife and had grabbed two handfulls of my wifes belly and was actualy pulling herself into her using my wifes own belly to help her ram in harder! "Wow , when was that!?, "I breathed, feeling my cock stir. " Do I know that guy? Please, I need to know who has a cock that big I said. Did he fuck you with it?

Where was the picture taken Honey?" My wife just laughed and said soon I would be watching that big cock pumping into her cunt in person ."Would you like to see that Jim?" My answer was to reach over to her big tits and taking her left one squeeze it as hard as I could. She sucked in her breath and moaned, "Go ahead CUCKEY,hurt me, its the only way you can ever make me moan , isn't it."

"A real man can make me make that sound with his cock. You can't wait to hear it while you just sit there watching and pumping your useless cock can you!" I let go of her big tit and looked into her eyes. They were soft and understanding, not mad or sarcastic. " I love to hear you groan in sexual pain pleasure. It makes me cum without even touching my cock!" "I know, she said softly, open my shirt Jim."

I unbuttoned her shirt and opened it exposing her beautifull big tits. "Now un snap my pants and push them down a little." I did as she told me, taking in the view of her beautifull tits and full soft lower belly. Looking back up to her eyes she said ,"take out your cock Jim, but dont touch it." I was shaking now, and the look in her eyes was compassion. "Would you like to get off making me moan Jim?" I couldnt say a word. " First suck my tits Jim, then when I tell you squeeze them as hard as you can! Try to pull them as hard as you can! When I start to cum, bring your knee up hard between my leggs . You should hear enough to make you cum , and if not burry a deep belly punch in me and keep pressing it in till your cumming while I'm making those sounds you need to hear so badly."

She was getting into position with her back against the wall and spreading her feet apart. She looked so hot my voice was shaking as I asked her," How hard should I knee you in the cunt Honney?" "Bring my feet off the ground !" As I got in front of her, our eyes locked as I kissed her. "I love you so much ," I whispered ,thank you HONNY , tell me when." She smiled still looking into my eyes and pulled out her cell phone! to my amszement she pressed a number and in a second while still looking into my eyes said, "Yes Mark , He saw the picture of me on the table, and it made him so hot I have to relieve my little cuckey boy.

I want you to fuck him in the mouth for doing me up like this to hear me moan! Ok, Mark, see you soon. " " do you understand,Jim?" I nodded my head, and she said "THEN DO IT!" As I started mauling her big tits she began moaning and her body began writhing and jerking. Precum was oozing out of me, my cock hard and purple. "Call me a whore , keep calling me a whore!" she screamed. She was starting to cum! ""Now,Now,Now Now , she screamed." I brought my knee up between her legs jamming it so hard into her cunt her feet left the floor, as she made those beautiful pain pleasure sounds that I need to hear to cum! As I held her up as she slumped forward onto me, my cock came up against her hot convulsing belly , and I began shooting my hot cum all over her belly! As we subsided she leaned back a little and looked at her cum spattered belly.

Then looking up at me she said , "Did you like it?" I told her I did , but I would still rather see one of her lovers do it. She smiled and told me that when we get back Mark has arranged a ganbang just so you can see how real men use me. "Would you like to hear me moan once more before we go?" Yes I said. She grabbed my cock and started pumping it, and told me to give her the belly punch we haden't gotten to.

In a flash I burried my fist in her soft guts and was cumming again as I watched her wither and moan groaning Marks name over and over! Instead of waiting till we got home, we picked Mark up on the way, and oh what a few days we had.



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