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As she was Climaxing
By: Mike/Jan

Jan and I have been together 27 years. We have had wonderful adventurous sex which seems to get better - never boring. ike a lot of men I would tell her of my fantasies of seeing her with other men. I asked her one night when I had her near climax whether there were other men in her life since we met and her answer brought a sexual high I had never experianced. " Yes, yes but I love you!!"

After she said that she had said that only to turn me on. I was turned on and wanted details. Not that night but the bext time she gave me the name of the guy, her tennis instructor. I knew him and really liked him. He had moved andnow has cancer. It turned me on more and had her tell me more details. How did it start with him. After a lesson he had the remainder of the day off. He had been telling her how nice she looked, how nice her hair was, etc. She like that and especially liked when he noticed new outfit, new hair style etc. SHe like him. Then he got bolder telling her that she turned him on sexually but of course understood that she was married. He told her his girl fried was not much of a lover and he used her for the build up she gave him.

On that first time he walked with her to out house and Jan invited him in for ice tea. Once inside they just fell into each others arms.

It turns out that the nice guy that i liked was a cocksman. Once he had her hot - never removing her cloths - he encouraged her to go to her knees. She did and she said she became his submissive slut. she told me thatt she liked submitting. taking his things off and giving him oral as he stood proud and tall over her. Making her look up to him.

He them told her to take him to out bed. At first she refused and wanted to take him to the guest room . He held her and removed her cloths teasing her clit to a near orgasim then stoped. When he told her he wanted her on my bed ir he would go and tell the guys he got some good oral from her and let the word out to the other members, she consented. With all that out of her and many good love making sessions talking about it, she finally agreed to meet another guy with me. I will write about that next time.



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