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All my Buddies wanted Her
By: Snoozy

I watched my hot wife lay naked, legs still spread, chest still heaving, and her belly still pumping in and out while her hips slowly pushed her mound up making her big blood engorged cunt look so sexey.

Again , I had cum too soon and left her frustrated. Although I have a true eight inches, I also couldn't satisfy my sexey wife. I knew I had to do something fast to help her although she haden't said anything to me. She was pretty and had big tits with large arola and big nipples. Her belly was soft and her cunt is an entire hand full.

All my buddys wanted her , and, I must admit I had often pictured all of them fucking her hot body. She always wore cut off shorts that let the bottoms of her ass cheeks show and tee shirts that were cut off just under her braless heavy tits. When she raised her arms her shirt road up exposing her tits almost to her big nipples. When she bent down both big tits fell out of the bottom of her shirt.

I should say that she only dressed like this at home ,but also that she was this way when our friends visited. I should also say that after she is fucked her tits swell and her lower belly muscles fail making her belly from her navel to her cunt mound swell way out like there someone pushed a soccer ball up in her.

Sadly I have never been able to make her tits and belly do this since I came so soon and never got her what she needed. My buddys all knew about our problem and had all kinds of ideas. One friday night four of my buddys were at the house drinking beer for hours watching my wife as she chased beers for us. we were seeing lots of tit and ass and getting good and drunk when the talk turned to my wife more and more.

We were all teasing her about what a great whore she'd make, and how she'd need to be gang banged to have an orgasam since we all knew she dreamed about it all the time. She was getting mad ,and hot at the same time with all the talk of how they'd work her over till she couldn't take any more. Finally she looked me streight in the eye with a look I'd never seen. Are you trying to set me up so you can watch she asked. She knew I always dreamed about seeing another man fuck her but not four at once the first time. She lifted her shirt off over her head ,her big tits wobble and heave as she looks around the room at all of us then back at me.

" Well I know what you want to see and now there's something I want to see you do too", she said as she let her shorts fall to the floor. Her beautiful shaved cunt starting to glisten. The guys were already out of their clothes as she pulled me off the chair and sat down in my place with her legs spread. Then she made me sit on the floor between her legs with my back to her. She moved forward in the seat till I felt her big tits brushing the top of my head and her hot cunt on the base of my neck. " I've always wanted to see YOU with another man too ,and now I get my wish too", she breathed.

Then it began. One at a time my buddys stood infront of me and pushed their cocks over my head and into my wife's open mouth while they squeezed and pulled her swelling tits that hung on each side of my head!While the first guy was pumping in her mouth another guy was beside me and rubbing my belly deep and hard. Soon the one fucking her mouth pulled out as she grabbed both sides of my head as his buldging cock head was trying to push into my own mouth!

Suddenly the buddy working on my belly drove his fist deep into my belly button, making my mouth gasp open and let the big cock push in just before it began pumping it's huge load of spurting cum into my throat! My head was leaned back and looking up into my wife's eyes as he emptied his cum into me I felt her pumping her cunt on the back of my neck ,grinding her meat into me as she orgasamed watching me swallow his cum. She was groaning now and told me each man would do the same thing to us before they fucked her from now on! And so it went with the other three taking their turn till they all had been sucked by my wife till they were ready to cum , then quickly pulling out of her mouth and running it deep in mine as they pumped their heavy loads into me. Then we got up and she let them all feel her up and kiss her, pulling her big tits and fingering her swollen oozing cunt while she locked her eyes on mine . "From now my cum eating bitch you will get fucked in the mouth by any guy that you want to see fuck me, do you understand?"

I told her I did and as she kept her stare locked on me they drug her down to the floor where they were literaly gang raping her, biting, slaping her tits ,pulling them horribly while she screamed in orgasam . They were taking turns fucking her and shooting their cum deep in her spasaming belly when they decided to double penatrate her cunt. One of my buddys lay on his back andthey lifted her into positon and the bottom guy reached and grabbed her tits , pulling her near limp body down on him till her nearly bloody bitten and brused jugs were sticking out laying on the sides of his chest. The other guy positioned his big dong to go in above the bottom cock already in her to the hilt.

My wife just laid there sandwiched as his cock started opening her up and sinking in inch by inch. Her mouth fell open and she was moaning as he reached down on both sides of her rib cage and getting both hands full of her swollen tits he suddenly thrust his big cock to the hilt while pulling up and back on her tits! Her eyes rolled up in her head as they pulled her tits and pounded their big cocks into her hugely swollen cunt. She was even orgasaming passed out! So the night went as I watched them use her over and over I knew things would never be the same. I also knew she would need two cocks in the cunt to orgasam. Finally around three AM one of my buddys told me to lay on my back. Then they brought my battered wife over and made her kneel down over my face and mouth.

I couldn't believe my eyes as I looked at her body! Her belly looked as though they had shoved a soccer ball up her cunt making her lower belly bulge out groteskly above her hugely swollen cunt! On up her big tits were hanging like they tore some support muscles. They were covered with bruses, bite marks and the nipples looked like they tried to chew or pull them off! They looked like inch long raw meat volcanos!Looking back to her cunt , it was so big and swollen I had never seen anything like it! I could see up inside her five or six inches and watch the monster load of cum start down her raw insides. She looked down at me as they held her up over me and told me to suck her cunt and swallow my buddys cum till she orgasams.

As soon as I started sucking her out two of the guys started pressing in deep and hard on her bloated belly making her groan and forcing even more cum out of her into my mouth.

When I didn't taste anymore cum I worked hard sucking her big raw clit till she was writhing and jerking in orgasam. That was the finish of the evening but just the start of my cuckold life. Once or twice a week I come home to see that my wife's belly is distended and her nipples and tits are way above their normal size. Then as usual a friend will come in from the other room and feel her up infront of me, and the other friend will come over and fuck me in the mouth so my wife and the guy feeling her can watch. Life is great when your wife loves you enough to show you what you want to see, and satisfy her self when you cant.



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