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I cum too fast
By: Bilee

The second time I had a threesome with my partner and her regular FWB I nutted by accident before I could pull out of her. We were spit roasting and I just couldn't hold it in watching her take his dick down her throat. She had to take a plan B and was (understandably) pretty irritated with me because of the emergency it caused, but also because it had derailed the night.

It was a while before we had another threesome. In the interim she visited his place on multiple occasions. When he finally came over a third time she asked me beforehand if I'd be down to try using a condom so we wouldn't repeat the last mishap. I agreed and the night went off without a hitch.

A bit into her relationship with this FWB she learned he was infertile (vasectomy) and asked if it would be alright to fuck him bareback. When his STI tests came back negative I gave the go ahead. Afterwards, per my request, I received a picture of his cum dripping out of her. So sexy.

Some time later we planned another threesome. Before he arrived she asked me if I was comfortable with no condoms in a threesome setting. I told her I was totally fine with it, and she said "obviously you don't have to wear one either, as long as you don't cum in me." I promised to try my best.

The night got underway and we spit-roasted her. Up until this point I'd never witnessed her take his dick raw and I couldn't stop imagining it. I could only make it a few thrusts at a time before I was forced to pull out. This happened repeatedly and she stopped sucking his dick a couple times to say "don't cum in me, babe!" and "please don't cum!"

When he grabbed her head and pushed her down into a deep-throat it was too much for me. I pulled out and turned to go fetch a condom but I'd waited just a second to long. It was an unsatisfying half orgasm and my load shot onto the floor. Without saying anything I grabbed some TP from the bathroom and went back to wipe up the mess. She stopped blowing him again to ask what I was doing and I said something like, "you guys keep going, I just came."

She said, "did you cum on the floor?" and when I nodded she let out a chuckle that bordered on a scoff and said "damn."

It was apparent this had irked her, so to relieve some tension her FWB quipped something like "I don't blame him, your pussy is too good." I recall it working because she smiled, made a happy sound and got back to it with him.

I tossed out the TP and washed my hands. From the other room came the sound of the bed frame creaking. For a minute or two I just stood there looking at myself in the mirror, listening to my partner moan. When I returned she was bouncing on his unprotected cock. Immediately I felt the blood rushing to my dick again. Shortest refractory period of my life.

I took a seat and watched him flip her over onto her back. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he thrust his bare dick inside her. She moaned loudly, "mmmm!" and "yes, daddy!" and "oh fuck, your dick!" The groans made him thrust harder, until he began to groan too. The rhythm of her thighs slapping his pelvis picked up pace.

Each breast leapt up from her ribs and clapped together in unison before swinging back down again to complete the quickening loop. I watched her hands slide up his outstretched arms and tightly grip his biceps. Through grunts he barely managed to let out a warning. She ignored it and kept her legs tightly wrapped around him. In an instant he tensed up, clenching his glutes and letting out a deep groan with every labored push.

When the orgasm had ended he hung his head and exhaled deeply. Through it all she had been crying "Yes daddy!" and saying, "cum in me!" and telling him, "fill me uuuup!"

When the moment passed he excused himself to clean up. As she lay on the bed, her legs still wide open, I snuggled up and kissed her. My hand made its way south and felt his still-warm semen leaking out. I played with her clit and she squirmed.

First, she whispered in my ear, "I'm sorry you couldn't cum in me too!" and then pulled back with a concerned look and followed with, "you didn't, right?"

Several times after that I fucked her with a condom during our threesomes while he hit it raw. The next time during sex as a couple she often remarked on how much better sex felt without protection. "It's a good thing you can last without a condom when (FWB) isn't here!"

I've since graduated from using condoms during threesomes with him. Hooray for me! However, my partner's body has never responded well to birth control, which means for the past several years, the only time I've cum in my partner was once, on accident, during that threesome.

This FWB is her regular, he's her favorite hookup, and she happily lets him cum inside her whenever he wishes. I'm realizing the only time I ever hear her say "cum in me!" is when she's fucking him. The contrast between her pulling him closer when he orgasms versus me having to pull away when I ejaculate makes me so jealous.

Even though he's just a FWB, those moments of closeness are intimate, even if they're not romantic. She's never pressured me to get a vasectomy, but lately I've been thinking it's probably about time!



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