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We're from Florida
By: Joe/Dawn

We're Joe and Dawn and we're in our mid 50's, kinda average, I'm 5'11' 210 lbs, and she's 5'7' 135, a tall, blue eyed blond. We decided to get into swinging about 22 years ago but she wasn't real comfortable with meeting strangers or with me being with someone else. So we decided that our first time would be her with another guy. We had been married for about 9 years, second marriage for both of us. Our sex life had always been excellent and still is to this day. Part of our foreplay has been talking about fantasy lovers, mostly hers. We began discussing how we could turn fantasy into reality, and who she could realize her fantasy with. She mentioned a guy she had dated before she had met me.

They had dated off and on for about a year but although they had kissed and done some some light fondling, they had never had sex. With my encouragement, she began to consider the possiblility of getting in touch with him. After a while longer, she decided to call him and suggest they get together for a drink for old times sake the next time she was in town visiting her family, which we were planning on the next month. She made the call and he was delighted to hear from her and told her he was very excited at the thought of seeing her again. Over the next month, they talked a few more times on the phone and she was feeling very comfortable and anxious to see him again. It was a very long month before we finally made the trip to Dawn's home town and her meeting with her former boyfriend, Jim.

We were staying at Dawn's sister's house and, on the pretext of visiting with a longtime female friend for the evening, she made arrangements to meet Jim. She dressed casually in a white blouse and wrap around blue jean skirt with a lacey bra and panties set underneath. As she was getting ready to leave, I asked her how far she would go with him. She said, 'We'll see, it depends.' 'Depends on what?', I asked. 'I don't know,' she said, 'I haven't seen him in ten years, I don't even know if he's still interested in me that way.' I told her, 'Trust me, baby, he's still interested.' I asked her to call me if she had a chance and let me know what was happening.

She drove off and I began a long wait to see how things turned out. After about two hours, the phone rang. It was Dawn and she said they were at a motel and he was in the shower. She had told him she was going to call home to let them know she would be out a little later than planned. She quickly told me they had met at the nightclub as planned and had a nice dinner and some drinks and much conversation. After dinner they had danced and for a while, kissed a few times and decided to get a room. There wasn't enough time for many details. I was dying to know every little detail, every move, how she was feeling and so forth. But then she said she had to go, the shower had been turned of and, I loved this part, she said 'Now it's my turn.' Thinking I might be pushing my luck, I said, 'Don't shower before you come home, I want you freshly fucked when you get here'. To my surprise, she said 'That sounds good to me.'

The next two or three hours were a mixture of pain and pleasure for me. I was going crazy wanting her to come home and yet the longer it took, the more I knew she was enjoying her first time with another man since we'd been married.

Finally, I heard the front door open and then our bedroom door and there she was, smiling like the cat that ate the canary. She was teasing me and simply said, 'Hi, honey.' Impatiently I said, 'Well, how did it go?' And she replied, 'Three times.' Knowing full well what she meant, I innocently asked, 'Three times what?'. She said, 'He made me come three times, and you knew what I meant.'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I prompted her for details. Dawn sat on the edge of the bed and asked 'What do you want to know?', again, teasing. And she began to tell me everything.

They had enjoyed an intimate dinner and a few drinks that she said were beginning to work on her, Dawn's a light drinker. Then he asked her to dance. Each time they danced Jim made a few more advances. And he asked her why, after so long, had she wanted to see him. She answered that when we decided we were coming for a visit, she began to think about him, and just thought it would be nice to see him and talk about old times. Jim asked about me, where I thought she was, and she told him about the story she had concocted about spending an evening with a girlfriend talking and catching up.

They danced some more and when he'd make one of those subtle little squeezes or pushes against her, she'd return his advance. After a while, he kissed her softly on the cheek and to show her approval, she moved her hand to back of his neck and pulled him closer into her. Dawn said he moved back and looked her in the eyes and asked if she wanted to take things a little further. And she said, 'Sure, I'd like that.' He then asked if he should get a motel room and she told him she was hoping he would ask.

When they got to the room, they sat nervously at the small table in the room and talked for a while longer. As they talked they both began to relax. Then Jim got up and reached out and took her hand, and pulled her up to him. And they kissed, gently at first then a deep, probing wet tongue on tongue kiss that she said left her head swimming with a dizzying wonderful feeling. They moved to the bed and she lay back with Jim laying on his side next to her, kissing her and running his hands over her body, down to her legs and up under her split skirt. She put her hand on his to let him know she wanted him to continue.

They began to unbutton each others clothing. He opened her blouse and pushing her bra aside, started kissing her breast, sucking on her nipples and driving her crazy. Then as she reached down and began to open his belt, he kissed her and said he needed to get a shower. That's when she called me.

After she showered, she came out into the room and found him under the covers illuminated by the glow of the tv screen. She approached the bed and as she leaned down to get into bed with him, she dropped the towel she had draped around her. She described the very intensely exciting feelings she had, as if she were a teenager experiencing her first time. They kissed and fondled each other, getting more and more frenzied until they could stand it no longer. He moved over on top of her and entered her slowly, but easily, she said she was very wet already. He started thrusting into her, holding her breasts together as he sucked both of her 36C nipples at the same time. Something Dawn loves to reenact when we make love. She came twice that first time.

They rested for a while kissing, fondling, and talking and enjoying the moment. As she felt him becoming aroused again, she pulled him over onto her once again. The second time was slower, gentler, and lasted longer. And when she came again, she said she thought she'd pass out from the sheer pleasure of it.


I should add, Dawn is and has always been very oral. She'd rather give a blowjob to completion, not wasting a drop, than any other activity. And she always loves to be eaten. For some reason Jim isn't into oral, he really doesn't know what he's missing. But that doesn't stop her from seeing him when she's at home, she says he's such a good fuck that she doesn't miss it. I ask her if she'd suck him off if he would let her, to which she replies, 'In a heartbeat, and I'd swallow every drop.'


After she finished telling me about her evening, I wanted her more than ever. She had remained dressed while she recounted her story. She stood up and undressed and climbed into bed with me. As we kissed I asked her what she wanted me to do, and she said without hesitating, 'I want you to eat me.' I asked her if she had gotten another shower after she finished with Jim, she said no. 'You want me to eat you after Jim came inside you?', I asked. And she almost gasped 'God yes, eat my pussy now.' And boy did I! We were so caught up in the moment I didn't even think about it, I'd never seen her so turned on. It was the just the idea of it to her, Jim had come inside her and I was eating her pussy, she went wild. She gave me the most enthusiastic blowjob I had ever had from her or any other woman. She came twice, hips bucking, a muffled scream as she took me so deep I thought she'd choke. But she didn't, she sucked me hard and when she realized I was starting to come, she hungrily devoured me, swallowing my load and milking my spasming cock as I pumped my come into her mouth and throat. Then after giving me a few minutes to recover, she wanted me to fuck her, to come inside her the same night that Jim hadl. And I did that too. It was the first time since the first year or so of our marriage that I had come twice in the same night.

She still loves to relive that night, we both do, and we have many times over the years. Even as we got into swinging with couples, and we experienced new people and great sex, that night still stands out, along with a few others



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