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I knew she wanted his Cock
By: Cucky

At the time we were in our early thirties, we had been married for twelve years and our sex life was starting to fizzle, to induce a bit of spice during sex we started telling each other fantasy stories which always seemed to be about my wife having it off with another man. These were nothing more than fantasy stories, but we were having fantastic orgasms which were better than when we first met as teenagers. In the back of my lewd mind I actually wanted my wife to do it with another man but she would never approve.

Many months later an old school friend of mine called Cody came to our house, he is a sales man working around the country and he looked me up when he was in my neighbourhood. We went out for a drink at the local pub, there were a couple of nice looking women at the bar who Cody suggested inviting over to our table.

Cheating on my wife wasn't in the fore front of my mind and I told my friend Cody so. He apologised to me and said sorry, I wouldn't cheat on my wife if she looked anything like yours, he said. I hadn't realised Cody fancied my wife in that way and the cogs started working in my mind as I thought of him being the ideal person for changing our fantasy stories into reality and allow Cody to have sex with my wife. I got an erection just thinking about my wife and Cody having it off together. We started talking about my wife and I felt a great sense of achievement when I heard my friend Cody openly admit to me that he would bed my wife given the chance.

When Cody and I returned back to my house I don't know who looked the most disappointed that my wife had gone up to bed, thankfully she was only reading a book. I explained to my wife that Cody was downstairs and he was waiting to say goodbye to her before he went away again. My head was buzzing with excitement I could hardly contain my emotion, I grabbed my wife in my arms and we kissed I touched her up slipping a finger inside her to stimulate her, she was already soaking wet from reading a sexy bedtime story book.

I was feeling nervous with anticipation as my wife went downstairs to see Cody, giving them a few minutes alone before going back downstairs. Before I reached the living room door at the bottom of the stairs I heard the heavy gasps and panting, the groans, the moans of a couple enjoying sexual pleasure, the slapping sounds of clammy bare flesh smacking together. Looking into the room Cody was on top of my wife with his hips thrusting like a piston, his bare backside was going up and down with force, while my wife had her legs up around Cody's back with her ankles locked together.

From the sound of my wife's gasps and groans I knew she was about to have an orgasm, and when she did, Cody relentlessly pounded his cock into her, ploughing her silky wetness with his hard throbbing cock. Bringing his length out to the very tip and ramming back into her again making his balls swing and slap against my wife's anus. My wife was shuddering, quivering with excitement, I was amazed that Cody was about to give my wife another orgasm. But this time I heard Cody grunt and groan out as well, his whole body tensed up, his thigh muscles tightened as he unleashed the creamy load from his balls.

I sneaked back upstairs and waited for my wife to return, ten minutes later I heard her saying goodbye to Cody as she let him out the front door. My heart was pounding wildly because I know they swapped mobile phone numbers to arrange to meet again.

When my wife returned to bed we had the best sex ever, she lay on her back with her thighs spread wide open, Cody's sticky cream was oozing from her slippery slit. When I entered her she felt so big and wide, thrusting away into her sopping wet canyon my wife told me in explicit detail how Cody's big cock had stretched her insides. Within a few strokes I had shed my load and I just knew my wife would be itching to sample Cody's cock again.



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