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I was Shocked
By: D

My wife she is 32 and I am 35. She is very pretty and sexy. She has nice body and nice big breasts 36c. When we have sex every time I ask her to fuck some one in front of me. She said no. And you are only man in my life.

But I always encouraged her to do. One day I took her a night nude dance club and wanted to show her another world. she was very excited can not believes the scene that she watched. all young ladies dance with nude went home and had good sex after that.that time I asked her again , can you fuck some one . she did not say anything that day. otherwise she was angry every time when I ask her.

I planned again to take her to the nude club. one friday I took her and she enjoyed that day watching nude dance.that night also we had good sex and asked hher aggain same questions said , no problem. but who is going to fuck me.i said do not worry I will arrange one man.another 2 weeks I did not asked her anything when we have sex.purposley I did not asked .

I want to know how she like to fuck another man.she realy like or because of my request only she wants to do. one day when we have have dinner , she drank too much of wine and the same night whhen we have sex, shhe was very sexy and asked me when we are going to meet a man . I was shocked. I said day was a saturday on mar/8th last saturday. I had a planed and took her to niagara falls and booked a hotel and stayed that night.i went out and find a local community news paper .i checked add section. I called a man for massage for my wife.i explained to hm over the phone and went back to my room. she was sexy and had a bath.after 1 hour some one knocked the door. she went and opened.he asked her ,are you Julie. she said yes. your husband called me to come to do massage for you. she was very happy and she took him to bed. she lay on the bed .

I went out and getting ready my camera.he removed her clothes one by one and ggave good body massage . he did good breast massaged her pussy area . she suddenly cath his cock. then he started to do oral and every thing .finally he fucked her verywell.he had a big cock.i was watching and took videos.she awwehe I was in the gxan ta k sex, after he left , she kissed and asked me to fuck her again. I did and she also enjoyed that night.

After the night every day we are fucking well. she is now asking when we can go again. I am planing to take her again to different man.i hope we will go soon. may be next long weekend. please give your suggestion and opinions can enjoy next time.



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