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Interstate trip to Cuckold
By: Gym-bob

My wife and I recently moved interstate about one month ago, and after we moved i went to sign up at the local branch of the gym i use. On reception was a black guy called Ray, who showed me the facilities and updated my records on the computers. Ray asked if I was still married, as often people move interstate due to divorce. I told him we were still married - just that my wife didnt use the gym much. I didnt think anything strange at the time.

About one week ago I was having a shower when Ray cam in to the changing room. As he pulled down his shorts he revealed a huge black cock... I had never seen anything like it in real life... Those porno picture are real !!! Ray joined me in the shower and started washing. We got chatting and he asked me if my wife had been along to the gym yet. I said no she hadnt, and he replied that it was a shame as he'd like to meet her. As he was saying this he was washing/stroking his cock - and i could see it getting harder. Ray watched me looking at his cock.. and asked me if my wife liked big black cocks.. before i could answer Ray moved closer over to me and whispered " I'd bet you'd love to see you wife sitting on my cock wouldn't you... I know you white guys love to see your women get fucked by us niggers and have their pussy stretched wide open" he continued on this theme for another minute or so until he could see my cock was now rock hard....

"There you go white boy.. your cock is hard just thinking about me fucking your wife.... imagine what it will be like when you watch me put this black cock in her white pussy..." with this he reached out and jerked my cock a couple of times until i shot my load.

"Next time you come here," Ray said looking down at my now shrinking cock..., "i want you to bring your wife and introduce us... You leave her with me at reception - and go and do your workout...

" I am not sure what to do... I would love to see Ray fuck my wife... i know that.. but I am not sure how things will work out afterwards... she has not fucked anyone else that i know of - even before our marriage.... will she only want his huge cock afterwards?

what should i do?



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